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  1. Using the "home" tool is the best alternative to an actual realistic in game mechanic where sailors could actually test depth. If the devs wanna implement the mechanics and deem the "home" to be cheating, they're more than welcome to do so
  2. xAzDKr

    VR Ships

    Give it a couple months, at this rate it might be smoking some North Koreans very soon
  3. I only support this if Pirates lose the ability to be a nation like they are now. If they are true pirates, then I support this.
  4. I have yet to try this on the testbed, but who's idiodic idea was this? Do away with the entire concept. Normal XP system is fine imo, don't fix what isn't broken. There is no reason for me to have to grind around a bunch of random ships just so I can captain a specific ship. This will make the game somehow even slower and probably turn me off from playing the game entirely. It may reward those who grind countless hours but I am a college student and I work, I don't have the time to grind some dumbass brig so I can captain a renomee so I can captain a surprise so I can captain a trin
  5. Why not give an option to turn it off or on? People would be knowingly putting themselves at a navigation disadvantage for the challenge/fun. I see nothing wrong with that, they couldn't complain because they chose to play that way. No point in restricting gameplay in this situation when it could be an option that gives the player more freedom. I found trying to navigate using coordinates and that old map quite immersive.
  6. Last thing we need is people who barely understand how to manual sail going into port battles in their shiny new 3rd rate. From my understanding, devs have tried to incorporate lower levels with shallow port battles and the like. This is before taking into consideration alt griefing which has been an issue for well over a year, since I started playing, and is still an issue now from what I've gathered. At this point, I am a commodore in game and I still prefer Frigate gameplay to anything else but that's because I took the time to learn the game and mechanics. I've driven everyt
  7. Wow throwback to the Aves campaign, I got the "teleportation specialist" achievement for teleporting to the wrong port back when teleportation had a timer lol.
  8. I'd like to be given a choice of ships but the maximum is governed by the "admirality" For example: The admiralty offers me a 3rd rate but I prefer a Constitution
  9. so the fact that Britain is in the middle of the map and completely surrounded isn't bad enough?
  10. This game already has enough of a learning curve, I understand where you are coming from but imo there's a point where this game turns too much into a simulator and not enough of actually shooting shit
  11. If you do add voice commands, make sure there's multiple for each command. I don't want to hear the same audio file played over and over again every time I fire my guns, ya feel?
  12. I thought this would be a guide on how to capture us.. 3/10, title bait, would not recommend to a friend
  13. If you have gray crew space on the victory, then that is a penalty
  14. I'd love to be able to raze a 3rd rate into something like Indefatigable as I feel like she would be a great mix between Frigate and SOL gameplay, perhaps similar to the Consti in certain ways?
  15. Characters do not carry over from server to server. Each server is independent of each other (unless otherwise stated by devs, such as the merging of pvp3 into pvp1) Creating a new character on a DIFFERENT server will not affect any other servers you play on. For example: I am Brit on PVP1 but Pirate on PVP2. The only things that carry over from server to server are crafting level, crafting hours, and overall rank.
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