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  1. I PAID to help critique and revise YOUR alpha game. You don't want to listen, that's your choice. You won't have to worry about seeing me posting anything else on these apparently invalid forums. Keep all your 'yes men' around, it will make you feel happy as the product sinks.
  2. Self-exclamatory... All questions are about the changes in current form, unless otherwise stated. The question about what rank you are is just to get an idea if ppl who vote have been exposed to higher level combat as patch 9.8 seems to change higher tier ship combat more-so than lower. Edit: Added a question about combat preference, solo/group pve and pvp. Added option to question 3 for those who like new damage model over previous version but want it to be tweaked. Posted in wrong forum... Could a mod/admin move this to combat discussion?
  3. If I didn't know how old most of us were who play this game, I would think it was full of tweeners whose skin is way too thin. While I don't think any kind of IRL threats or open racism should be allowed on forums, why get so bent out of shape over someone gloating/calling you bad? Are we so new to the internet to call for this blanket censorship because other people won't make all of their posts 'Great fight, guys!' I personally don't think being a vile person is a great idea... but I also don't believe moderating out someone's comment because you don't think it fosters a good team spir
  4. Time that could be spent figuring out how to make the game filled with action and attractive to more players is being devoted to ideas that, although they are cool in concept, really do nothing but add another layer of tedium to a game already full of it. I still have high hopes for this game but it seems to be going down the wrong road. Hope I am wrong...
  5. I completely agree, this will just be another aspect of the game that causes people to have to sail around finding crew when and where they can, burning up time for no other reason then its more 'historically accurate' and a way to balance nations. The more content that you add that makes this game more BORING/TIME CONSUMING will only increase the attrition rate of your player base. At some point you guys have to decide if you are making a game for only a few people who have way too much time on their hands(like me), or a larger portion of the gaming community. I would prefer the latter.
  6. At least we will have plenty of crafting hours saved up! =D
  7. WARNING: Unpopular opinion ahead! While I definitely enjoy the war and peace/political aspect of this game, I think we should all stop for a minute and think about what really drew people to this game in the first place before steam release... epic pvp battles without OW, nations/factions, and economy. It's not to say that people wouldn't get tired of a game that relied solely on the original, early Alpha of small, large and Trafalgar battles, but that it is initially what drew so many to it. When they decided to move in the direction where we currently are and released NA on steam, i
  8. I realize what a difficult position the dev team has been put in between trying to appease the playerbase and continuing to refine/hone the final product that will be Naval Action. I get that you have read tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of comments and suggestions relating to this game. I hope the constant nitpicking (however well-intentioned or constructive it may be) and loss of playerbase has not discouraged you guys and that you realize how many of us have already come to love this game. Thanks for all your hard work and for making such a great game. I look forward to seeing th
  9. For now, PvP2 or GTFO =) I think the inevitable merge/server death is coming, but until then lets have some good fights and kill some shit. France/Britain/Americans/Pirates are all in the same area and if we fight over the same few ports around Haiti/Western Cuba/Jamaica/Bahamas should be some good times. Someone please ask the Dutch to get their asses in gear and move some big boats up here and join in the fun
  10. This is what I'm hearing 'It's easy to get lost in the sea of other Brit players on PvP1. It's nice to not be the leaders of the Brit Nation anymore because we were so embarrassed by how we were getting our asses handed to us after how much smack we talked. We liked Britain because it was easy mode; no one could zerg as hard as us or in big ships like we could and everyone thought we were pro. However, since other factions are now getting some numbers and showing the whole server how mediocre we are, we just want to save what little face Roberts hasn't already lost us by his teenage rav
  11. I was going to start a new topic on this but did a quick search and found this. Has there been any word on it or movement in this direction? Edit: It would also be cool to see some exceptional drops that aren't able to be crafted, ie Marines, Powder Monkeys etc.
  12. Considering moderators have not removed my post or suggested posting in a different topic, I am content to respond here. If you do make a topic and link it I would move to that thread. As to your assertion that defending players trying to intercept the flag would be tagged early, how is that any different from current mechanics? If a nation creates an assault fleet to take a port, they can already employ screeners to pull defending 'interceptors' into battle regardless if it is one or two or even 3 players. They only have to make sure that they are indeed far enough ahead of the main
  13. Please explain to the difference between how the system in place currently helps smaller nations and clans? If you are going to say something is a terrible idea at least give a specific example that would take place that is different from the current one.
  14. Suggestion: Give players a rating based on their PB participation. Only players that have achieved X PB rating are able to purchase flags. Edit: This rating would be independent of each character owned under the same Steam Account, much like gold and other loot. For players who have reached this rating and still abuse the system form some sort of appropriate reaction. Maybe the port window timer is made available at all times for the next day/server cycle.
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