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  1. 502bull

    Fire damage

    Will fire damage armor?
  2. 502bull

    Naval Action Craft

    Confirmed. Mine dropped from Frigate.
  3. 502bull

    Niagara BP

    I assumed it was since the first line of the patch notes is "Niagara Blueprint added to the game"
  4. 502bull

    Niagara BP

    Anyone got one to drop yet? If so, which ship dropped it?
  5. 502bull


    Thank you gents.
  6. What is the most effective way to grape a crew down quickly and efficiently?
  7. Certainly this agreement only pertains to, and binds, only clans. Privateers just do what we do. So if we need to move further south, we do. Depends on where the pickings are best or whatever suits us at the moment.
  8. 502bull

    Naval Action Craft

    Confirmed. Craft level 27 and I have maxed out at 1540. Ghroznak thanks for the chart. Very helpful.
  9. 1. How many crafting hours are available at each level? 2. How many crafting hours do you get back per hour? This doesn't appear to be very consistent as I've gotten anywhere from 40 to 65. Do your total hours regenerate completely over 24 hours or is there a cap on how many you regenerate in a certain period of time? I know this has probably been asked and answered but a search didn't turn up anything useful for me. Thanks in advance.
  10. 502bull

    Naval Action Craft

    Is there a list published anywhere that shows how many total crafting hours are available at each crafting level?