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  1. It has nothing to do with player skill. The way to prevent blowing up is to do literally NOTHING. Just act like it's not happening and it will automatically be put out. My guess is you're hitting 8, inadvertently turning off survival.
  2. So in that case, ships with a full top deck would have an advantage over those that don't? Example being a Connie vs Pavel. Connie would then have a lot more firepower with 12 12lb guns vs the Pavel's 2 6 lb guns?
  3. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/11826-what-have-you-done-with-renonme/ I had done some speed tests with my Renommee the day before 9.65 came out. Re-did the tests the day it came out. Top speed at best angle dropped almost a full knot. The Trincomalee needing a nerf thread had people mentioning speeds being reduced. It needed it anyways. Biggest ship able to be fully crewed at rank 7, most heavily armed at rank 7, fastest at rank 7, 4 bow chasers. I hope they get a bigger nerf bat.
  4. I much prefer to fight a single pavel than 2 connies or worse, 2 Ingermanlands.
  5. The Royal Navy actually built their own heavy frigates (HMS Leander(1813), HMS Newcastle) to counter the US 44 gun frigates. Wikipedia alludes that this was done because even the older 64 gun 3rd rates lacked the firepower to take them on.
  6. They were absolutely reduced in 9.65. Noticed by players and confirmed by the developers.
  7. Lots of ships speeds were reduced in 9.65. Renommee and Trincomalee were absolutely reduced that patch. That chart is comparing 9.73 to 9.3, this isn't surprising.
  8. Lots of ships speeds were reduced in 9.65. Renommee and Trincomalee were absolutely reduced that patch. If your comparing 9.73 to 9.3, this isn't surprising.
  9. Lennyo

    Hotfix 9.73

    Not if they are fighting other lower level ships. And must human controlled small ships run carronades anyways.
  10. Last night I was able to take down a St. Pavel with my Constitution. It was very challenging and I'm enjoying missions more and more. As mentioned many times, I would like to see it easier at lower levels. I saw multiple times in chat yesterday new players asking how it was possible to win. It was nice to see 3 of them group together for missions...until all 3 got wrecked by an AI privateer. I tried the fleet missions for the first time last night and really enjoyed them. Thumbs up.
  11. Lennyo

    Hotfix 9.72

    Just did another fight, me in a Teak Constitution against an AI Essex. Guns penetrated when the ships showed flat side, and did not penetrate when angled. That's both ways. Penetration seems to be working fine for the larger guns. The concern was for smaller ones.
  12. Lennyo

    Hotfix 9.72

    Please read my post again. The 50% pen rate was my 18lb longs against a player constitution. Which I'm not complaining about at all. But a different battle than what the screenshot is from. That screenshot is from MY constitution fighting 2 navy brigs. My shots against the navy brigs mostly penetrated. 1 24lb long failed to penetrate a navy brig as you mentioned. But look at their 6lb guns penetrating the live oak Constitution. THAT is what I'm concerned about. I was not aware the shot log was outdated.
  13. Lennyo

    Hotfix 9.72

    After playing more, I'm thinking the 6 and 9 lb long guns might be the only ones that are bugged. Fought a player Connie in my Essex yesterday and his armor worked fine against me. 18lb longs only had about 50% penetration and did 300ish damage per broadside. 12lb longs had maybe 33% penetration. Range was relatively close 400 meters or so for most broadsides so I'd say these penetration values are reasonable. His 24lb guns did good damage and his weather deck 42 carronade punched right through, but that's expected. When I capped him, I discovered he was teak, which would have helped him bounce a few. HOWEVER, doing some lower level missions in my Live Oak Constitution I felt I was made of paper. I did an M&C mission against 2 navy brigs. Here's the screenshot of the first exchange: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/280722393134538758/580CF48C7A92F18B7E18B27C403502B145DA525B/ Note the number of shots that penetrated from 6lb longs against a live oak constitution. Range was about 300-500 meters depending on the ship. I will also note the broadside I fired in the picture was enough to sink that navybrig due to leaks. However I did not get the kill for it despite it being a mission.
  14. Lennyo

    Hotfix 9.72

    The more I play, the more I like the new AI. However I'm still concerned with new players and would still like penetration to be reduced a bit, especially for smaller calibers.
  15. Lennyo

    Hotfix 9.72

    Will do, will try tonight. Thank you.
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