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  1. What did the brits have? It shows the two of you in trincs but your post battle results don't show what ships they had. Did they cutter swarm you or was it a mix of other ships?
  2. On this day of the seventeenth of March in 2016 Annus Dei on receiving word that the tyrant Americans are once again committing acts of a barbarism nature the Oranje flotilla (OJ) sailed to Tumbado with the aid of British allies to challenge the the green horde. At around the eighth hour the Dutch forces engaged american forces in what will been known as the battle of Tumbado. Our dutch fleet under the command of the great Von Twobeards, Admiral of the Oranje flotilla, fought bravely against supior forces and long odds sank The American Flagship USS Victory commanded by admiral Grimbeard. W
  3. Having played over 200 hours in this game playing as the pirates then the dutch on PVP2 and witnessing the French then the pirates being reduced to 2 ports while US and to a smaller extent GB zerg the map has got me thinking on how to address this situation. Its only a matter of time till one nation manages to paint the entire map one colour and everyone else will be stuck using free ports and there home town. Reading some of the forums on the topic has some suggestions like increased rewards for the under populated nations or increased expenses for the dominating nation. The problem with t
  4. Arrr me fellow scurvy dogs It is with a heavy heart and somber thought that I announce very dark news indeed. OMG, bribed by the cheese and wine from the treacherous French have given up the life of wenching and anarchy have joined the ranks of the forked tonged frogs. As if this treachery was not enough the clan Invictus also gave up the life of wenching and anarchy and abandoned us scurvy dogs to drink tea with the redcoats. This left only Crimson Flotilla and other individual pirates left to defend our pirate empire. The French dogs using most underhanded tactics, launched surprise
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