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  1. Yes, let's give everything to everyone for free! The need for instant gratification without putting in any effort these days is shameful. Jump into any ship and go cap bot 5th rate. Go to Patrol. No matter how bad you are in PvP you will surely manage to get 5k damage done. That's 600 doubloons. You could have had that done already today if you actually did stuff instead of whining on forums willing to get stuff easier. Done that? Pick up hunt and search and destroy missions for every 5th rate type. Sink some bots. Bam you're up to 1k doubloons per day. Spending about 2-3 hours per day. That's 30k doubloons per month. 9 bellonas.
  2. Top PvE players killed 800 PvE ships in a month, according to data admin posted. If they pick up Search & Destroy missions coupled with Hunt missions for rates they are farming they are getting 130-150 doubloons per killed PvE ship as mission rewards. That's over 100k doubloons top farmer has generated from mission rewards alone. Add in loot which also can be doubloons. That's about 30 bellonas or 11 oceans worth of doubloons. In a month. Stop whining and start thinking how to get your stuff. If you can't get enough stuff, time to settle for something smaller. According to capabilities. Just like any other game (bar p2w) or even RL - the more effort you put in, the better stuff you have.
  3. Because it's the only resource that can be, among other ways, gotten through PvP and is in a way limiting factor to amount of rates.
  4. No. P.S. You can buy doublons. So your "put the real price" is invalid as it is already there. Doublons is just another resource.
  5. Because current users != total users. But I guess that's hard to grasp concept for you.
  6. Aphilas

    Patch 28: Flags

    USS Constitution note is still bugged for me.
  7. USS Constitution note does not produce USS constitution when used. Recieved from silver chest (or mission chest, not sure 100%). Firstly, icon looks like fir log, not a note: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1575588617 Secondly, when used it says "This item can't be used in port.": https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1575589719 I am in a port belonging to my nation and I have free ship slots.
  8. Simply put, pirates have noticed swedish movements before Little River and we knew they are coming for our shallows. Once we saw Swedes raising hostility for US we knew we'll be facing 2 fronts (not counting MT side, since it's been decided over a week ago to abandon deep ports arount MT). Hence we decided to intervene in the north to delay Swedish progression as much as possible, which was a mistake - we estimated Swedish preparation poorly and did not expect 50+ swedes with shallow ships are already ready since we mostly saw 4th rates and up while spotting very few movements of shallow ships at that point. Generally speaking, swedes prepared and played very well on tactical level. And no, even if some of you claim it was coinsidences, I'm not buying it. Timings of events were to damn good to be accidental. Division of Swe forces was also close to perfect - just enough that combined with US forces could defeat Rubli/Podw/std and just enough at morgans that with Rubli/podw/std busy up north remaining pirates could not bring serious resistance. Well played. But you gained a long term enemy.
  9. 1. Grant Turk is irrelevant for pirates compared to shallows. 2. Everyone and their mom can afford mercury. 3. Even when fighting weakened pirates you still were partly coordinating with US (First Morgans Bluff and Nassau hostility raising day you had jointed fleet of US and Swedes fighting pirates in US waters - hostility raising started only after your scouts saw pirate fleet about 40 mins away from shallows, second Morgans Bluff and George hostility raising day US tried to raise at Ays and again had significant pirate fleet stuck fighting there - again hostility raising started after significant pirate fleet was enganged. Showing you didn't do it for fun, you did it to win.
  10. 1. Bellonas are available for pirates (well, with recent patch you have to be a monkey to buy permit for it). 2. As I said both PODW and RUBLI have stable numbers since wipe. Not many, sure. RUBLI doesn't actively recruit, neither does PODW from what I know. We were suffering more mentaly from shit state of PvP since the wipe than from state of RvR, since PvP is main drive of the clans. With invis boost last patch maybe we will finally get some enjoyable fights without knowing we will get zerged with 2v1+ ratio in revenge fleets until our repairs are out. Maybe, just maybe, game will reach state where zergs don't swim around with 10+ repair cycles of kits because they know they will be able to drag people into battles indefinatly.
  11. Same numbers as we had for ages. Neither shrinking nor increasing.
  12. Same reason why the 2 only nations with proper RvR fleets are allied. Or why 99% of people avoid engaging into equal fights. A chance of losing.
  13. Great patch, 2 bad apples in it: 1. Victory points. You make 3 marks, then understand that variety of marks is too hard for you to properly implement so over a month remove 2 of them. But introduce a new one. What the F? To top it off, you give it to victorious nation - making strong even stronger. I mean - Santisimas vs Victories? Heavy rattles vs mercuries? Are you being serious? Might as well forget RVR. 2. Constantly changing up amount of marks and value of marks. You did it with PVP mark covertion once already. Same now with conquest marks. Yesterday conquest mark was 100k-120k. Combat mark around 4k. 30-40 times difference. Today it's 10... Blueprint and permit cost changing is just hello kittying people in the ass. I am a lucky one - I have 4 Bellona permits, but I am still outraged by constant changes and moreso by nonsense changes. Like making conie 150 instead of 75. In solo 4th rate mission (yeah yeah, it's boring af, but doing fleets solo just consumes ridiculous amounts of time and repairs) you get 5-6 marks. So, 30 missions to get the same rank ship? Stop making us grind more and more. PvE is boring.
  14. US generated marks at Ays which Spain gave them and generated quite some via white oak trades with spain and britain. Likely some other nations too. We took Ays after they attacked West End twice. Btw, now Ays same as Nassau before you successfully took it was generating marks for small pirate clans;) Hypocricy noted. Thanks for Morgans Bluff though, majority of marks from there was going to Sorry. Don't think it was your intention though:-P Swedes generating 2 shallows on same day as "just some swedish clans decided to ally with US". Yeah. Sure. A coinsidence:) Kudos for bringing so many ships across half the map though. Seriously surprised me to see where those mercuries were crafted.
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