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  1. You need to remember that its a game not simulator.It will not help gain new players , rather otherwise...its too hardcore.
  2. As in topic. If you have group bigger than 7 you cant enter as a group or even you cant enter at all. Screens as a proof 6 people in group - you can see all buttons. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/279595726562137732/E7EF8D677FE9A14C1838B9F5272E9E8CD9E99A76/ 7 people in group - you can see enter / enter as a group is visible only as slight bar you can still pres it but its barely visible (without text) http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/279595726562137992/7BFCD880A530B41D0D661DCD4E3BC3D79606AB45/ 8+ people - you cant enter at all http://images.akam
  3. Hello im posting bug that just happend. We intercepted pirate ships S-SE from Carlisle with good tag making them unable to escape , we swarmed them starting sink them and this happend : one third rate with both side armors stripped , pump out , rudder out and in fire shock was just sailing straight for like 10+ min , untill we demasted him and he surrendered.Every time his lower deck was going under water he was miracously pumping all water out. All present made f11 (i did and i hope rest did it also) Made couple screens (not from beggining his fire shock/stripped armor).Also i beliv
  4. Fleet didnt dissapear .. we was multiple times tagged , and then inside battle our BR was too high so we could escape instantly from battle and sail with invisibility 30 sec...
  5. Greetings. Pretty much everyone being in port battles felt irritated by random people joining battle with small ships taking slot of your 3rd and above when you have your members prepared and you bought flag or prepared people for defense.This is my idea how to solve it , short but i hope you will like it. After planting a flag ships joining port battle (crossed swords) should be put in queue.Queue with 1 minute timer that starts after first ship join in.That 1 minute could be taken from 5 minute timer before battle. After queue timer would run off ship placed in port battle cou
  6. He didnt collide intentional with 3rd rate , i collided with him (and a lot of our guys) and almost from start i was with him side by side , i was trying to turn him upwind , and it was going good untill other our 3rd rate parked on his right side.Since i was faster i moved slighlty on front of Victory , but then he decelerated , and i was trying to desperatly not let him slip so i decelerated (kinda to slow) , he almost slip by...he flip over becouse he wanted to break free from chasing him blob and go downwind (look at minimap). It wasnt intentional but when i saw that his going up and
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