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  1. @admin when are this changes going to be applied? is it going to be deployed with the karma system? or are they 2 separate patches? new ETA?
  2. and i suppose thats is where the buff comes in cuz for a 4 pounder to pen any unupgraded ship at 100m it should go up to at least 100cm of pen right? 28 inches is not enough is it? @admin
  3. so for a 4 pounder gun to be able to pen anything at 100m means they are going to have at least 100cm of penertration at said range??? what about carronades? if the effective range of a 42 pounder carro is 250m our godlike 32 pounders would be on 150 or 200? so what about the smallest carros??? are they just going to be 100m effective range? or are all the carros going to be effective up until 250m? and decrease acc and pen like hell when they go up the 250m range??? what about the 12 pounder to 24 pd meds??? to have them effective in this new model should is their effective range go
  4. So that means that even running a well prepared ship for pvp, and by that i mean a ship built around its weaknesses effectively, can still be vulnerable at said weakness at the certain range, by these I mean; upgrades are going to be balanced to give a bonus/malus that are going to modify the ranges where they are going to be effective/vulnerable. And all this is because pen model is done around an all or nothing basis, as it kind of was during the era, so imho admin has acknowledged this effectively... I mean we will see how good their new model is in a few days, I expect the best. Edit:
  5. I dont think is going to be easier than it is right now, cuz right now its easy to demast a small ship on a SoL, anyway back to topic Now is just impossible to do dmg on a small ship unless u actively look after rake shots or u just shoot chains, those are ur only sources of damage as a small ship, so if with these new patch at least there is a small window of range where u can pen a SoL with your 6 pounders i call it good change, because that small window means that u can actually help ur team with DPS, and that comes with HUGE risk. I will wait and see how it is implemented, but
  6. Well a few 6 pounders should not frighten any 1st rate, and also to give these guns at least a little window where they can be effective even against the bigger ship its imho only going to be good for gameplay, it is the resurrection of the 7th, 6 and many 5th rates.
  7. All this sounds great, but what about number of crew per gun will stay same? or is there going to be changes here as well???
  8. @admin Do all the soft goods behave in the same manner? Do all the hard woods brittle the same?? if dont could we have the info on which ones do brittle more and how splinter dmg varies depending on the dmg received please?? much appreciated, thx for the changes, am loving the new balance, the game and the sailing model of the ships remember me now at the one we had on the alpha, which imho was excellent.
  9. It could even introduce the opportunity for some other ships as well... SoL Oxford (50 guns), https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Oxford_(1674)#/media/File:'Oxford'_(1727)_RMG_D9198.jpg Frigate Shoreham (24 guns). Yatch Falcon (14 guns).
  10. I would love to see El Glorioso, his history and the looks of it... But hey there is so much lack of Spanish ships that it does not matter whatever the ship they put in, will be played, a lot.
  11. They are all beautiful, but yes there is not many Spanish ships in game at the moment, we could do with one or two more, even frigates, all of the Spanish frigates in game are event ships... which are not available to all players, by crafting or DLCs, right now to sail a proper Spanish ship you have to level up all the way up to 1st rates to get a Santísima Trinidad. That is a long grind, also very discouraging for new players wanting to sail some Spanish beauties. We could even take a look at spanish brigs, there was "a few" of this around el Caribe, they could add variety to the shallow
  12. Loving the changes so far... the best is how the repair time and amount has been implemented, also crew dmg now makes sense, not like before. There is only one thing imho is that the highest thickness wood (locust S) should not give a huge HP pool and moderated speed bonus also, it is a bit broken, bring down the sides HP or the internal Structure HP, to not render the old wood combos obsolete. my 2 dubs
  13. @admin will we receive our test flags tomorrow?
  14. Add a timer to the flags on the First Stage pls
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