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  1. Honestly, I've tried to be a cool head..yes me...it does happen. It's time for the damn egos to deflate a little and make this a VIDEO GAME again. I'm still going to blow holes in anyone who comes out to fight, but that's what we're supposed to be doing. If I sink I sink. If you fight me fairly and you win, you'll get a gf...you'll get the same from me if I win. What I will not tolerate is someone who's supposed to be a "leader" trash talking me in a 3v1 battle even though I've said nothing at all to you to warrant it. I hope EVERYONE who reads this takes that to heart....on both sides.
  2. TBH...we actually pretty much just talk about what's going on in the battle. At least most of us do. When the shit slinging starts in comms, guys are usually "battle commed" real fast. But you're right. It's not going to stop. I would just rather it was kept in the confines of the TS and battle. I don't really agree with everyone posting things up to "take shots" at each other on the forums anymore. It's getting old.
  3. This would be one battle. I'd say thank you to you guys for coming out to fight, but you weren't very gracious or nice in your little chat you had going. (just watched the youtube vid) (dice...you gotta work on your aim, man :-) ) Our guys went looking for an engagement, they found one. They were appreciative of you fighting, even though they knew they would lose. You guys were a bunch of dicks during your voice comms...but that would be typical. Heard that many times over in other fights while on the same team. I point out my post above....can't we at least be civil in our battles?
  4. You know, you keep saying the same thing over and over...when we meet you with an equal force it will be different. How about you just let us know when that will be. Your "victories" by stopping the flags mean nothing. We knew the flags you stopped wouldn't ever make it to be planted. We simply hoped you'd actually make an effort to fight us. I guess you could say you tried. What I thought was hilarious was how fast all the TF and TDA leaders in all 3 fights ran away and left all the others in battle to die without helping them. You want to know why we didn't lose anyone? Because
  5. I do believe it was brought in 3 separate battles tonight and we walked away without one loss to quite a few losses on the US side. I don't seem to recall you being anywhere near any of them. In fact, I watched you piss and moan in global the whole time the rest of us were sinking your new friends.
  6. What's funny is that the whole Pirate thing wasn't even Vicious' idea. It was a decision made by the group before he was even online within the last few days in response to some underhanded events. But if you think your house is clean, be ware. He just asked me to tell you that he's coming to take your house away from you. I hope you have good home/fire insurance because it's about to get burned down.
  7. Yar har fiddle dee dee.....welcome to the pirates!!!! LOL!!!!!
  8. I don't know what backwater areas you're talking about as you can only get the reinforce option near a friendly port. But I get it. You TF guys couldn't do it properly and don't want anyone else to have access to something you don't so why not just ruin something for everyone else. Typical. People found a way to work smarter not harder and people just have to whine about it. What you've officially done by whining about this is crew over other players, including your own traders running goods up and down the coast. Good luck with your production and ship building now. To everyone els
  9. I have several questions for those of you screaming disable: Have any of you BEEN in one of these battles? Have you actually seen the level of teamwork and coordination/cooperation that goes into fighting this many powerful ships at once (besides a 25v25 port battle with towers)? With regards to reinforcements from ports: How are you going to feel when they are disabled, you're sailing somewhere near a friendly port, get jumped on and ganked by a group of enemies and have no way to save yourself or your ship? Anyone who says they truly don't care about getting ganked is probably lying. E
  10. Don't worry....I carry no animosity towards anyone. I don't play the "mine's bigger than yours" game. I'm here to have a good time, trash talk a little (like everyone else), and when a fight is good, I'll say it is. If it's a gank, I'm gonna bitch and moan like anyone else, but I get that it's how the game works. When we run into each other on the OS, we'll fight our battle, go our separate ways with a smile/wave/f-you...(whatever works...lol) and play again another day. It seems to me like all nations are now suffering from a case of the few dictating to the many, and that ain't gonna fly
  11. I seem to recall a small group of us from this very clan going straight into Brit territory about a week or two ago and sinking several of your supposedly "elite" British Navy players in 3rd rates. We were out numbered and fought multiple smaller battles after that same engagement off of Ruatan. Seeing as we lost nothing, you lost multiple boats, and we got away after....I call that a win. So say what you will, but I think you'll find that regardless of the opinion of a couple insignificant clans within the US who are steadily losing members to us, we will be a force to be reckoned with. O
  12. God this is funny. Why are sooo many people focused on what nationality a player is? Does it really matter if the majority of a "nation's" players are from a certain country? In my experience, at least half of the U.S. nations players are from other countries on PvP EU1. does that matter? Nope. They're playing as U.S. sailors under a U.S. flag....therefore, they are U.S. nation. Do we have some funny and awesome convos in our TS servers? Hell yeah. My clan has people from so many different countries it's just plain awesome, and it makes the level of cooperation and communication we ma
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