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    Cannot teleport between outposts

    Maybe it isn't a bug, but I havent been able to find anything about it in the Wiki : Docked with my Aggy in my Port Morant outpost, trying to TP back to KPR, I get a message saying that there isnt "enough dock space in current outpost", despite the fact I only have the one Aggy in Morant and nothing else. I've been able to travel back and forth between my KPR and Belize Outposts, leaving ships behind in both. Is it something to do with Aggy being a 4th rate ?
  2. VonBarb

    Cannot teleport between outposts

    So I've just learned... I F11ed it as well, so you can go ahead and disregard that as well.
  3. VonBarb

    Cannot teleport between outposts

    Oh b*gger . When did that happen ? First time I'm reaching that number of ships since wipe...
  4. VonBarb

    Cannot teleport between outposts

    Nope. I'm trying to teleport without the ship, using the 'Teleport' button in the 'Outposts' section. One ship in Morant, 4 in KPR, so docking space shouldn't be an issue. The message I'm getting is ' Cannot teleport - Need more space in docks to leave current ship' Sailed back to KPR and tried again with a Pickle this time, same message. I tried buying a Basic Cutter in Morant to sail from Morant, leaving the Pickle behind, I get a message that there are no more slots available... I have 6 ships in total. 5 Docked in KPR, one in Belize, and one I can't leave behind anywhere, no matter what type. Are docking slots now shared between all outposts ??
  5. Looking at the numbers on the wiki page, the Wasa looks like a super ship. Faster, more HP and thicker than most other 4th rates, with more punch than the 3rd rate and a much better turn rate. Those perfect stats seem too good to be true, so I feel like I have to ask : Where is the poop ? Does this ship have weaknesses, and what are they ? I remember when the Inger came out everybody was hyped about the awesome firepower, before finding out it was really a glass cannon. Is it the same with the Wasa ? It certainly doesn't look that way based on the numbers alone. So, Wasa captains, feedback please, what do you hate most about your brand new Swedish 4th rate ?
  6. I know t's taking a lot of flak from people who still struggle with the concept of early access (check the Steam comments section) but I for one kind of like the current UI. It is simple, sober and functional. I'd hate to see wood-and-brass frames or ink-on-parchment style fonts to make it look more POTCBS-like.
  7. VonBarb

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    Not a bad idea at all, only if gameplay mechanics are similar enough between titles in the franchise, which doesn't appear to be the case here.
  8. VonBarb

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    That sounds like a multiplayer game to me. Fine I guess, as long as you don't make it too much like 'World Of Whatever' or don't make it unplayable for people who can't afford to dedicate their entire lives to it. I do like the idea of being able to design your own ship, which is a feature I would have loved to see implemented in NA. I'm also excited to see turn-of-the-century ironclads and dreadnoughts get some attention from the video games/simulations industry. Good luck with the project, reall yexcited to see where this might be going, please do keep us posted !
  9. VonBarb

    Skull & Bones, by Ubisoft

    Basically Assassin's Creed naval phases turned into a full game. An aracadish fantasy trying to fill the void left by Disney's unwillingness to develop the POTC franchise into video games. Blah blah blah Pirates, blah blah blah pirates... Bruno and his Chanel RPG looks more fabulous than any of the rubbish tryhard Ubisoft keeps throwing at us every year.
  10. VonBarb

    The issue about ganking

    I'm all for an insurance system. I have been wanting one from day one, and even more so with the new system. The grind for money - that has become much worse with the new patch - will bore out all but the most dedicated players, The price of guns FFS ! I'm personally all out of PvP until the grind gets nerfed. I have better things to do with my time than grind for a whole week in a BCutter, only to get everything blown out of the water in minutes and go back to square one.
  11. VonBarb


    Funny how people chose Pirates and expect everyone there to be nice and friendly team players with the best interest of everyone in mind. Like that's what pirates were ever about...
  12. VonBarb


    Devs, please read carefully and take note of this blatant example of the new TP restrictions creating LESS PvP. BTW, the cutters that ran were likely fireship fitted
  13. VonBarb

    Hotfix 4 for patch 10.00

    IF there are crafted ships to buy... Currently it seems there aren't much, and there probably won't be as many as there used to. I'm a lvl 50 crafter, and I haven't even bothered with starting to craft again, simply too expensive and complex at the moment. This situation also disproportionally affects the PvE server, for the reasons stated above paire with the lower player count.
  14. VonBarb

    New rewards

    Doesn't make much sense that you can earn XP from casually getting a couple of broadsides in a ship that someone else ends up sinking, but cannot when you put in the time to carefully demast and decrew it then take the risk to board it. I can understand no Gold reward for capturing ships (you get the loot, you get the ship) but XP rewards for captures should be calculated the same way as kills.
  15. VonBarb


    He does have a point though. They removed the ability to capture NPC ships to prevent people from getting too rich too quickly grinding the hopeless AI, and because they want every aspect of the game to be 100% player-driven. Unfortunately there simply isn't enough people playing to make it work. Numbers went up after wipe, but they are still only 10% of what they were a year ago. Everything is scarce and expensive, and everything feels like too much hard work for too little gain. Give us back the ability to capture at least trade ships (LGV and Indy included) and make them worth our while to pursue.
  16. No argument there. I also find that everything has become too expensive and hard to come by, especially guns. I wonder if it wouldn't be a good idea to boost up AI production to compensate for what the budding economy is failing to provide in sufficient numbers.
  17. Really ?! This is literally like telling a stranded castaway to 'just build his own boat and sail it home' Besides, even if a single player DID succeed, he would get attacked by clans already working to fill the '3 per day' quota for denying them a PB.
  18. And yet that is precisely what happens. I know organised RvR demands organisation, discipline and cooperation only clans can provide, yet that is very frustratig to the independant player. I also understand the frustration of a clan member who's worked hard just to make the PB happen and can't get in at the last moment because a new player who doesn't know better takes up the last slot in a Mercury. The resulting situation means a whole portion of the game is virtually unaccessible to people unwilling or unable to join a clan. Occasionnal players or those with irregular playing hours only have a very slim chance of joining an interesting PB unless they first dare sail through the barrage of insults and hostile behaviour from angry clannies.
  19. VonBarb

    Mega Patch 10.0

    I disagree. It may seem like we're taking more damage, with weaker armor due to structure taking up a lot of the HP now, but AI seem to be LESS accurate than before, and as hopeless as ever. The basic Cutter with 4pdrs will chew through anything the first couple of missions will throw at it, and by the time newcomers have lvled out of it they'll be fine. BTW, thanks devs for removing the annoying AI helpers in lowbie missions
  20. VonBarb

    Mega Patch 10.0

    The new progression system should make it quicker, even crafting wise, and with all resources gone and the new ship XP, we're all going to have to put some work into our chars again.
  21. I almost forgot 'The Day I Stopped Being Afraid of Renomées', when two Frogs in Rens tagged my LGV at very close range (wasn't paying attention) in OW. I managed to dodge their attacks and evade them, long enough to escape the battle, where they were greeted by fellow Brits who had come to my aid. Being able to survive two seasoned hunters in fast frigates in a battle that started with such terrible odds against me was a magical moment.
  22. Magical moments for me : - Back when we used to navigate without coordinates, everytime I guessed my position correctly and made landfall exactly where I wanted. Also, trying to and failing. I miss that sense of being lost and finding your way again. - My first battle with SoLs. I was sailing a Merc, and at some point found myself cutting across the front of the formation. Looking at all those menacing ships coming right at me... Thankfully I was ignored for mostof the fight, until I was put to use tagging a 3rd trying to escape. He demasted me and nearly sank me with a single broadside, then got away XD - Getting my first Belle Poule. Charging through a mixed fleet of Trincs and 3rds, carros ablaze, and emerging on the other side with barely a scratch and a couple of assists to my name. Fell in love with that ship there and then. - Still on the Belle Poule, stern camping a rat Trinc so hard he finished the fight with just two working guns. - Back when the Pirates (SORRY) had invaded most of Jamaica, I got to take part in one of the Liberation Armadas. Litterally hundreds of ships for several simultaneous PBs and corresponding screening fleets. Sails as far as the GPU could render. Awesome sight. - Solo hunting with my custom playlist of mixed 'Master And Commander' and 'Lord of the Rings' soundtracks. - During one of the infamous "Morant Point Raids" the Pirates and Danes would pull off on a daily basis, my Pavel got sunk by a group of Pirates in 2nds and 3rds. I sailed out again immediately after spawning back in port, just in time to join the revenge gank battle. Once inside, I managed to track down, single out AND get the kill on the guy that got the kill for me in the first battle. Instant revenge - Putting 12 leaks in an Essex with a single broadside from my Ingermanland. He never recovered from it and sank. - Getting 12 leaks in my Pavel from Pirates, and no sinking (somehow) - Trolling a Spanish Constitution in my Basic Cutter for a whole 40mn before he was finally able to demast and ram me. Managed to start two fires in him before I sank jejeje. And many more...
  23. I was afraid that would be the case. Goodbye quick hunting out of Free Towns in enemy waters. Hello Aimlessly Sailing Around Jamaica my old friend.
  24. Sounds like a completely different game from what it was when I last played. Will have to see how it plays out when it comes out. Three things I can already say I am not happy about : - Increased Forts effectiveness - At least with the current forts density. - Restrictions on transport between outposts - Can we still jump to outposts or does the restriction only apply to moving ships / items ? - Encouraging the use of NPC fleets - #Nofleets. I'm still eager to start fresh when the patch is finally released. Take all the time you need, you probably won't get a second chance.
  25. VonBarb

    Petition! Remake AI accuracy and AI firing model.

    I'm no programmer, let alone AI specialist, but it seems to me adding an artificial aiming delay to the current AI system would nerf them completely. Having been developped from the start with no aiming penatlies, the system would have to be entirely re-made from the ground up, and why this would be worthwile IMO, the devs probably have a lot of other things to fix, sort, and build from scratch before that.