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  1. GG to the Russians and to friends, allies and various adversaries alike. To the Russians - you have a great PB fleet and the numbers to cover, so you have earned victory. Congrats! To the Swedes and allies (special shoutout to Spain and Pirates) - A fantastic effort challenging the by far strongest nation in the game. From a personal perspective it's been a pleasure most of the journey, though recently it's felt more like an obligation than actual fun, and that's not the point of a game. Bannerlords might have something to do with it as well. o7
  2. I heard he got a new nation and name: S W I T C H E R
  3. Spiffy

    War correspondent

    Well.. You do provide a certain comic value, but perhaps of the more unintentional kind? Puheleeeeease Lars, bring Stauney on as your sidekick for a show? You might just have unearthed Karl Pilkington reincarnate!
  4. Spiffy

    War correspondent

    Great initiative! I have a soft spot for this kind of metacontent, just as with the Gazette. And don't really care if you are biased, as long as it's done with a bit of humour and style. The latter might be a bit much to ask from you and Stauney though, but I guess you deserve a chance... ;P At some stage you need to invite Massimo or Ita on as special guests over skype or something - I bet they'll make Moscalb look obese..
  5. While Stauney hoped for this: He'll get more of this..
  6. Could have been an A for effort, but the hashtags are a bit... dry? Maybe a bit more humour next time? The outrage over multiflipping 4 ports in 2 days is great though... I mean, that's almost as funny as "ganking" with half the BR... Anyway, good to swap the forum battles for an actual one tonight. Can't believe that Hans guy survived -- some proper Yolo stuff right there. XD
  7. So what was the question? I don't speak for anyone but myself, just to be clear.
  8. This post actually makes some sense.. 🙂 The offensive PB yesterday and the defensive one today, simply shows that we get Russian content in our primetime - which JG questioned. Clearly we don't want to have all our PB timers at the same time, get multiflipped, and lose ports in empty PBs - what would be the point in that? It's neither fun nor productive? And why shouldn't our US players get to defend ports? I mean, why should our nation not work together and make things difficult for our current enemies? As you say - it's a wargame, not sims.
  9. Sounds a bit like a textbook example of the True Scotsman fallacy, but whatever works for you and make you happy - knock yourself out. Below average is way to kind, I'd rate myself as "mostly harmless". And yes, I don't plan to play this game the rest of my life, I'll play it while it's fun. I don't really derive pleasure from people stop playing this game, but if that's where you get your kicks, I can let you know when i get bored? Makes you feel better and sleep ok at night?
  10. Uh, Buena vista is open 20-23 so that's just plain wrong. Grindstone is open 15. Ponce starts at 19. Basse Terre town is a PB this evening - against the Russians as we had the timer at our prime, Should be fun. Yesterday we had the offensive pb at Guanica - against the Russians. So, yeah, really.
  11. No it didn't, but more because I cant decipher exactly what you are trying to say, than having any issue with your version of events.
  12. Oh, but I'm merely here for the pure entertainment value. If anyone seeks to further their education... well, as the famous line goes... "This is not the forum you are looking for."
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