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  1. Thanks for answer. I thought that If I had character on each server that experience wouldn't be gone and it is safe all the time. That's a shame it isn't a thing. Wasn't there like a safe zone around friendly lands? With very low numbers on both servers, such merge and that easy addition to game mechanics would improve overall experience. Friends and myself would like to casually play together without being attacked all the time by others, better equipped players, so I could show them the basics. That really stops them from buying the game.
  2. Hello! It's been a long time of break for me from Naval Action. I'd like to return back to game and try PvE. Before, I played mostly on PvP server, put hundrets hours into it and a bit on PvE server. I got all my lvl and crafting experience back, altogether with some redeemable on PvP server, but my PvE character is fresh. Nothing to redeem and collect. Is shared experience no longer a thing? I was looking forward in getting back to NA, and play on PvE server and perhaps bring some friends that were interested in buying NA. Now I kinda feel let confused by the game.
  3. Have you considered then upgrading to Unity 5 engine? It worked miracles for Kerbal Space Program in regard of fps boost. Naval Action would benefit even more: - better physics - PBR textures - better multiplayer optimization - better FPS for all types of machines
  4. Crew needs to be paid - Great addition, but please make it one one payment (no monthly/daily fee). Crew can be killed during combat - Yes please! My proposal on how to replenish crew: - passive recruitment, ship docket at friendly port (not free port) will replenish its crew with time automatically, even when player is not logged in. The higher players rank and in bigger port he is docket at, crew will replenish faster. - active recruitment, player can pay to get his crew immediately when docket at friendly port.
  5. It's highly welcome to see rework on war/politics and port battle system. What I'd like to see to improve general gameplay in this area and make things more exciting: Casus belli basics: War starts with a reason and goal(s). Can be completed within certain time. For example a nation that struggles with a silver can start a war over a port that produces silver or enforce payment from other nation in form of that resource. Nation has X days to complete that war. Afterward becomes peace for X week(s). Nation that started a war has a specific goal to achieve. Defender knows what ports ar
  6. There is much easier way to implement attrition system into the game without much effort: Limit number of available repair kits on a ship further. Captains would need to be more careful with their ships. Time spent on open seas would matter. You don't need to come back to friendly port that often if you had a good run.
  7. At the moment any fleet can sail deep into enemy territory or even hang out outside other nations main capital without consequences anyway. If Free Ports will be there to only buy/sell goods, enemy nations will need to capture enemy ports to have bases for combat operations closer to faction that they want to fight, which is a good change. I also hope to see that after introduction of politics into the game, nation AI fleets will chase and engage players ships that are at war.
  8. Hello captains, idea is to have government orders, generated by game, to ship certain goods to Europe. Luxury resources located in Western part of the map (Central America, Gulf of Mexico) would need to be obtained, captured from Natives, crafted put on ships and escorted to Eastern border of the map. Once completed, all participant of escort would be rewarded. Mechanics: - cargo has to be shipped by players within specified time limit; - we're talking big here, 6+ cargo ships would be required as minimum + escort ships - part of the cargo can be lost to complete quest but for lower
  9. Fully agree on that. Most of friends of mine stopped playing due lack of content and uncertain future of content development for Naval Action. I'm glad that I made to high enough level to join Port Battles and PvP, but people who are still stuck in brigs easily get bored and leave the game to play something else. On average after 20 hours of gameplay player don't find anything new to do except mission grind. For PvE update I'd like to see: - scalable group missions, the more friends you bring the more enemies there will be and higher reward all the contestents get - other missions and go
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