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  1. I get this too. From the begin playing the game in january
  2. I'm not sure. Does it destroy really safe delivery. I mean if the escort are not super expensive you can hire enough safety.
  3. Hello, I think the delivery between free towns should create an ai fleet who sail in the Open world and you can choose and pay for AI escort ships!
  4. You're right. So only fortifications could give help and this only in some citys maybe in Capital and regional Capital.
  5. Land batteries could be great also and with the possibility to flee into harbour this could make the protection zone not necessary.
  6. It think its could be great if there is a friendly harbour in the battle that the player can find there shelter. So you have to keep him away from it.
  7. I see. Thats fine. But maybe some little number of ships can sail between far away regional Capitals.
  8. Hello, the carribean sea is very empty and the AI ships are only travelling near to land. Maybe some of them should travel across the sea! It not the middle age. Ships in that time are at least able to cross the atlantic!
  9. Thanks for the Research video etc guys
  10. There is a fix. The Focus showed the choosen guns now properly but still ive got the range of waterpistols and cannot aim high enough. Seems total strange.
  11. There is another small issue. The results of the shooting are displayed to fast. I know it before the ball hit the ship that it will be. Another thing, but just maybe only my feeling. I have to aim completly different since the Patch. My longs 12pd are slower and flying different. Maybe the unlocked Focus is not unlocked. The Longs have not a proper range.
  12. Same here. The weatherdeck is always on. No difference if you have longs or carronades on it. Both checked.
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