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  1. I use the prince mainly as a trade raider or support ship. Noticed with the cannon changes that I am definitely rolling light. A boost the guns qould be nice to make its support role better.
  2. I am fine with it. Few tweaks to cost values. I am just waiting to see an expansion upon the admiralty item listing. It is a bit shallow at the moment.
  3. Issue with that post is it is out of date and OP has long left the game to best of my knowledge.
  4. 957 to their score of 336 or something close to that. Lost because after GB line was broken they scattered and just did kited and stop our control the other points the rest of the battle.
  5. @admin can we have a thread stating which paints are in the game, which are in dlc currently with updates, and which are planned or coming soon?
  6. After taunting Jack with "BORK BORK BORK, these are our waters." Jack proceeded to clean house and put the trash out. Another battle was going against a Hercules and his fleet Niagara. We boarded and sunk the Herc and captured the Niagara. We went to their main port and refused to fight or even help out their comrades.
  7. This seems about right. 5 hour trip I can make 1mil in reals plus a little on top. If I spent most of my time doing that through the entire week I should be able close to the numbers he states. This is on PvP server. Found a good route I like which is safe.
  8. Fine with the capital zone but the reinforcement zones just do not seem to have really any purpose. They are too large to be beneficial. Just having the capital zone will work seeing the NPC traffic that currently goes into those ports being majority no bigger than a 6th rate. Easy ships to fight for a solo new player or someone with more experience to help a new player become more comfortable with the game. While much larger NPC fleets of higher class of ships tend to be already outside these zones. Places like Puerto De Espana or Portobelo have large amount of 5th rates and above coming in and out of those areas. When the final wipe happens players will need to move out farther from the capital areas to actually rank up efficiently and unlock slots if they prefer to grind via PvE and grind missions.
  9. I think the first xp reward is fine from the challenges. (if I recall there being one). It isnt a huge jump since getting to that rank usually takes a day or two. Removing the XP reward for completing the final exam I do see as a good idea. Rewarding them say with a few permits or more reals would be nice.
  10. @Anolytic Where did you get all these chest?
  11. They are using it for the "V" in HAVOC. Clan logo on top of the flag.
  12. looks that way and it is silly. Agreed. If they want a challenge they would go Poland or Danmark would be another option. I think your helmet is malfunctioning Stormtrooper. Head to maintenance for equipment inspection.
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