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  1. strange i just change this DateAction := fonction.ConvertDate(Fonction.DateEvenement[i]); to this DateAction :=LocalTimeToUniversal( fonction.ConvertDate(Fonction.DateEvenement[i])); and add Localhours := Now; UTChours := LocalTimeToUniversal(Localhours); label28.Caption:='Local time : '+DateTimeToStr(Localhours); label29.Caption:='GMT time : '+DateTimeToStr(UTChours); for time upper left try scan file on https://www.virustotal.com/ result https://www.virustotal.com/fr/file/4cf499c535da18e77bce2a442c6937d003d38665f37913ed4be89c6dcdc25736/analysis/1498996512/
  2. For version 1.014 ^^ version 1.013 - fix hours to GMT for all ^^
  3. yes because it's by Idresource need to fix ^^
  4. I have forgotten the time differences between countries i think the problem come from the hours if you come in ports with the last update have 3 hours in the futur the update don't work I work strong for all fix the problems with the hours
  5. it's strange try restart navscan How the updates work when you enter in port go in shop and click on all tab (Upgrades, Canons, consumables, materials, resources,marks,books) and wait the update timer bottom right of navscan. when you create a contract the same refresh the shop tab with your contract when the timer done (update start,please wait...) and the timer start again for 30s if the timer blocked in (update start, please wait ...) navscan is crashed restart it. in next patch i correct this bug i hope ^^
  6. Genma you always have the problem ?
  7. For next Version (1.013) Add of the detail of the ship in shop by ports add information on ports (Added, Produces, Consume) and update Stock at restart
  8. Actuellement Shop-price est mis a jour 1 fois après la maintenance Sur NavScan les prix sont actualisé à chaque coup qu'un utilisateur passe dans le port. Tu as aussi la possibilité de voir les Ships en vente et bientôt leurs descriptif
  9. Update V1.011 - now the nation filter work correctly. - I think all translation is correct and now in english. - Average price work correctly now - Fix bug crash update The boats on sale are now displayed in the list. Information of the boats in sale will be show for version 1.012 I need that blackpilami parse json API with more details ^^
  10. We want that all users fill the same database for one purpose : help ALL players. From big guilds to solo players. If we give the sources we can not be sure that a huge guild will only use it for itself. There is no dangerous data in the logs, like login, passwords, coordonates on map. There is only one version off this app, all players see the same data. For the story : Anyone who develops this application are no longer on the game, we have no interest in having data on the players. All developers are Traders / Crafters / PvE players and the tool has been disigned for that. Version 1.011 Come on english ^^ but blackpilami still try this version by today if all is OK i launch update for all
  11. Bonjour oui elle arrive je travaille dessus avec le correctif sur le bug du filtre des Nations. Blackpilami dois me confirmer que tout est fonctionnel et normalement demain je fais l'update. Bon jeu
  12. All servers are managed on different databases
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