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  1. Solo, chasing down a lone enemy Renommee with torn sails in my Surprise, after sinking his companion. Suddenly, to the southwest, I sight a squadron of 4 enemies in various frigates. The lone renommee turns to reengage me and I think it is time to make good my escape. A short time later, to my northeast, a squadron of 5-6 various frigates and brigs appears, friendly this time, and moves to join me. An epic fight ensues, in an instance that had become a boring chase. more of that. Less of the current BS.
  2. https://chroniclesofelyria.com/forum/topic/19128/ep-kits-and-item-projection#post204344 Explanation of how exposition points will be used https://chroniclesofelyria.com/forum/topic/19128/ep-kits-and-item-projection?page=11#post204799 As well as a response to the first 11 pages of community feedback
  3. @Rickard @Ned Low @Captain Jean-Luc Picard @AngryPanCake No play experiences are out quite yet. We are waiting on Pre-Alpha experiences first. These will include a single player prologue, and 2 linked experiences: a 2D MUD (multi-user dungeon) and Kingdoms of Elyria. The 2D MUD will be like a 2D RPG, and Kingdoms of Elyria will be like an RTS for those with titles. Nobles and aristocracy will manage their lands and give orders through KoE, and it will look like an RTS game, except you cant really control your units 100% because they are actually real people. For a much better and more in depth explanation of this, see the following link: https://chroniclesofelyria.com/blog/17384/DJ-19-PreAlpha-Experiences @Costanius At launch, we will have river craft, but traveling the oceans to other continents will be impossible. Players will have to research better and bigger ships in order to discover new continents, as at launch all the kingdoms will be starting on the same continent, leaving room for colonization later on. We will probably see ocean going galleys and galleons first, with ballistae and other such weapons, later followed by black powder weapons. https://chroniclesofelyria.com/blog/1109/DJ-13-Technology-Research ^See the above link for more information on how player driven technology works^ They are going on a major fundraising campaign/kickstarter anniversary celebration, so now may be a good time for those interested to jump in. You can always get a base package to get your foot in the door, and upgrade later. Here is the link with more information on all the goodies we can get: https://chroniclesofelyria.com/forum/topic/18789/celebrate-our-kickstarterversary#post199549 If you are looking for a town to join, one of my naval action buddies has a town, and he is already in a duchy/kingdom. PM me for more details, or find me on Discord: @Aethlstan#1621 As always, if you make an account on their website, be sure to put in someones friend code, it helps them a lot. Mine is 5A16EC thanks!
  4. Alright no big deal. Theres no way to add it after sign up so dont worry about it. Unless you really really want to and you plan on buying a package, the only way to use my code would be to delete the account and remake it.... While I would apprecriate that i dont expect it
  5. Bracing is not that disruptive. The crew braces themselves in place. You dont have time to go runningg super far away from your assigned space. In the modern navy, you hear "brace for shock" and everyone hunkers down in place and grabs something solid until you hear them come over the 1MC and tell you its ok to stop. Old wooden sailing ships were smaller and ahouting would work just as well as a 1MC announcement. No idea why the cooldown is so ridiculous
  6. These guys are pushing a great basic development model. It would be nice to apply a few of their ideas to Naval Action Edit:(thanks pancake) It looks like its going to be a good game but lets not turn this into an advertisement for the game, please PM me if you have specific questions about it Lets keep this more about the development model they are using and ideas they have put out that we could apply to Naval Action. If you would like to talk about CoE, here is a link to a CoE discussion thread This thread should stay relevant to suggesting ways we can use some of this stuff in Naval Action
  7. Well, if you wanna help me out.... Friend Code:5A16EC :)
  8. I dont really think it has to be a separate experience. Perhaps for specific missions the player can be made untouchable by all, but after the player has the basics, they could be attacked while still in tutorial. In fact, I'd encourage it. Have the tutorial comment on it, actually, wish the player luck. Then if they get sunk, the tutorial can help them through getting out on the water again I envision the tutorial helping the midshipman to rank 2 or 3. Just enough to get them into a square rig and explain manual sails. There were smaller 2 mast square rigged ships, so perhaps we could have a sloop with 60 men that can be used at level 2...say 6-8 larger cannons per side over the cutter. Tutorial wouldnt be easy mode. It would just allow the player to learn without delaying their progress. I think we have advanced enough since 2001 to have an adaptive AI "assistant"
  9. Not sure if I get what you are saying entirely. Let me elaborate more and you can then tell me what you think should be different I'llpoint to a specific RTS. Stronghold. In that game, you dont really get a tutorial. You get a cautious old man helping the young princeling on his first few missions. He is very prominent in the first few campaign missions and you cant turn him off. But as you progress, he fades away and you run more and more of your kingdom without prompting. Its the least obtrusive method of tutorial, and maybe our version of it would end after the guy has reached rank 3 or 4 and has finished learning how to sail a square rigged ship
  10. I really liked what they had to say about not focusing on end game content, rather making an experience where players of all experience levels can feel useful. Among other things. Dont want to quote the whole video lol
  11. These guys are pushing a great basic development model. It would be nice to apply a few of their ideas to Naval Action Edit: use this thread to talk about CoE, and the other to discuss what ideas we can apply to Naval Action
  12. We dont really need to start in a brig at all. A good tutorial is all that is needed. I have spent a lot of my 1500 hours teaching new players how to play, and running missions with them to keep them in the game. I didnt mind doing it the first 15 times, but there comes a point where it all blends together and you start forgetting what youve covered and what you havent, and then it becomes a chore. A basic tutorial a la "the scribe" in old school RTS games would be nice. You could call him First Mate or whatever, or give the appropriate title for the nation.
  13. This is what happens when players demand risk free PvP. Traders get risk free economy play. Anyone who wanted ROE to go the way it has has no reason to complain....this is the logical next step.
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