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  1. First I played for France since some of my buddies were already there. Later switched to Sweden, since my buddies had effectively stopped playing, and there was at the time a rather large language barrier between the French and non-French speaking players. Why Sweden? Because the friday night before I switched had been dubbed Black Friday, a name some of you will remember. The night Sweden lost all its ports in the Denmark-Sweden war. Figured I might as well go hardcore in this game
  2. There should be consequences for actions of a rogue entity tho. Whether it be being forced to play as pirates or something else, there has to be a consequence.
  3. Wouldn't go as far as calling it a big mouth. Rather being proud of what we've achieved so far.
  4. Again, think twice of who you allow access. If someone takes your gold, blame that person, and yourself for picking that person. Not the game.
  5. My personal opinion on this matter; Be careful who you allow access. It's worked for EVE for the past 10 years.
  6. I agree, this is something that I personally would like to see become a priority.
  7. I just wanna say thank you VP for the good fights!
  8. While this shouldn't become a priority for the devs until a while from now, I do like the idea. It'll make disrupting enemy supply lines actually sting, not just for traders and crafters but also the 'grunt' in the line of battle.
  9. The Danish might be our enemy, but there's no need to be hostile and toxic to them on the forums
  10. My own remark about Russian players on the 'versailles' thing was obviously a joke. I personally have no problems with Russian players at all, its just that you're known to have a certain 'reputation' when it comes to online gaming. Wouldn't necessarily call it a bad one either.
  11. These sound more like demands than negotiations. You're asking (telling) us to betray our French brethren, to form a coalition with the Danish we don't even know will last. (Most likely, it won't). If anything you've accomplished one thing, weeding out the lazy and pushing the persistant more closer to eachother. I suppose we owe you a 'thank you' for that.
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