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  1. Nothing wrong with having a sense of morality in the age we live in, had i have found myself in the situation you were presented with, id have probably done the same
  2. - Willing to trade my soul for the Pearl for 13 years :') hint hint (offers there devs) On point, yeah one would hope they do utilise the way the games shifting at this point to introduce more unique mechanics as you say, though I'd like them to keep all the ships condensed and available to everyone , it'd be a shame to limit the older vessels to solely pirates / 1 server should they happen, I'm sure the eitc would put them to use should they be rescued from our kind again :')
  3. I am indeed Long Beard, it'd be a bit ridiculous of me to write 3 paragraphs of what would otherwise be whimsical nonsense were I not to be a pirate. Though due the feedback I've heard regarding the general population of the pvp servers suggests that it mostly compromises of ridiculous snide behaviour, which I can't really say I can be overly bothered with, I imagine, forums being forums I'll just get told to "pvp then", where what I'm trying to suggest is have Ai on aggro / a flagged for pvp option / a bounty system based on what nation you sack and loot the most as to if fleets will be sent to remove the blight you are amongst other things and remove the access to the grand warships, they just don't feel very, well, piratey to be quite honest. As for the updates today, I'm looking forward to ow spyglass and Chapmans Indiaman, since the lgv appeared it's been my favourite ship to date.
  4. yeah its a misunderstanding, I was somewhat implying the opposite , that i feel pirates /shouldn't have access to the ships above 4th rate , lest they be captured and taken ( a feature which has since been removed), Id like to see the faction behave and feel more well, piratey , atm it feels like an organized military power with access to whatever a Nation does, you don't feel exiled or hunted or targeted by nations as there's no political link ive seen the polls and such and cast my die regarding the rates of ships and "what should be addressed next" But RE:pirate ships, id like to see older still ships , predated maybe a century further , old race built Elizabethan galleons for example and ships of its ilk ,ships that should be retired but aren't because of lack of proper shipyards to produce modern vessels, granted they wouldn't be THE power on the seas, but atm all pirate as a faction feels like is a glorified nation because society says pirates are cool it doesn't have the feel of being constantly prey and grabbing what you can as you run. there's an abundance of things id like to talk about tbh even re political structure and trade and letters of marque and allied nations etc , but i get a little anxious making suggestions so apologies if i refrain xD Sorry Hornblower as well if i explained poorly before :3
  5. This may way well appear quite the lengthy post and end along the lines of shoot her, chop off her fingers and shoot her again but I digress, let's begin. From bits and bats I have read over the forum lately I wholeheartedly agree with the prospect of the customizable figureheads though what I am curious of is as to how this and textures would be viable, would it be a case of having a set of "vanity slots" similar to upgrades? As for naming ships this is actually probably quite difficult, I mean there'd be a character limit and then the prospect of having to place every character manually for every combination on every ship, judging from the amount of ships people appear to be wanting, that's a monstrous amount of work? On to flag customization, love the idea but, and here's the but would it be set period flags per nation as a choice or will it be a case of fly whatever colours you damn well please and if you want to appear the yeasty traitorous cow hearted codpiece you are then so be it? New Ships - simple really, new ships! Personally I love this game, I truly do, but this is the but, why limit the time period so much? I can understand a cut off point in the future but I feel a large proportion of the playerbase drawn here for "piracy" potentially based be it on fanfic or historic will prefer older less historically accurate ragged ships. I understand admins want the game to grow more but I feel it's current market is aimed at such a niche it may well struggle to achieve a playerbase proportionate to what is wanted. As for historical accuracy, now I've seen people kick up a stink against fantasy ships and both for fantasy ships, I fall firmly in the latter ilk although - why can't fantasy be through decor? I mean an elaborately piratey Belle Poule for example would be a gorgeous ship, adorned with lanterns amd a blackened hull and such, different cabin decor on the stern perhaps? I personally would like to see the game arrive at a stage where the historically accurate puritans have the opportunity to sail in beautiful period ships, whereas those inclined towards fantasy have the opportunity too, not saying fill the ships with skeletons or fishmen or that lot. I love the Black Pearl as a concept & even the Flying Dutchman, as much I like these ships and would enjoy sailing them in the game, I would at the least hope to see them come as a source of inspiration regarding decor for "pirate textures". Sure, somebody is gonna jump on my back with the "it's not accurate and didn't exist" but that could be said for a lot of the ships if they all end up with every nationalities naval colours. It's all a matter of perspective. (aye mate its just a texture - still innacurate ) Discuss. Ps - I salute you if you were genuinely bothered to read all that xD
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