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  1. Have a good birthday, it is also my birthday soon, for my birthday I want something worth playing, it very well may be:- hunt showdown
  2. You’ve not gotten feedback from me for a while now and I find myself playing far less these days with less reason to do so. I understand some of the developments and the reasons why, even if I don’t like them. So I will continue to hold my tongue until I see a finished game. When is the planned release?
  3. I have over 5k in both gold and silver ingots. I understand this will be converted to coal. Will I receive compensation, as this is a crap downgrade? I converted to ingots to ease the moving of a clan warehouse.
  4. Jesters-Ink

    Fun PVP for everyone!

    You should make a single player conquest game using this games elements.
  5. Available updates tested and overall feels good. Will test UI when available. At the moment, less OW fleets to attack, less variation in OW fleets and the loot sux.
  6. Jesters-Ink

    Patch 15: Tutorial testing and many other things

    Good luck Devs, just this.
  7. You have the answer, lets make every ship but one require PvP marks
  8. I remember the 1 dura argument, "we will put this to bed once and for all", the players were right.
  9. Much better overall, but if you keep pushing this only pvp/rvr you are cutting at least 75% of your player base out. Answer me this, why not cater for all, it doesn't have to cost you your soul, just give everyone a little bit of something? Lets just simply it:- traders like trading, PvPers can hunt them and do, remove them and there is less PvP. Make ships more accessible and more players use them, more PvP. This also helps port battles for RvR. Give something to all and all will play. Restrict it for the top 5% and you'll have 180 players by June. Not hating, just expressing some common sense.
  10. Better economy to cap and keep the first rate than sink it, under the current system. Plus you get the upgrades too.
  11. I asked the same question when they did the last wipe mate, back when my clan used to play on PvE, so my answer is relevant. We came to PvP because of this after the last wipe, so yeah, the Devs don't want any PvE at all.
  12. The Devs don't want you doing PvE at all, haven't they made that clear enough? A good game makes room for all aspects of game play and a great game encourages it.
  13. Wtf are you smoking? Are you even playing the same game?
  14. It's ok guys, I've figured it out, the Devs have done this to force us to stop playing and spend the festive season with our loved ones. So when your wife/girlfriend asks you "why you are spending time with me", you can look them in their eyes and tell them, "It's Naval Action darling......they've broken it".