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  1. Please find a balance with leaks. The biggest issue after hotfix is that the AI shots with laser accuracy... PS. I like the no capping of ships other than traders. This gives a role to mid lvl crafters. PSS. Where did all the contraband ships go? I was sailing around seven hours today and saw three.
  2. I have been playing the new patch for a couple hours now, and tried as many of the new aspects as time allowed. Let me start by recognizing that the Devs are obviously working hard to give us a good gaming experience. So now let me share my first impressions. The Good 1. Land spawning in your instance. Love it! Adds a fresh and challenging element to tagging ships. 2. Experience per rank reduction. While it feels like too much of a reduction overall it was nice that you're making the game less grindy... The Bad 1. Stupid NPC's! One trader snow beached its self, and the NPC's forced on you during missions ram and get in your way more than helping. 2. Anti-ganking Mechanism. While the idea of even having such a mechanic in a PvP game seems awful carebear. Simply pay attention to ships and players in your vicinity, and learn to tag defensively and run if a group moves on you. BUT, what is really horrendous about this mechanic is that it applies to NPC's. I left out of a port just behind two friends and was near, but not close enough and got left standing there in OW as thy tagged into an instance. The Ugly 1. Leaks! This needs to be hotfixed today! Horribly unbalanced when an oak Connie with green extra pump and 2/3rds armor sinks from leaks. I was totally unable to use guns or sail since so many of my crew were on fixing leaks. BTW, I wasn't undercrewed either. I will try to share more over the coming days as I experience more of the patch. I hope the Devs take the time to review our input and continue to improve the game experience.
  3. LionsRoar

    Leak / Sunk issue

    2/3 armor with an extra pump and sank from leaks! Hotfix or I'm done with the game...
  4. http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/historic-find-vasco-da-gama-s-lost-ship-esmeralda-opens-n540401
  5. LionsRoar

    Ever Wonder What Are Powder Monkeys?

    The photo is of a powder monkey taken in the last days of tall sailing warships.
  6. LionsRoar

    Ever Wonder What Are Powder Monkeys?

    Lord Horatio Nelson began his naval career at age 10 as a Powder Monkey, and by the age of 18 he had sailed 40,000 miles of ocean...
  7. Nothing more annoying than sailing along and next thing out of the blue you've pulled into someone else's battle. Or, visa versa when you pull someone else un-knowingly and have to apologize. Please give us a popup that asks us if we want to join instead of forcing it on us...
  8. What's the point of the reward drop of a Shallow Water PB being 400 wood? Obviously, no shallow water ship can carry anywhere near that much...
  9. LionsRoar

    Port Battle Timer Sugestion

    During peak server times plenty show up to defend. You don't defend by sailing OW. You setup strategic outposts from which you can teleport. During low population times you are correct in saying "not many will show up."
  10. Currently, by the Brits setting the port battle timers to early morning hours they guarantee they'll hold those ports since early morning population is lower. So, a suggestion that I'm stealing from Anarchy Online, one of the original mmo's. In Anarchy we had attack-able player cities, but once you set the time to your city it would move forward one hour each day. So, if you set it at 7am then the next day the attack-able period would begin at 8am. Then the next day at 9am and so on. This way you couldn't just set some low game population time of day and expect permanent protection from attack.
  11. Is Trading That Broken in this Game Or am I doing it wrong? I have been playing Naval Action about 10 days now. Everyday or so I have been learning diffrent aspects of the game. So far, I'm amazed of the quality of the game! Well, until last night. I tried trading. I took a haul of Oak from a port that produces and sailed 40 mins to a port that consumes oak, and lost money! I either seriously misunderstand trading in this game or the system is broken. Any insight into the subject would be apreiated...