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  1. dShiro

    Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    Well done! the port window is no longer cut.
  2. dShiro

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    I guess they sent the ship to Morgan using the "Tow permit" and once out of the port they used the "Tow to port" to go to the nearest deep harbor. Then they kept the ships in Jobe.
  3. dShiro

    Resultados de BATALLAS

    Si, se pillo a un grupo de ellos fuera del puerto . Los EDR justificaban su ataque basándose en que en el wipe anterior los Españoles atacamos la zona de Nueva Orleans sin pedir permiso ni nada por estilo aunque como justificación nos tiene mucho valor ya que ellos atacaron nuestras zonas del este del mapa y no nos quejamos por ello. Supongo que habrá algo más por medio...
  4. dShiro

    Can not click battle swords

    I have the same problem, any solution? I have reported several times with F11 but no response.
  5. dShiro

    Port Battle Limit

    VLTRA has never disappeared as a Spanish clan, not all its members moved to Danes. Some members are still playing for the Spanish faction.
  6. Do you complain about this today? And tomorrow what? Every day you cry for something...
  7. dShiro

    Hotfix 1 for patch 10.1

    Cartagena can confirm. 1 Conquest Mark per day.
  8. dShiro

    VLTRA & RFA Basic Cutter Griefing Fleets

    Why do I have to fight in direct combat when I'm inferior? My intention was for you to focus on capturing me and you asked for time to overcome hostility. I did not force you to be in battle, you could leave the battle at any time so do not complain that I do not escape.
  9. Para los que tomaron o defendieron el puerto en su día.
  10. dShiro

    Batallas Corsarias

    Que nosotros no fuéramos a defender esos puertos no quiere decir que los regalásemos. Hay mas gente en la facción Española que puede defender un puerto a parte de nosotros. Los que querían mantener esas regiones que hubieran ido a la batalla de puerto si tanto les importa. (Es mi opinión).
  11. dShiro

    Propose new gun types

    The howitzer The carronadas was a problem when aiming the weapon to its maximum reach, since its balance of weight and diameter of cannon towards the unstable weapon, and after each shot had to adjust again the height of the shot. The response of the Spanish Navy to this problem was the howitzer, a weapon that followed the same principle of shooting the carronada shallow but with a better balance in weight and better clamping system to be more stable, adding to this the ability to perform Curved shots. He could shoot the same type of ammunition of shrapnel that the carronadas or realize a curved shot with experimental explosive grenades very dangerous in its handling. The ship Santa Ana was the first to incorporate them for the tests. The shells were just as manoeuvrable as the carronadas, but with greater accuracy at maximum distances. Penetration and penetration fall off: High, within walking distance, like a carronade. Distance and trajectory: Short/Medium Damage: High Splinter damage:High Fire chance: High Weight: Low, a 24-pound howitzer weighed like a 6-pound barrel only. Cost: Medium Crew per gun: 4 or 6. Reload: Medium Breakage chance (strength of carriage): High when explosive grenades were used. Special Resource requirements: BP Drop, Spanish Iron? In the Royal Spanish Armada there were the calibers of 48, 36, 30, 24, 12, 8 and 4 pounds, the latter being used aboard the boats in the landings or when they exerted subtle force on the catches.
  12. dShiro


    En el Servidor Europeo se harán nuevas alianzas.
  13. dShiro


    Se van al servidor europeo.