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  1. This ais a reasonable solution, although the line drop-penalty is going to be frustrating for me. It is bad enough losing an officers life more often, without the penalty as described. But it is still a reasonable solution. Give it a go...
  2. I agree with Bird's comments. This is an amazing game and the developers' will to enhance and improve it, is admirable and appreciated. The mission-related aspect of the game could be enhanced, as suggested.: not just treasure, but information; i would like to see blockading as a component of the new alliances game, but this would be complicated, and would probably need a campaign-event of some sort to support it. That in turn would encourage co-operation between those players 'in the campaign' with (one would hope) appropriate rewards. I like the 'Captain's view'; also I am in agre
  3. vjrs01


    Doesn't really need a screenshot. The issue regards the behaviour of dis-masted ships. Given the loss of the foremast/bowsprit, the ship would swing round to point upwind, and it would be difficult to manoeuvre away from this direction without a jury-rig to oppose the wind's effect on the aft sails. Similarly; having the main & mizzen shot away renders it almost impossible to point anywhere but bow-downwind. (Think of a weather-vane...) The dismasted vessels in battle do not behave this way, often steadfastly pointing in the wrong direction.
  4. This proposal would work better if the boarding/capture/ship damage assumptions of the game were reviewed at the same time. Crew was commonly commandeered from captured ships; it seems to me that crew should be 'recycled' in this way. However, the mêlée aspect of boarding, and the endpoint of crew killing on an adjacent vessel is such that all crew are killed, usually. In practice, the vessel would 'strike its colours' long before the crew were down to one man. This could — if it were to be considered a viable idea — be implemented by making morale decay during battle more rapidly than cre
  5. vjrs01


    Hi. If I notify of a problems during gameplay using f11. Where do I find feedback on that specific issue, or does it have to be reported separately?
  6. Agreed. Excellent idea. May be this could 'educate' the sail crew and create a slight advantage in sailing/sail handling when in battle?
  7. I agree with random fire approximating to 'full broadside'. Don't get rid of it, please. As a suggestion (I have offered the idea of a higher effectiveness for the first broadside in any combat — because it is loaded with care and with less hurry — before), but a useful addition to the game would be an element of gunners' crew improvement with time. This could be reflected as a more closely coordinated full broadside or as a slightly higher destructive value to the broadside. It could (should?) be subject to penalty if the ship is lost or its crew is killed, but once again it should improv
  8. I offer several ideas for discussion: I accept this might be difficult, but tides and tidal currents, please. These could be tied in with lunar phases, and with a much greater significance to running aground. (A propos of this, the feedback of shallow water could a little more refined; it would need to be if running aground was a significant mistake and one to be avoided.) Inadequately mapped areas that could, by careful exploration, be enhanced; the derived charts could be shared with group or clan members, or perhaps, sold. I like the difficult harbours and I like navigating, so more challe
  9. If one character per account, there should (in my view) be some way of starting all-over-again. I see this game as occupying time for some years, especially if it keeps improving as it seems to be at the moment. Great fun; immersive; realistic.
  10. Ah. Now that is a good idea, and it may solve the issue; I will try that (if I can work out how to...) and re-post on progress. Thanks for all your help.
  11. I have been playing NA for about three weeks, and having made so many mistakes in the first week (exploring the game) I too came across this issue and was frustrated by it. Having got past that now, I can — sort of — understand why the game has been written his way, however it does raise the question what do you do and where do you go when you are Admiral of the Fleet. Having paid a fee for the game (albeit a very reasonable one) you should be permitted to play it again from scratch, somehow, in my view. Perhaps this could be addressed at some stage? I would welcome thoughts & opinions on
  12. Hi. Thanks to you both. I have not changed the keyboard bindings; what buttons fire the whole broadside and I'll check next time it occurs. It usually happens when I am manoeuvring my vessel, and the guns fire without left-mouse being clicked. I don't have any peripheral devices - except the mouse - attached. (The problem occurs with USB mouse and with USB cableless [logitech] mouse.) PC is Asus laptop which is 'up to the task'; a mouse is definitely needed in gameplay, rather than struggling to use the touchpad.
  13. The guns on my ships seem to fire spontaneously, often part-way through a manoeuvre, wasting the broadside into the sea or the air. I have asked about this before so I apologize if this is the incorrect place to ask about it again. It is almost as if there is a setting to 'fire guns immediately they are loaded' that I need to un-set. I can't find any such setting, however. This is really frustrating for me (although I suspect not for my opponents!). Has anyone else come across this? What is the cause? How can I stop it happening?
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