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  1. Several times now I've seen the marker not just close, but actually disappear in under 2 minutes. I left port because a clannie was being chased, he got tagged just as I spawned in OW, I ran to his marker, and it disappeared well before my port timer ran out - I had about 40s left on it.
  2. OK anyway... can we get back to the topic at hand? Is WO done? Like, they all quit?
  3. Problem is that there's no disincentive to zerg, and plenty of incentive to do so. Want to trade safe? Play Russia. Want the best PvP ships? Play Russia. Want the most players to help you in battles? Play Russia. There's literally no downside to playing russia other than the cyrillic in nation chat.
  4. Interesting. I feel like RvR is something I HAVE to do in order to keep my investments safe so I can PvP. RvR is not something I go out of my way to seek.
  5. VCO did jump nation. They're VSC now. Only a few VCO guys left in Pirates. But seriously, what happened to WO? Did they quit? Nation change? Internal clan drama?
  6. Les Cayes and Islamorada gone neutral.
  7. I understand the devs linked it to clan ownership of ports, but... I feel it should still be possible?
  8. The only thing aggressive about Prussia is how aggressively it bent over for Russia. Flipped Pinar del Rio to allow attacks on northern GB, then got it back. So brave. So aggressive. You seem so content with the player balance in this game. Not a thing you wrote or suggested will fix the tendency of a nation to snowball once it's big, and for players to join it. Bad game design is killing this game and telling players they have to fix it is nuts. Nobody's going to grind 200+ hours to get the doubloons for their crafting structures, REPEATEDLY, as they lose port after port - or as they switch from one frontline anti-Russia nation to the next.
  9. @admin You want population balancing mechanics? 1. Refunds for players switching from high-pop to low-pop nations. Want to go from Russia to Commonwealth? 100% doubloons and reals refund. However, as Commonwealth (or new lowest-pop) nation gets closer to average pop, reduce the refund. 2. Nerf crafting for overpop nations. Being part of the largest nation should not result in the cheapest, best ships, with all the upgrades. Most overpop nation cannot craft more than level 1 port upgrades. They also cannot capture or otherwise buy/trade/own ships with more than a level 1 upgrade. Overpop nations get reduced rare woods/resources. Average nations get full upgrades. Below-average pop nations get cheaper construction. AND NO MORE PORT-EXCLUSIVE RESOURCES LIKE COPPER. 3. Get rid of port bonuses, make them crafter bonuses. This way, when the key crafting port gets captured, half the nation doesn't quit or transfer to most overpop nation. Combine this with options 2 and 1 to really have an effect. 4. Allow clans to set port BR, relative to nation population. Most overpop nation? OK, 20,000 BR is fine. Most underpop nation? 4,000 BR. 5. Above all, take ownership of your past decisions, admit that you ignored the players in the past, and DO SOMETHING. We care. We love this game. There's nothing, absolutely nothing like it on the market. But you, the developers, have repeatedly ignored our concerns and the VERY obvious warning signs from beta. Eat your humble pie, admit you were wrong, and fix it. We want this game to succeed as much as you do. In the meantime - until you fix the shitshow - freeze RvR, give every nation a 55-point port, and freeze nation switches to/new accounts on the most populous nations (which includes my nation - Great Britain).
  10. I think you've got the end result correct, but you're putting things in a rather insulting way. This is not a new phenomenon. Shadowbane is the most pertinent example of devs failing to address this issue in their game design. They counted on players getting bored or unhappy with the lack of content to break up massive alliances. But this never happened, because if a few broke off, that automatically created content for the rest. And the risk of breaking off was too great - as it is here. How many REDS or BF would quit the game, much less their clans, rather than have to endure the doubloons/reals/resources grind to re-establish themselves in another nation? And what are the odds of success - rather than losing to those remaining with the horde? This is nothing new in human behaviour, this is something witnessed in both history (how many nations were created by a dominant city-state - Moscow, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, London, etc.), nor in gaming history. Even in this game's history, it's obvious at multiple points that a population balancing mechanic was sorely needed.
  11. The trolls are out in force, I see. I recommend everyone ignore Potemkin and Severus Snape. This isn't about Russia. Because if it wasn't Russia, it would be GB or the Dutch or the Pirates or the Swedes or whoever. This is about bad game design.
  12. 1. You're lying about 50 people "for gank 1 russian ship". Nowhere have 50 people chased one ship. I doubt even 5 were ever after you at the same time, maybe 10 total if you count newbies who can't organize themselves. 2. There's a BIG difference between "newbies and traders chasing ganker" and "port battle fleet". Don't pretend you don't know the difference. 3. This is a game you play a lot, so you clearly enjoy it. Why do you continue to write things like you just wrote, when those statements harm the game? Let me clarify point 3 for you: If the devs don't fix population imbalance soon, you will no longer have a game to play. You will be chasing AI fleets and wondering why you didn't go on the PvE server to begin with. When you guys capture main crafting hubs, with every single capture, you make people quit. If Santiago de Cuba gets captured, I *guarantee* that 10-15 people who play regularly will quit this game outright. Another 20-30 will switch nations, probably to Russia, which means LESS CONTENT FOR YOU. If you guys capture Belize, you can double the numbers I just wrote. Triple for Truxillo. Those are players you are never, ever getting back. I get it, you're on the winning side, you want to talk shit, so you talk shit. But you're hurting the game, because you're downplaying everything bad that's happening because of bad game design. The REDS just KILLED the Prussian nation today. They're done. VCO lost their balls and moved mostly to Russia, which means that much fewer people for you to kill. And I don't blame them. Please, think before you post. Think long-term. Think how "fun" this game will be when peak population is 300 and in slow times there are only 120 online, 80% of whom play for Russia - people you can't gank. No content for you, no content for your stream.
  13. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we all see that sooner or later this will become a glorified PvE server with one nation. The problems with RvR and population imbalance were obvious 4 years ago, and nothing was done to fix them since - despite this being arguably the most common complaint throughout those 4 years. The game is clearly working as intended in the developers' minds, and it seems nothing will change their minds until the Caribbean server becomes a glorified PvE server with one nation. Let's not blame the Russians - either players or the nationality - nor the people who switched to Russia after getting steamrolled. If it wasn't Russia, it would be GB (my nation) or the Dutch, or the Pirates, or whoever. Players need incentive to play for an underpop nation, and they need disincentives to avoid joining overpop ones. Even more critically, players can't have months of time investment wiped out because of poor game design. I understand that Eve Online comparisons will pop up, but there are critical differences between NA and Eve. 1. In Eve, YOU, as a person, can switch corps almost painlessly. Switching nations is not painless. 2. In Eve, your corp can switch alliances. Nations here cannot do so. 3. In Eve, alliances can fragment unexpectedly and often very quickly. Nations here cannot. Anyone who joins Russia is safe from other Russians, permanently. There's no chance of the nation falling apart, or any clan being kicked out, attacked, or having their ports capped by other Russian clans. Also, kindly ignore trolling attempts that want to turn this into an NA vs Russia argument, rather than one about bad design.
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