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  1. Patch 9.9 guide~! Explaining everything YOU need to know!
  2. When I look at the materials list you provided I feel the break up return is even more pathetic than I thought it was lol. Btw thanks for posting that materials list! It really puts it in perspective Yeah they need to do something about it
  3. Check out my new video on capping Santis with a Pavel! This stuff is broken!
  4. An interview with AUSEZ leader McCandless about AUSEZ switching to pirate and their reasons for doing so. Pretty interesting, and provides a bit of a guide to how to switch and dealing with national politics
  5. I've never had a 10k lag spike! I've only gotten 2k, and that only happens to me when the server goes offline lol When I get a log spike though my ship just stops moving
  6. Yeah, from what I know that's exactly what happened
  7. I haven't found any way to better improve the accuracy of the mortars without going to exceptional mortar handbooks, but good luck getting those...
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