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  1. si tengo que esperar a que su neurona(la de horatio) de con la tecla para comportarse como una persona, me puedo hacer mas viejo XDXDXD
  2. Dear Admiral Horatio, Do you believe that coming here and starting to speak like a teen is going to make you a grown up man??? for all the saints and angelical chorus of the skies!!... this is a game...your insolence means nothing to the spanish people of this forum. it seems that you don't have more interesting things than coming here and show us how childish you are and demostrate how stupidly you waste your time. it seems you think that the things you say here matter to spanish... how fool you are. as i said before this is a game, believing that loosing a port or sinking a lot ships is the goal of your life or the one of spanish players, simply demostrates that or you don't have a life or something is missing in your head or your mother never gave you affection. so as an advice, please, stop being a fool and try to make more productive things in your life. Regards
  3. gustos colores , ya tuve mi ración de pvp en eve y yo tambien os entiendo a los del pvp
  4. Creo que cada uno es muy libre de jugar como quiera, no? Quizas algunos no tengamos el interes, o el estres de pvp. quizas otros quieran mantenerse alejados de las peleas de la faccion española. los que estamos en el server pve, muchos queremos estar tranquilos, entrar dar unos cuantos cañonazos y volver a puerto. otros se fueron del server pvp, porque les hacian la vida imposible. quitar el server pve, no beneficiaria al server pvp. como mucho se quedaria el server pvp tal como esta ahora. asi que vivid y dejar virvir.
  5. Hi good afternoon, Please, devs, @Ink, could you explain how this victory system will affect pve server? as in pve server there are no port nation changes. At the moment the change rate are madness. 1 victory mark for 250 combat mark? this morning i was able to buy a L'ocean permit, now i barely can dream of ... 6 victory mark, aka 1500 combat marks ...(at 10 per combat so it is 150 missions or more...) are the conversion rates broken? are, as khaak said, the costs changed between permits and bps? Thanks and regards
  6. hi good afternoon, we are having some issues in pve server. freezes and dcs, since two hours or so. regards!
  7. I would pay to have this ships in game even more, i would pay if each nation has a starter pack like this.
  8. wondefull, Thanks for telling so crystal water, how some people from pve server feel. Some of us dont have enough time to play in pvp environments as our rl is so time consuming. As we are different, we have different ways of getting fun
  9. @admin , I would like to thank you about this. PVErs will have our playground and if someone wants to change and try pvp, he will be still able to do. Thanks a lot
  10. it is not bad bad, i have to admit it. but what about other countries appart from Spain, Britain and France? And i think a lot of pvpers will think is a too big zone. Another thing, would be us pvers limited to certain ships? would be the ports of that zone be capturable?
  11. @admin the thing is that in eve, high sec zone is huge, nearly half of the map (a bit less i think) and if you want, you can stay in high sec without ever passing a low or null sez zone. Also the thing is that eve was done like this from the start. Middle part of the map is high , around zones are low null sec. Naval action map hasnt been created from the start to have a difference in pve pvp. And doing so will upset pvp players as they are loosing some part of the map, and pve players are restricted to a limited zone(Kind small). What about one server and two maps. One idea would be having pacific coast open, make 3 zones with 3 ports each for every nation. Other could be make a bigger map and invent a pve zone that has an access from a channel. dont speak about historical thingies as this is a game and if we follow history Spain would the uncontested owner of the gulf from around 1500 to 1825 or so( yes i know britain and france got some isles(and belice) in the caribeean and i believe netherlands got some too near curasao) but that was the history of the zone. and please could we stop using despective words of each others (like carebears or that pvpers are a bunch of blood like teenagers or the like)?
  12. i will have to see it, when it is fully implemented. But, now, as it sounds, i dont like it. You are making pve players second class citizens of the game. You are forcing us to interact with pvp, we are limited to a zone, only 3 nations get the safe area(and im playing in pve server as spanish). we, probabily, would not be able to get or construct bigger ships as some of the needed materials are in pvp zones. this i think as you are saying that is a eve like move. in eve, pve players cant play dreads, carriers , super carriers and titans in pve zones(well some lucky men have one dread still inside high zones. those dreads can leave high sec but if they leave they cant enter again). will us pvers be limited to (marauders in eve) super frigates(constitutions or some kind of 4th lesser rates)? i understand, that now , the pve server may not be viable for economic reasons. But you(devs) should have stated more clearly that this game would be pvp server oriented(when i bought the game, it was clearly stated that pve was going to be important and that there was a pve server)(no offense meaning saying this, just what i read one year ago) i will try what you do about the pve, but as i said, at the momment is not of my liking.(and im willing to try it) some of us pvers have had our dose of pvp in other games and in this, we would like not to have it thanks and regards sorry if there are grammar mistakes, english is not my mother language.
  13. Hola buenas, Lo del almirantazgo, según dicen los devs te va a dar una recompensa, que me imagino que será dinero. Saludos
  14. Hi, i am doing lvl 7 missions and sometimes a frigate is the enemy. regards
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