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  1. Using the "home" tool is the best alternative to an actual realistic in game mechanic where sailors could actually test depth. If the devs wanna implement the mechanics and deem the "home" to be cheating, they're more than welcome to do so
  2. Wish I was on at that time, whenever I'm around I can't get a hold of anybody that wants to defend
  3. I've recently returned to the game after a long hiatus, so forgive me if I'm ignorant to changes that took place in that time. With that being said, is it not fairly unrealistic for enemy ships to be allowed to sit in a harbor?
  4. nevermind, thanks for the responses I'm just gonna play and try to relearn things before I post on the forum lol
  5. I heard there were changes to pirate mechanics, considering I can hardly be bothered to play the game in the last 6 months, I figured it was worth asking.
  6. xAzDKr

    VR Ships

    Give it a couple months, at this rate it might be smoking some North Koreans very soon
  7. I only support this if Pirates lose the ability to be a nation like they are now. If they are true pirates, then I support this.
  8. Pirates should not be a black flag nation featuring long-term conquest and capturing major ports. At best, Pirates should be given the ability to take the ports in the Bahamas at a maximum. Piracy should be focused on harassing every nation, not leading a Naval Campaign against the British...
  9. This is entirely contingent on the game not being broken, those of us who left didn't just get up and walk away for no reason. There were (are) fatal errors in this game which drive away even long-term players.
  10. I will likely not be in anything larger than a 5th rate. I still enjoy Frigate gameplay but I think I will try to get a solid NavyBrig for shallow water piracy
  11. Can you send documentation about the points system? I'm not familiar with it.
  12. Just to keep up with the game meta, I'll probably find myself in a 5th rate so I don't get sunk constantly
  13. I have yet to try this on the testbed, but who's idiodic idea was this? Do away with the entire concept. Normal XP system is fine imo, don't fix what isn't broken. There is no reason for me to have to grind around a bunch of random ships just so I can captain a specific ship. This will make the game somehow even slower and probably turn me off from playing the game entirely. It may reward those who grind countless hours but I am a college student and I work, I don't have the time to grind some dumbass brig so I can captain a renomee so I can captain a surprise so I can captain a trinc, I'd rather saw off my own leg with a rusty spoon.
  14. I think I'll give "true" piracy a shot and try to hunt traders and small warships. I can comfortably crew a Trinc or Indi and two smaller 5th rates as fleet right now which has been serving me well As long as I get a solid main ship, I can capture frigiates as prizes and use them as fleet ships or for profit
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