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    Becoming a Game Developer

    @Jean Ribault What a great thread. Please lets us know how you get on with your son. My only advice is if he’s good at maths and probability calculations, I’d advise Investment Banking structured products. Unfortunately, his soul will go to hell and he’ll rate slightly above lawyers and estate agents... Norfolk
  2. Norfolk nChance

    A tiny guide on AFK fishing

    @jodgi This is what I used in [EvE] for Ice Mining with 8x ALTs. This type of BOT is NOT ban-able and near impossible to enforce. https://www.tinyminer.com/features.html We’re talking fishing now, but it may lead down a horrible path. The [EvE] bot takes a bit of getting used to but after a time... all High-Sec [PvE], You can program responses to chat hails... If enemy in range move away... Defense perimeter attack support ships... all AFK How to break it... A Gang would go in and sacrifice 1x player usually an ALT unusally and attack a farming ship. This got him penalized red flagged and AI NPC Police flew in and killed him but allows a drop or group attack onto the fleet farmers with the remaining clan group. The rules may have changes by now... Idea Summary Unfortunately, I don’t like the idea if the fact there is no counter balance. Also, to where it might lead, fishing today but better FLEET management of your ships or Multi Boxing with effect attack ALPHA tomorrow...? Norfolk
  3. Norfolk nChance

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    @Nick Thomadis Just a quick update on [WoWs]. Their Halloween updates usually have something they’re testing that might be in the main line game later. Submarines, which they seem to have invested a lot of work in. Forget the looks that’s just for Halloween. Third axis added... Official post... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5Cgzarg0HI Better commentary here... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zehL1yTgGM This is just an FYI Norfolk
  4. Norfolk nChance

    Guide: Norfolk nCook using a Map, Charts & Coal to get around the Caribbean

    http://www.foxnews.com/science/2018/09/19/archaeologists-find-captain-james-cooks-hms-endeavour-solving-one-greatest-ever-maritime-mysteries.html Archaeologists 'find captain James Cook's HMS Endeavour' solving one of the greatest ever maritime mysteries
  5. Norfolk nChance

    What music while playing Naval Action

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCp-BOeVzKk Only one song to sell you from this cult clan leader
  6. Norfolk nChance

    OW Navigation

    this type of thing with a large overview chart acts as a FOG of War so no minor ports listed shallows etc... Restricts the "Navigate by Coal..." senario The small more detailed charts lift it...
  7. Norfolk nChance

    Bring boarding to a new level

    @rediii How would speed play apart? If both at less than 5km they’ll pull-in with one attacker the other defense? 100m – window opens (is there a lock? aggressor pays/starts) Range musket fire (Killing crew) 30m – Grenades is equal decks... Deck Guns Double Ball? 10m – Attack pulls and locks in if less than 5km Interesting worth a bash
  8. Norfolk nChance

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    @Felix Victor Feedback on documentation draft. Yes, I like it. I would add some demonstration with relation to the in-game map. Second, a work through example is needed. Look at my PORT Antonio Trade run (in Captain Norfolk nCook). You Build a sail plan with time estimates. When you set sail from La Navasse you use the Protractor and ruler to Port Antonio with the right degrees... This demonstrates [YAM] is not a replacement for the in-game map but an enhancement tool to be used with it... Norfolk
  9. Norfolk nChance

    Book: Fleet Tactics and Naval Operations 3rd Edition

    @Captain Jean-Luc Picard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Oj6oVGQkKo This is Wayne Hughes above It was recommended by @Sir R. Calder of Southwick I was having trouble finding reference work how fleet composition came into been for my "Old Admiral Project". The end of the age of fighting sail to move into the Dreadnaught era or Mahan’s life span was brilliantly explained. This book delivers in its style of writing over Mahan’s work in my opinion. The book then travels through WW1 & 2 to present day. The “Lawson Command & Control Cycle” was fine but he expands it into Enemy & Friendly C&C Cycles Operating Simultaneously in the same environment. Which was truly thought provoking. Let me know what you think of it when you’ve read it... Norfolk
  10. Book: Fleet Tactics and Naval Operations 3rd Edition Capt. Wayne P. Hughes Jr., USN (Ret.) & RADM Robert Girrier USN (Ret.) It’s a Blue & Gold Book part of the US Naval Institute Professional Library https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1682473376/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 June’18 GBP50.00 is not cheap Qualify my view... I’m a Civilian and Armchair Admiral at best. Players like @Sir R. Calder of Southwick would give a better professional view. Summary This book covers Battle tactics at sea from the Age of Fighting Sail to the present day. The focus or emphasis is the trends that changed through history and constants that haven’t (6 cornerstones). Covers large scale and small battles also. Then goes onto Coalitions, damage rates, UAVs and cyber warfare. Then interactions of command and control with information technology. With theories on future developments... It is a very complex book indeed. However, unlike the Mahan Book uses older language the two authors here write cleanly and clear in method or concept. They expect you’ve read the previous chapter so moves at a good pace also. Explains clearly the fleet formations and how they came about in development. The flaws also like the British Admiralty leading up and including WWI. By them using or focus on the constants and trends of the day it somehow makes it easier to understand. This is my opinion and was read start to finish in order. Dropping into a chapter mid book I would think it wouldn’t deliver the results. The later stages are very interesting and Clausewitz On War reminders with the politics playing a heavy influence down the military line. I really enjoyed the read. Its expensive and probably not for all with only the early chapters covering the Age of Sail... Norfolk nChance [ELITE]
  11. Norfolk nChance

    Patch26-HFix9/19 Game keeps crashing

    @Ink Patch 26 HOTFIX 19th September Since todays Hotfix the game is unstable and keeps crashing. Starts with above normal ping 205 (norm) climbing to 6-7,000. All other internet connections working fine. Tried [WoWs] also fine. Just clearing through STEAM as we speak. First time ages seen this... Crash reports where sent. Norfolk
  12. Norfolk nChance

    Patch26-HFix9/19 Game keeps crashing

    Sure thing. Its working fine and stable now.
  13. Norfolk nChance

    PvP Heat Map

    @qw569 Yeah, the problem is it’s of no added value to the player. This is more Lore and for marketing back story. Building the out of game context thing... The idea was for @Jeheil weekly he would report on the last seven-day cycle of Port changes. When added to the last three weeks then “Battlefronts” become clear-err to see. This would then toggle to show the PvP conflict hot spots again cycled over time... I’ll pop something down later Norfolk
  14. Norfolk nChance

    Patch26-HFix9/19 Game keeps crashing

    No fella, I cleaned out the STEAM Cache and verified the local files. It seems to be ok now maybe the typhoon after effect lol this place is a mess. GE Force Experience had an update today which might of screwed with it. Crash reports where sent so @Ink it'll see it. Thanks for the follow up Norfolk
  15. Norfolk nChance

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    ok thanks fella
  16. Norfolk nChance

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    @Felix Victor Not sure if this possible, every server cycle can you download the Combat News Kills? My thoughts like the tax revenue data collection... example Carlisle Port a red circle would appear on the map with the number of PvP kills in that PORT area occurred over the last server cycle... not live Maybe the intensity shown, so light Green 5 or less, 5 to 10 light red above 10 deep red... Norfolk
  17. Norfolk nChance

    Full Manual Rudder Control

    this the old/original one
  18. Norfolk nChance

    PvP Heat Map

    Would something like this be of use, or interesting to view instead of kills...? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyQOhZYRswc This is the EvE Online [EvE] sector change over 10 years. So, in our case a PORT is a Blob rather than pinprick and that ports region a block. This data once a server cycle could reflect Clan Port changes or Nation over time. Before my time I know on [PvP Global] [BLACK] took most of the ports. Am sure similar cases occurred on [PvP EU]. This to show trends and be used as lore for marketing etc...
  19. Norfolk nChance

    Pirate Patch and Content

    @no one Sorry did you actual read both posts? I agreed with the OP and agree with the additional player ideas posted in the thread. The point was to highlight the burden of a broad mandate the pirate nation now carries above any other Nation. This is why I doubt the Dev’s would return to the more favorable outlaw period liked by the older players (posted). The harder style couldn’t cover its mandated spectrum which I think most would agree? And @Capn Rocko will be writing another “Yearly” Post in twelve months’ time with no real changes implemented in the meantime... This is a Lite-Sandbox and NPC Nation overlays will stay and probably will control Nation alliances not clan in my opinion. The Role of the Privateer again adding to the Whole pirate nation role, but necessary. The Privateer role of a hired gun I’ve always thought needed for a “Civil War” mechanic to work. It gives the Pirate a Unique feature. This is different from the Nation v Nation + hired gun scenario I also agree with. This I doubt seriously we’ll go back to a dynamic Player input Controlling Nation policy (East v West, Care Bear Alliance and the Vote system) due to its tested result outcomes. This still would be a feature (expressed in my above link) no doubt, Alliances that is... The Pacific Low-Sec idea may solve many solutions in my opinion only. Not just for Pirate but GB clans or anyone else. Its outside the law. Pirate clan or GB clan would still carry their base Nation but its irrelevant in the Pacific if they choose to reside there. We as clans can form alliances in the pacific with who we want regardless of background. The area though comes with heavy limitations in resources etc. This way the Privateer can still raid or be hired and return to the Caribbean often. You write your own story in effect... That was the theory... My attitude was strong maybe, but was designed to help the pirate nation with all due respect no to hurt. The reason for the apology if I caused offense. My open lines show the issue why pirate nation is so hard to change with a possible solution that actually could work. It’s not I don’t like the ideas, I’m offering a way the ideas could be genuinely implemented... Like you said, I maybe just really slow to understand and bow to your better judgement...
  20. Norfolk nChance

    OW Navigation

    In-game I like the idea of a Static map like Shrouded Recluses with Lat/Long data... http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/8451-shrouded-recluses-map-with-accurate-coords/ With the ability to draw on it and save it. Protractor and Ruler, you should know what PORT you are in, but be able to chart a course as such. This idea is very interesting. Maybe when you start you’ll have a general large Caribbean map with the major islands and major ports listed. According to the spawn local then a second map that’s detailed 300k by 300k square (Map total size is 820k by 820k). All PORTs, Plus PB layouts, shallows etc. Either through exploring or traveling or purchase then other Maps become available? The large BASE map wouldn’t show the details or minor PORTs. This would govern the Trade Tool distance as well, limiting the PCs view. New players are happy with the detail in the local area until their ready to explore further out... You’ll end up with several maps overtime with your written scribbles and lines on them...
  21. Norfolk nChance

    PvP Heat Map

    @Slim McSauce http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/21474-idea-the-heat-map-toggles/?tab=comments#comment-437334 This is something I suggested last year. I like the general idea with the size and maybe color depicting number of ships involved and color the rates...? Should it be the last server cycle data only and not live perhaps? Norfolk
  22. Norfolk nChance

    OW Navigation

    Simply it’s not needed. A bit of thought a Pencil and Paper, with advice from Captain Norfolk nCook you can reach the bottom left corner of the pacific. Don’t need to give away all the secrets, leave a bit of mystery. One of the few times I’d say to @admin Less is more... Norfolk nChance [ELITE]
  23. Norfolk nChance

    Guide: Norfolk nCook using a Map, Charts & Coal to get around the Caribbean

    I imagine it rains an awful lot where you live...
  24. Norfolk nChance

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

  25. Norfolk nChance

    port reset

    I agree but think post the partial materials wipe and currency rollout first... hmmmm….. might be waiting a long time