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  1. yes we all did play atleast one battle jsut like they told us to do before the wipe .. because we werent sure where we wanted to go afterwards.. now the other guys did have everything accept for me ..... wich is sad and makes me feel unwanted.. also to bad that not even one moderator replied .. really good aswell .. dumb rule changes .. bad xp transfers ... ignored by moderators .. etc etc etc dissapointed in this game ..?? Hell yeah .. one big money grab i think this is .......
  2. me and my friends wanted to switch to global server due to PB restriction . now i find out that i didnt get my xp on there. Its still there in the EU server and also on the PVE server, but didn't transfer to the Global server like promised. Any Devs able to help me out on this issue??? Not gonna start all over again , and I probably wont ...love this game and I have talked to several friends who did get thier xp , of the 4 guys iam playing with iam the only one without my previous earned 83333 xp ... just want my exp back... i also made a bug report and checked all other chars on other server earlier today and they have the redeembles but they are boring restricted servers after the wipe with teh new adjustments... o7
  3. well i found out it did the same thing to me got all xp on EU 1 and PVE server but not on Global .. whats up with that ??? for 2 of my friends it worked end they got all but i only got the ships and marks etc but not my crafting xp nor my regular xp PLZ fix this no use in playing it all over again and eu is boring with these PB restriction wich are stupid anyhow..
  4. Royal Netherlands Navy : Newly formed fleet is looking for New and Experienced players to join our ranks. We are a English speaking fleet formed by friends , sailing for the United Provinces . Are u looking for a friendly and helpful group of players ? PvP and PvE ? Trading ?? Than u are WELCOME .. For more info send a PM or contact us on our TS : HouZee
  5. Faction: United Provinces // Vereenigde Provincien Name : Royal Netherlands Navy [RNN] Language: English Contact: Ingame Officers: Pieter Florisz , Leopold ,Furian Stormrider Forum: WySoSerieus Server: PvP EU 1 TeamSpeak: Contact one of our Recruiters// Officers Website: Under Construction Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/RoyalNetherlandsNavy/
  6. Nation: United Provinces Clan / Clan-Tag : Royal Netherlands Navy [RNN] IGN : Pieter Florisz ,Leopold ,Furian Stormrider Forum-name http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/user/20647-wysoserieus/ secound language: English Only Pieter Dutch
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