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  1. William Livingston Alden

    Little things you'd like to see

    bring a little more live to the port battles: fill the empty slots with AI so that we have a full fleet port battle.
  2. William Livingston Alden

    Back after 2 month break...

    The game mechanic is a joke, so don't wonder when all the people are leaving here. it is totally unrealistic. it is more like a curve battle with WW1 planes. look at the players count 300 to 400 maybe 450 (sometimes). so think first before you write something or you will be in a few month the only one here on the server.
  3. William Livingston Alden

    What is the purpose of dubloons?

    And that's the point, as some people already have found a way the flood the market with doubloons. Or do you think that someone is able to earn every day 5k of doubloons to sell them on the market?
  4. William Livingston Alden

    Little things you'd like to see

    the diplomatic system must be reactivated.
  5. William Livingston Alden

    What is the purpose of dubloons?

    as long as there is no connection between reals and doubloons (Exchange), the doubloons are for nothing and a game killer especially for new players.
  6. had nothing to do with that. that are facts you cant deny.
  7. to be honest, that will never happen again here. when you look at steam what all the people had wrote so far about the game then you must realise that the game never will get a comfortable player base like we had at the start of the game. Even when you bring in more exciting content and fix the trading. what have we learned from the past! the player base will grow up for a few days and then go down to the actual plus minus 500 players. sorry but that is the truth here and we all must accept it.
  8. William Livingston Alden

    Patch 27 - New Economy feedback.

    you must play Pirate and or Russian faction then you get it. It's a true sad fact.
  9. William Livingston Alden

    Crafting requires too much doubloons

    12k doubloons for a first rate, that's insane. Things like that will kill the game. So why should i trade when I never have the needed amount of doubloons for building stuff. That is really not the way to bring in new players to the game. I'll wait and see how the player base will drop in a few weeks because nobody (player and or CLAN'S) will be able to build the big ships needed in numbers for port battles.
  10. William Livingston Alden

    Exchange Doubloons <--> Reales

    not every way is the correct way, even when you point on it.
  11. William Livingston Alden

    Exchange Doubloons <--> Reales

    That's not the point here in the game. When you want to build a first rate you need a huge of doubloons ( 12k and more) for that. So how want you achieve that. that's nearly impossible, even for hardcore player and clans when you must build for instance 10 first rate for a port battle. Wait when the people realize that! That is the final nail in the coffin of this game. New player will quit this game in a short time, when they see that. And when you plan to buy doubloons via DLC then the rest of players will quit.
  12. William Livingston Alden

    Question or additional information on a Bug report

    same here, when i try to teleport. bug report attached. 2018-11-04_094638.rar
  13. @admin - still missing my compensation, like some others, for my buildings. is there an info about it, when we'll get it?
  14. William Livingston Alden

    Fragen zum Spiel

    Ja genau :-). Auch ich habe mich am Testserver mehrere Stunden damit gut unterhalten :-) Es ist jetzt zwar eine hin und herschieben von Fenstern aber im Ganzen ganz nett geworden.
  15. William Livingston Alden

    Fragen zum Spiel

    Ja, nur haben nicht alle das als "redeem" bekommen und stehen jetzt mit leeren Händen da. Ich hab's gemeldet und bis jetzt keine Antwort bekommen. Und dann wundern sich die Leute wenn andere aufgeben.