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  1. Davos Seaworth

    Overview of DLC-flags by nation

    Four flags for $15. Sorry but no. If this was a game where I could use any of these flags in one nation I would have no problem handing that sort of money. I could spend that money on paradox game content.
  2. Davos Seaworth

    [ONION] Onion Knights (SWE Caribbean)

    ONION will be merging with BORK. We will maintain some autonomy still such as recruiting, ranks, etc. We saw that with the current changes to thw game that it would only be benefitical for ONION to merge with another clan that share similar ideals.
  3. That still does not explain the conversion rate because it just looks like each stack I had was reduced to one.
  4. So I had about 24 historical artifacts stored up before wipe. When I went and checked today I had 4. How come? @admin
  5. Davos Seaworth

    New player looking for French clan

    WO and BLANC are a particular taste that is not for everyone. If you like them then of course stay where you find the most enjoyment. Otherwise, may I suggest joining Sweden? Good group of US based players here.
  6. Davos Seaworth

    Looking for respectable outfit

    Sweden US player base are mostly consisting of people that were fed up with US leadership, former Swedish Global players like BORK, and just people attracted to Swedish organization.
  7. Davos Seaworth

    Looking for respectable outfit

    Come to Sweden. We surprisingly have a decent number of US players.
  8. Davos Seaworth

    double flips?

    Go ahead. Destory Espana and USA. Not my problem. It will become the Devs problem then.
  9. Davos Seaworth

    Flags Flags Flags

    @admin bottom image. The blue brightens up the entire image and brings the flags out more with its contrast.
  10. Davos Seaworth

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    Biggest fear from this teleport fees is it will result in the opposite effect. Rather than have more players out in Open Waters I believe just based upon actually playing and getting to know much of the community in its current state that players will become more isolated from other nations and potentially other clans. Rather than spread out like nations and players should people would choose more cost effective methods and just stay closer to home. Some clans will more than likely create little areas for themselves elsewhere isolating themselves from the other clans in the nation. This move only weakens a nations ability to expand and properly defend their ports abroad.
  11. Davos Seaworth

    double flips?

    Why should people not double flip you? I mean you clearly do not have the numbers and worse retaliation you can do is flip back one of those ports when you can be double flipped once more.
  12. Davos Seaworth

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Congrats on getting to see them live. Pity it wont be in Seattle itself because that I am told is a whole different experience. Hope you enjoy the game.
  13. Davos Seaworth

    Griefing - Dbl 00 Buck

    Said it best.
  14. Davos Seaworth

    Griefing - Dbl 00 Buck

    Frankly, I find this humorous. Sorry but you cant always make a clean getaway. From the sounds of it thr requin did his job. I really am not a fan of the requin but that is a different topic. You were caught and pulled into a battle so reinforcements could arrive. Not griefing just a typical move. If the entire time the man in the requin had no intent on fighting or stalling you till reinforcments arrived, then I could see your point but it is not. Waste of a thread. Waste of my time posting. You are griefing me. How dare you.
  15. Davos Seaworth

    The (almost) forever war. Pirates vs Prussia

    Kind of disappointed with this thread. Guess it needs a speck more egotism and a dash of denial.