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  1. right i fully understand the point of EA game and delays and bugs etc but why have you chosen today of to inform us of delay surely you keep a progress tracker of game development and are aware days in advance if you will release patch on date suggested. all we ask for as a community is a little more transparentness with information hard new is hard news but advance warning are easier to take then a slap in the mouth when you expect a kiss. i am not being a dick to ask for a little more information to be kept in the loop?
  2. are you joking me you are now throwing another wishy washy date at us the day of the last deadline another 9 bloody days!!!! Keep your game im washing my hand of you and i am sure i won't be the only one either
  3. right i never rant about EA games because i understand what they are and mean to a player. So this is not a rant about the game more the Dev and lack of information. I am sick to death of being treated like a mushroom fed on sh*t and kept in the dark. Devs TALK TO YOUR COMMUNITY!!!! I know if dev are very transparent with the client base we accept things a hell of a lot better then nothing at all we all understand a game in development is tied to delays and issues but if we are told about them we ok grumble but accept them i have looked on all your forms of media and not a dam word! you are
  4. here i found a link the sound a little tin but i think it basically gives some good idea for the sound during boarding.
  5. Thank you for the gift even tho you didnt have to. time and time again it has been proven that the devs of this game do actually care about the happiness of the players. keep up the hard work and thank again.
  6. i will start my post by saying i am expecting a lot of none constructive reply from players about this post and it may just seam like a rant but stick with it. I am starting to get a little tiered and annoyed about the comments in chat about PVE care-bears not helping out in defense etc of ports. Well i play like most on PVP eu 1 and being from the uk and a working adult how can i be expected to play the game at 1-6 am my time to help out with ports as the US player on the ''EU'' server keep sticking port timers at a time that excludes 80% of EU players. If this is intentionally done then
  7. Since the patch has come out i have had nothing but the same people crying in the nation chat about how bad it is etc i think its funny they cry that this is the end and yet no one else seams to think so. i say good job devs iv had no issue with any content and we all need those player to cry keeps the sea salty.
  8. Hi i have looked into the patch notes many times and i cant find anything that would lead to this issue. i also know a hot fix was released to sort the leaking issue but my clan mate has had this happen twice and i have noticed similar thing not the the same extent. When he is rammed by friend or foe he sinks withing 30 sec can't fix the leaks and he has been full health when this has happened, just fills up with water like he is using a tap. i have noticed when i am rammed i struggle to fix leaks for up to 5 min. we both use the ''steel tool box'' upgrade, the only reason i mention this i
  9. Hi i am aware that there will be a lot of this happening but before the reset to this morning i crafted a few ships and i know i got the materials back but could we get the crafting hours back as well. I now cant craft those ships again for clan due to lost hours. or is this something that cant be done? Thank you in advance.
  10. Yeah well done Brits Sunk one Victory ( only by rolling it) but didn't you lose 3 ports to us and a failed attack hmmm yeah good job lol.
  11. ok so i was banned for an out of context conversation made 3 days ago. could we suggest an pop up message informing players about bans and time periods etc. Thank you for the help
  12. I last was online last night grinding missions and crafting chat was working when i logged off, i came back on today to find i now cant chat in any chat box? some say its a chat ban but for what and why and by who i feel if i have been chat banned i at least should be told why as i have done nothing to justify one. in game name Capt Nathan, eu pvp 1.
  13. Its part of the in game diplomatic affairs if they all agreed to hand over ownership of a port as part of a treaty and most of the nation agrees then i see it as in game role-play and not abuse. if it was two solo clans basically attacking the same port every night to boost xp and gold then yes i would say your right but as it stands i think nothing wrong with it. just my opinion
  14. I also have this issue but like said above i have not said anything in chat for a long time and i am chat banned?
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