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  1. Also, I don't want to hear any BS about this being a Steam issue. Steam is 100% fine. I can launch any other game 100% fine. I can log into the PvE server 100% fine.
  2. This is getting ridiculous 😕
  3. This does not appear to be a Steam issue. Login is fine. Character selection appears. Can't load into the game. Furthermore, I can get into PvE.
  4. I've seen AoC for as low as 1.5 million several times - not often mind you, and it's usually snapped up pretty quick. And no idea why Naval Clocks aren't pegged that high. But there was one for sale at Trux for that yesterday. Or was it even for 2.4? Book of the Void has been 1-1.5m for a while now as well.
  5. Of course it's changed. Holy shit I'd hope it would given that the wipe WAS THE WIPE. When people start with nothing of course prices are going to be different. m8, just 2 months ago Naval Clocks were going for 10m. Now they're about 2.5-4. Come to Trux or KPR.
  6. You keep saying this, but In the 3 months I've been playing since the reset, I've seen no inflation. Crafted ships were cheaper last week than they were in August. Mods were cheaper. Books were cheaper (seriously, 1.5m for cargo distribution!). Even Naval Clocks were cheaper. Cut the bullshit.
  7. Yes, exactly what I said. Absolutely no way could I have been saying that the wind changes make it easier for gankers now. Nope, not possible.
  8. Overall? Sure. But this patch feels like a HUGE step back. And like I explained to admin in another post: the more changes you introduce, especially at one time, the more people you make unhappy. Even if all the changes have a positive reception, if you make a lot of them, all the people who aren't happy with any given change have something to bitch about and possibly quit over. And the changes this patch, all told, have NOT had a positive reception. I doubt that even raids, the least contentious issue, have more than 60-70% of the playerbase on the happy side - my bet is maybe 30-40%, with the majority falling into the IDGAF category and a smaller percentage - 10-20% hating on it. Just changing the economy or the wind would have been bad enough. Finally, people have a STRONG negativity bias. It takes ~10 positive experiences with something or someone to overcome one bad one.
  9. I was using you as an example of people who promote everything that makes PvP easier for gankers. Ganking = attacking people who are at a disadvantage. Whether they're in a battle against AI or they're hapless traders. As @admin may or may not recall, just a few short weeks ago he laughed at your idea of removing the port timer because all too often, he'd listened far too much to yourself and people like you in the past, which ended up making the game a gankfest that drove away legions of players. It seems that admin has forgotten his own words with this patch.
  10. It absolutely was an oversimplification and it still is. 1. Most people don't have alts. And they certainly don't have "a few alts". 2. Even if you had an alt, it sure as hell took more than 10 minutes. 3. There is still risk involved. Like holy hell son, go and do your "10 minute" AFK sail down the coast of Belize and see how far you get, on average, over the week. 1. Most people aren't admirals. 2. Most people would like to stand a chance in a fight. Taking a Mahogany/crew space ship into battle against a crafted one with mods and upgrades is pointless. People don't join fights to get killed. So yeah, grinding tens of thousands of dubs and millions of reals to be competitive in a fight IS A THING. Because it's fun for a certain subset of players. And unlike Loki runes or AI captures of ports or 85,000 dub shipyards that can only be afforded by people already in clans big enough to go on accept the risk of raids, crafting doesn't take away from anyone's game experience. With almost every single change included in the patch, it has made getting ships tougher and more time-consuming, and it's increased the risk of getting the resources of getting them, and it's exposing players to more unwanted risks where they lose the ships they're grinding so hard for. This reduces the incentive to PvP. This increases the amount of time players need to grind before they have the resources to PvP.
  11. Yeah there are ways to fix it. Admin just has no interest in doing so. Admin's desire to discuss rationally evaporated sometime yesterday and it's obvious by his comments today that he's just trolling. He's stubborn, dug in, not happy that the patch he foisted on us is getting a poor reception, so his feelings are hurt and now he's getting defensive. I get that it's frustrating that so much hard work is being insulted, and his vision is unwelcome, but... suck it up, buttercup. This playerbase cares. Maybe consult us before you introduce 3 major changes that change the game completely
  12. Well that's either a flat out lie or an oversimplification. Gathering reals and dubs with trade missions still takes time and effort. There is risk and time investment. Your oversimplification could be applied to grinding raid missions as well. "Well, since I'm going to get them anyway eventually in the long run, why not just pay me an allowance"? BTW, paying an allowance would be BRILLIANT. People would go out and PvP and have fun, because they wouldn't be worried about losing ships.
  13. Thanks sharing your experience. This is exactly what many of us who've been opposed to the patch have been pointing out. For a while, @admin was wise enough to realize that anything that gankers like @Gregory Rainsborough are cheering for (see: wind gusts) is detrimental to the game as a whole. I hope admin realizes that once again he has fallen into the trap of listening to the hardcore PvPers and gankers and, once again, the player base is suffering as a result.
  14. 30k doubloons split between 6 people. Those 6 people are sailing crafted ships, likely at least half first rates, to fight elite AIs. They're sailing 1hr+ each way. They're sailing to an enemy port. Let's go with a low-end estimate of 2 L'Oceans, 2 Bucs, 2 Wasas. 2x9,000 + 2x7,000 + 2x2800. You're risking 37,600 doubloons worth of ships (plus ~2.5 hours of your time) for 30k dubs. You also have to safely bring that chest back to port. For RU, this is a no-brainer - their economy can support the loss of multiple upon multiple such waves of ships. For GB and VP, it's a reasonable risk. For every other nation, it's a large to huge risk. This patch is going to be a disaster. If the devs wanted to restrict 3rd+ rates, there are better ways without screwing over small nations.
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