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  1. Who is that noob that explodes when the battle is nearly over😀
  2. Im more a neutral and mostly not very skilled pve player, but I will fight Sweden, if they insist to dictate which of the danish clans that can be friends. And trying to split the Danish pve players from the pvp players. We are a small enough nation as it is. Now I guess my name goes in the naughty boy book.
  3. I like the patch so far. Maybe money comes a bit easy, Wasa is a bit too strong and too easy to get, but other then that i like the patch. I see that we have to grind a bit ship knowledge on the trader ships aswell now. Thats all fine but let us go all the way to fifth slot plz. If you want to be a premium trader you should be allowed to do so. One more thing, If we are gonna grind a bit on the traders aswell then plz take a look at ship combat of AI versus traders. Doing missions in a trader is a weird thing, and the AI behaves to much of and AI and not an AI pretending to be a player.
  4. Also experienced this. Hopefully it will be fixed sooner rather then later
  5. Dont like the 1.5 br limit at all. Several times i have been surrounded by 6-7 players or even more sometimes and I have always got away. Dont sail deep into enemy territory in a ship thats is not fast. Defensive tag and a fast ship will get you out of most situations. I have no problem at all with being ganked or ganking others
  6. Danish nation have had to much success in comparison to our size, and the frontlines are too far from home for some of the clans to come together. Only when we sit besiged at Chritiansted will some of the clans look at the bigger picture and work together I guess. In the same way I guess the attack on Jamaica was a wakeupcall for many brits
  7. You have probably been getting your info in the British nation chat. Truth is that the British is probably 10 times our numbers and the number of Danish players have been dropping sharply recently. With basicly everyone now joining British and Pirates, I think the more clever heads in the smaller nations realize, that if we fight just eachother, then we fall.
  8. The whole situation is bad and will only frustrate more people to leave the game. These smaller nations needs everone working together to stand a combative chance versus the bigger nations. If we cant have peace agreements that works and lets us focus fire then we stand litle chance in the long run. One can only feel the frustration of some aspects of this game more and more these days. Lets hope this diplomacy update gets here sooner rather then later.
  9. This would not be such of a problem if more non-European players joined the smaller nations aswell. Then it could be fighting round the clock so to speak. But right now its seems everyone joins British, Pirates and some USA. This gives these nations a tremendous upper hand and frustrates its enemies and burns them out. In the Danish nation, it was the same players that had to get up in the middle of the night to take a port, that had to defend those same ports for 2-4 hours later that day. And then inbetween you want to do some trading, and cap some ships and gold on the side. This just demands tremendous dedication to work and will burn them out eventually. Heck, many times you set your alarm clock on and woke up and logged on only to find that not enough people had logged on.
  10. We Danish had the same problem, that we had to wake up in the middle of the night to fight a port battle with the brits, while all ours were set during the day. People can only do it ever so long before they totally burn out. And clans had to bitch alot to get players onboard with it. I see the smaller nations burning themselves out now. They often have to scrape together enough players to just have enough for one PB, without much of screening. They rarely get influx of new players, like the ones now comming over from PVP2 who joins mostly brits and pirates. And I predict that pretty soon most of the players will be playing either British or Pirates. The only success that the smaller nation have had so far, have only been thanks to the dedication of a small group of hardcore players.
  11. Yes some of the brits seem to be the best skilled so far from what I have seen. An fine example for all us too strive for. Gratz to the Pirates! Determination goes a long way
  12. You are quite right good sir. Both the nations we made peace with are thriving on their own. Where were they when they were still under the british yoke. The Brits way of doing it is steamrolling, and then set their defence timer to the middle of the night. And thus "kills" any further action. We had this stalemate for a very time around Higuey, with facing only these nightly timers and it was tedious and extremly boring, with litle or no action. By breaking this deadlock we brought life into our sector and Naval Action into the game, and even the british players must admit that the last days have been full of excitment and action.
  13. The brits are getting more and more comical by the day. They have talked so loud about this unholy agreement of pirates and danes, and now look at them. It just puts a smile on my face. Calling the Danish a russian horde, when they themselves swarmed us yesterday, with atleast 5 times(just my own estimate) the amount of players we have. They will say just about anything, no lie is to big. And still many of them claim to have some sort of morale high ground.
  14. Just a thought, how come they many times dont defend at those times? Or should I say almost never woah.
  15. To those who complain about PB timer of the swedish, should try fight the British. They have almost all their PB timers set in the night or early morning for most Europeans. Many times we had to set the alarm clock and wake up in the middle of the night just to take a port.
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