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  1. Thank you guys for the quick answer!
  2. Hi Gents, I have stumbeld across a glitch in the matrix. I have a Agamemnon Live Oak/White Oak , Base Armor HP is 6361. Now I equip Bow Figure Elephant with +10% Base Armor HP and also Planking (4-5) +15% Armor HP. Normaly I would have ((6361*1,1+6361*1,15)-6361)= 7951 HP BUT it seems that only my planking with +15% is working and overwriting the Elephants +10%, so that I have in fact only 7236 HP. Thats not even +15% ! I thought that skillbooks and refits witch increase armor are not compatible with each other but my college has the same problem and he has equipt Elephant and Bridgetown Refit which should give him ~20% Bonus but he has also only 7236 HP. Another friend has Floating Battery +20% and Elephant +10% but also gets only 7236 HP. Is that how its intended to work or is it a bug ? Sorry for my English, but just pretend Germany won the war and you would have to learn german in school
  3. How can this be a fair trade if you can not even trust people of your own nation??? And btw, if both parties accept the terms of a trade deal and one side simply pulls a fast one, he should be nation switched to the pirates! If you can not trust your own nation, why are there nations at all ?
  4. Hello Admins, I was buying labour hours in Kingston/Port Royal to let them materials craft. I provided the resources and agreed to pay for 1900lh 50.000gold. Gold would be provided after the crafting is done. I gave him the resources, 400Lignum Vitae, 180 White Oak log and 600 Oak logs to craft 1000Blocks, 300 White Oak Frame Parts and 1000 oak Planks. After I gave him the resources, he disappered. I tried it for more than half an hour but to no prevail. The name of the player was Phill Mcrakken I would preciate it if my materials are handed back or if the guy is severely punished for beeing a fraud. Picture is provided, I tried to write to him several times but with no answer (picture does only show a 10min periode, i tried it more than half an hour and the following day). Date: 14.06.17(23.30pm)-15.06.17(00.20am)
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