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  1. Currently, you have to move a ship from fleet to dock to sell it, even just to sell to AI. This is a problem with the limited number of available dock space. If your five slots are used, when you cap a ship on PvE, your only realistic options are to sink it or take to port and sell one of your other ships. Recommend adding an option to the fleet menu in-port to allow selling a ship to AI, rather than just Dock or Dismiss.
  2. On the PvE server, at least one captain believes he can make a profit by transporting goods for another player. This is in response to the removal of the port-to-port delivery available prior to Patch 10. We can do this informally, but it is difficult and risky due to coordination of ownership of goods, money exchange, etc. would like to see updates to support this: 1) probably need a way to advertise and negotiate rates fees etc. Maybe a bulletin board where captains post transport needs and transporters advertise services 2) need a way create a contract so that money and goods are held in escrow until delivery is made 3) if on PvP server, need mechanisms, policies WRT goods lost or stolen during shipment 4) maybe have capability for both one-time and recurring deliveries.
  3. Agree. The end game on PvE here should be that all of the ships for sale would be crafted. By increasing cost, it provides incentive for crafters to provide reasonably priced ships to new and non-crafty players. Problem here is that post-wipe, there is still only a handful of players that can craft anything, so there is little player-crafted supply. The devs have moved too quickly to remove them as an option. I think a better approach would be to reduce prices back to reasonable levels, then gradually reduce the SUPPLY, rather than increase prices. As more and more players are able to build good ships, the pre-built ships become undesirable and consequently, sit unsold in the ports.
  4. I have captured several traders on PvE. Do the boarding action, and after winning, escape out of the boarding UI. Move the camera to face the other ship, maybe just need to move the mouse a bit, and it will give you the 'X' prompt. Hit 'X' to go to the UI to move items between ship holds. If you have fleet space, you can move to fleet or sink. If no space, then when you exit it will sink. If you move to fleet, you get no gold or PvE marks. If it sinks you get about 2k gold and one precious OvE mark for your trouble. Also, no repair items are give if you capture, I'm even if you have to sink it.
  5. I haven't though this fully thru, but may want to consider the addition of a new faction dedicated to trading, i.e. a merchant and/or smuggler, basically the opposite of a pirate in terms of game restrictions. These would be players who have access to any nation's ports that they can cultivate relations, and can facilitate trade between other factions. They could engage in manufacturing and ship crafting, maybe making alliances with nations to provide goods that nations cannot manufacture on their own. They may employ privateers ('occupation', not the ship) to raid commerce of other countries, engage in smuggling, etc.
  6. Recommend rather than having crew size increase step-wise at each new rank, allow incremental increases in crew size as the player gains experience while progressing within a rank, maybe at a linear rate between each rank that increases as XP increases. This would benefit in a number of ways: First, it would allow players to effectively sail ships like Mercury, which is either undermanned at level 3 or overmanned at level 4 (Constitution is another example). A level 3 captain could start with a brig at 120, then grow into the Mercury @135 midway thru their progression to 150 level 4. Second, it would add staffing flexibility when adding new ships to the game, since they would be less pressure to staff ships in clusters around the current staffing thresholds. Third, this would provide a proxy for the player to see improvement in ship performance as they gain XP, ex. reload times, etc. will decrease due to the incremental addition of crew. Fourth, a player could elect to build or purchase a larger ship that his staffing level currently does not support, knowing that he could use it sooner, rather than have it docked for long periods of time due to having to wait to achieve the next staffing level. For instance, a new level 7 @350 finds the perfect Constitution for sale, but elects not to buy it since he cannot sail it effectively until level 8.
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