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  1. This could really have been an epic thread: a full first page without a post from our dear Danish friends, but no. 😝 On the topic; good luck on future adventures.
  2. As a friend of logic, I'd just point out that the relevancy of this thread isn't necessarily connected to any eventual outcome on game mechanic abuse..
  3. Damn you Hethwill - I was leaving the forum battle in 10 seconds, but then I got tagged again:
  4. - Yes. Would you say it is something else, dear Bryan? I just asked if it not was the same for britts to. - I dunno. Why do you ask me? Ask the britts. Why should the britts just not play the game as they see fit and enjoy? - Uh, yeah? I don't really care how someone else finds their enjoyment. Some people are into wet socks i hear.. To each their own.
  5. The discussion goes something like this: 1. "Havoc said a mean thing" 2. "No they don't. played with them for months now. They are nice." 3. "Oh yes they do, just wait until they get agitated." 4. Me: "They got agitated yesterday when we almost lost a privateer, but they were still nice. Maybe because we all treat it as a game and don't get all upset?" (NB: this was Irony - we were never really close to losing a privateer...) Your contribution: "Is this a game!? But whatabout Peace treaty, ports, PvE and is it a game for the brits? This is Swedish logic?!" Uh, yeah.thanks for making my point, while still completely missing the point... Logic, ey?
  6. Umm.. So many questions after this post... like... Are you're making stuff up yourself or just getting played? But more interesting - what exactly are you doing with your socks? Do you sweat profusely from your feet when you get excited? Or do you bolster your knickers with a couple of socks to make make it look bigger - a bit like your forum rhetoric so to speak? And why exactly do they get wet then? So many questions... Actually, probably best if you don't tell us.
  7. Shitload of fun those battles. Are there any streams from the brit side of Brewers? I'd love to hear how you guys call out the targets? "ok, primary is Spi.. no wait, lets do Dre.. no hold on, lets do Bumse..ah damn, he's gone..." XD Can't wait for the first Priv vs Priv fleet battle... It's going to be immense!
  8. Oh we have.... They got reeeeeeeally upset when we almost lost a crafted privateer at the Brewers PB earlier tonight.. But somehow, praise Dog, we seem to apparently make it though without too many scars on our sensitive and snowflakey souls. I dunno... It's almost like most of us take this for like.. a game? #shock
  9. Oh Dog, i mean God...So much text and still barking up the wrong tree? Well, I'll throw you a bone - Earn respect by being respectful?
  10. Hmmm, seems like every other post on this thread has been from Lars wanting San Juan... but hey, glad you guys found a new meaning and a new mindset.
  11. wow, someone rained on your parade? Relax man, it's just a game.
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