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  1. So British (42.7% of server EU PVP1) VS Everyone? ..Minus Dutch, Sweden and US?
  2. Preface: Zombies were content making snow angels in the white Sand Beach's of Florida feeding my addiction of Brains with my new found friends Sorry; trying to build a condo out of straw in the Miami area. But I got news today that infected (Zombie) Governor's in south Cuba got hung at the docks and put in those little cages on display. Objective: Raid (Flip) all the 1000-1200 timers in the British Empire (70%???); until no more remaining on that defense window or I run out of Gold trying [taking donations]. [1000-1400 Is Prime Russian Port Battle Window just saying] Если русский язык и читать это. Нет просто не работает с целым " все Пираты России материал" . Sponsor(s): Option A) If your a Individual player or Nation and wish to Finance [in gold] a Zombie and other addicts on "Tour de Britain" gold will be used for the soul purpose of Port Battles. Option If you wish to put a "Bounty" (Pledge) on touring to a specific port [goal] and make the payment in Gold worth the trip [challenge] multi flips to there your welcome to post in this thread or message me in game. [Further details can be received via PM] [i will take Confidential Sponsor's/Clans/Nations as well] Zombie [KOTO]
  3. @ All - You diehard's "not coming". When/If you change your mind. WTB 6-8 addicts during peak US times for the night side of KOTO, we play insanely hard but short a few core players; must be mature, easy going, able to learn, on TS, and addicted to Port Battling/pvping ever night 2400-0600 window. PM me in game or Via kami.kazhkaz.net (PVP EU1 / Community TS) The rest of you diehard's. Good luck gents! 07
  4. 1) No clue who you are 2) No clue what server your referring to 3) Go read the title again sir. Talking about Pirates attacking FL....
  5. You have no idea what your talking about Sir. Has nothing to do with Russian Communitys in both Nations had everything to do with common enemy' at the time. The fact that some British were/are so vocal with spinning the "Russian Conspiracy Theory" actually works counter to what some were out to achieve with the propaganda. South Haiti/Most of the Gap/South Cuba were 1200-0600 timers. Just about every Pirate clan in the empire has a member or Multi that took part in taking these ports because the PB's are open to all Pirates to raid. In the end the Pirates are all Pirates.... The Danes are all Danes....
  6. Welcome aboard & Good luck with you endeavors mates.
  7. @ Pirates - Excellent Job. Felt like Yesterday when I pulled the Flag the first time for Jere on a off timer and got wrecked before I even go into the Port Battle. At-least for the 2 weeks after I managed to make it into the port lol. @ British - Excellent Job defending it, a lot of fun battles and some close ones. Solid group.
  8. @ US Last week you told us you wanted to fight the Brit's but demanded 8 ports so you feel "safe" VS the Pirates. We declined and said we are going to do what we do and suggested you do the same but offered X time for you to get sorted if needed.... That Night - I changed a PB from US to Brits out of respect for just chatting with you guys....On the way to the PB you guys sank a straggler 3rd rate of mine and run to the boards with it (even a player in the talks at that). Next 72 hours - You take a few Pirate ports (fair play); But I was very close with those Governors and harvesting Brains from those ports.... Over the Week - You guys go back and forth with Lord V telling him on the Internetz that the entire coast (Mexico) is already sorted with the British!? *Scratching my head....was this agreed upon before or after the Spanish Allys were up rooted from it?* So my question is: Did you intend or believe you would get 8 ports from Pirates (while Brit's thought you were at war) and 24 ports from Brits (while pirates thought you were at war) .....I suppose it would be clever if neither the Brits or Pirates could/would read the internet'z??? If you give Zombies 112 Brains, 23 Kidneys, 14 Livers, 42 ears (fresh), 13 hearts, 6 fingers, 2 thumbs and ports from Keys to Cape I promise not to take them from you. CANT speak for the rest of the pirates of course. But Zombies have addictions to feed. Good luck and stay safe gents.
  9. So what your saying is.... When the US told us they want to war the brit's and asked us for 8 ports for a "buffer zone" and we said NO. That what they were doing is trying to get free ports from us and pick up ports you guys have already promised them?
  10. Never been to this section of the boards. Usually accused of being a Pirate not a Criminal.... If this is a popularity contest of who has more friends/Allies to post flame on there behalf of tell partial sides of the story or there views on game mechanics I may lose because Zombies aren't known for there typing abilities and we don't travel in "hordes" like Hollywood's walking dead. We prefer to just eat brains and enjoy raiding ports solo or in small packs... Some of you have hurt feelings yesterday didn't go as planned; and I understand that. I didn't go as planed for me either. So apologizes. Most Important Fact: Why didn't I pull the flag for Samana to block them from taking a port if that was my intention to spoil there fun all along? I commented on the hit in Pirate chat well before they pulled the flag so pirates would have the choice to defend timers VS Brits or to head the opposite direction which is also fine but they have a deliberate choice to make as FTS did. Pirates are smart enough to drawn the line for themselves. Was at a Port making mats, Knew it about the hit...everyone did because he bragged to all pirates/Nations so much, and I had the gold to cover it..... - Danes owe Zombie 2 Ports (Sam/Macoa Ideal) (But Macoa is a reginal Cap and not near sorted) More important issues at hand with Brits pushing and still not sorted. - Black is Black? No...because Brig V would put it on a messed up timer they couldn't/wouldn't defend. Give it to the British and screen other Pirates like they did Saint N. - I told Insomian to buy other Flag - PLAN: If I could beat them there with flag plants and sort out 6-8 people I could take mine (furthest one) and double back and take his as long as he Planted on time. Insom could then TP and attack Jere/Defend Saint N/and the other timers. 6-8 people would be out of the fight on West Haiti though, with this plan it knocks out what is owed + 1 to sort later both of the ports in question would be in our(98% of pirates) timer control and more important the front line for a future battle field. - If FTS Jumped into the the next port it wouldnt matter because the flag was planned by someone who would be responsible with defense window. - At this point FTS was braging about some KOTO and others being involved in hits on Danish in Pirate Chat. Not that we were blocking there content. What happened/why it didn't happen: - FTS was to buzy swearing and cussing at all Pirates in pirate chat and telling everyone how awesome they are because they are so "healthy for the game" as people mentioned here. There actions were a direct result of all pirates losing ports on the Opposite side of Haiti. - I was sorting Drama in PM's and on TS, I was trying to sort players for one direction and assisting Insom for forming on Jere. - As well as getting lines of communication with Danes while they were in combat in Multi places - Trying to sort Intel on whether the British fleets massing Danish were coming for West Coast haiti In the end we dropped the East Haiti split plan to get sorted ASAP in West Haiti so we could catch SRLN out of place in Jeremine. With the hits they were involved in it would have been closer then the day before and it worked. Did it. Absolutely you guys were caught out of play and didn't have the 25 stack you guys usually do and some randoms mixed in. But we still failed to Capitalize. We were missing some of our own key players and some bad calls on our part by not pushing you gents to the end of the bubble. This Offense was also the best defense for the rest of the timers in East Haiti. We were in place partially for defending a multi prong attack in South Cuba/Haiti which we lost a lot of ports due to FTS's deals with you. Which you aware of. http://images.akamai...3D5D29E109BB62/ (Read chat box) In the end the right choice was made to stay together and pound the drums to do East Haiti because we did hold Sevilla and got back Portillo even later that night. @ SLRN - I personally hold/held you guys in high regard's, But running to the boards to back a one sided story on what you "think" happen or didn't happen in mass shows true colors and intentions. If your view on winning the game is pushing to Ban everyone playing against you without hearing both sides of the story i feel bad you your so angry/worked up about the game. @ Everyone - I ticketed and GM's have my game log's and they know what happen/didn't happen/suppose to have happen and told them they are more then welcome to post it all publicly. Zombies don't care. Maybe I should be a streamer. Proposed Fix: - Multi flags can be bought on same place by any nation and first come, is first serve.
  11. Big Valco = British puppet. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/298734165348997953/A77B7312802B607FFFF55856943D5D29E109BB62/ Pirates timing attacks with enemy's so Pirates lose ports = disloyal. @ British Nation - You seem fond of him. You can have him. FTS has some solid and respectable guys and I hope they stay and get sorted elsewhere. Big V in action: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/298734165348681655/8C8401FEB9A5095D1379B44A26D66DA7A2B50E06/
  12. Good luck gents. Look forward to Infinite's news clippings and organized US faction.
  13. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198276601623/screenshot/313370413663745480 Took the screen shot 5 secs to late. But a Zombie ramming a Victory into a Victory. RIP @ Brits - All I want is a Condo in Jamaica.
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