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  1. Solo, chasing down a lone enemy Renommee with torn sails in my Surprise, after sinking his companion. Suddenly, to the southwest, I sight a squadron of 4 enemies in various frigates. The lone renommee turns to reengage me and I think it is time to make good my escape. A short time later, to my northeast, a squadron of 5-6 various frigates and brigs appears, friendly this time, and moves to join me. An epic fight ensues, in an instance that had become a boring chase. more of that. Less of the current BS.
  2. These guys are pushing a great basic development model. It would be nice to apply a few of their ideas to Naval Action Edit:(thanks pancake) It looks like its going to be a good game but lets not turn this into an advertisement for the game, please PM me if you have specific questions about it Lets keep this more about the development model they are using and ideas they have put out that we could apply to Naval Action. If you would like to talk about CoE, here is a link to a CoE discussion thread This thread should stay releva
  3. I dont really think it has to be a separate experience. Perhaps for specific missions the player can be made untouchable by all, but after the player has the basics, they could be attacked while still in tutorial. In fact, I'd encourage it. Have the tutorial comment on it, actually, wish the player luck. Then if they get sunk, the tutorial can help them through getting out on the water again I envision the tutorial helping the midshipman to rank 2 or 3. Just enough to get them into a square rig and explain manual sails. There were smaller 2 mast square rigged ships, so perhaps we could ha
  4. Not sure if I get what you are saying entirely. Let me elaborate more and you can then tell me what you think should be different I'llpoint to a specific RTS. Stronghold. In that game, you dont really get a tutorial. You get a cautious old man helping the young princeling on his first few missions. He is very prominent in the first few campaign missions and you cant turn him off. But as you progress, he fades away and you run more and more of your kingdom without prompting. Its the least obtrusive method of tutorial, and maybe our version of it would end after the guy ha
  5. We dont really need to start in a brig at all. A good tutorial is all that is needed. I have spent a lot of my 1500 hours teaching new players how to play, and running missions with them to keep them in the game. I didnt mind doing it the first 15 times, but there comes a point where it all blends together and you start forgetting what youve covered and what you havent, and then it becomes a chore. A basic tutorial a la "the scribe" in old school RTS games would be nice. You could call him First Mate or whatever, or give the appropriate title for the nation.
  6. Æthlstan


    Requisite I'm done for good post. The recent developer announcements are just more of the same drivel that continues to drive players away. To the few non toxic players out there, I'll miss you.
  7. I really am about done with this game. I dont feel the need to play it and I dont feel excited about it. Nothing about the game is fun anymore, everything is a chore, and I haven't had good PvP in months. I really hope you get it right with the PvP system, and I really hope you get the right balance with ship building, to where basic ships are still useable and exceptionals are more rare. If the combat system sucks, this game will die If shipbuilding sucks, people wont be able to use even the best combat system effectively and this game will die.
  8. I know that I have not had fun testing this game in several months. Its been more of a chore every day. My efforts to bring in new players and help my nation be able to fight at all hours have been sabotaged by huge player bleed off. People leave the game. They don't really leave my clan. I'd be OK with them just leaving my clan, but no. They leave the game. Most of my old PvP 2 clan no longer plays because we stopped being active when we were told there was a server merge coming. We went to PvP1 to get a lay of the land and prepare, but the merge kept on being delayed or reconsidered. Th
  9. When I first started, I played largely with basic. My captured NPC (or player) fine, common, and mastercraft were awesome (at the time) and I loved them. I felt no need to use exceptionals. and the guys I was playing with felt no need to use exceptionals (my entire nation actually). Hell, we felt no real need to use upgrades either. It wasn't until we started attempting to defeat our massive opponent did we start crafting exceptional ships to use in port battles, and even then we still had guys entering with common, fine, and mastercraft. If this game ever gets back to PvP centric gam
  10. This is stupid Uh, my description is entirely valid and not vulgar. It *IS* an insanely stupid idea. That is my opinion and I am free to express it, unless Gamelabs wants to be thought police. Do not change the quality system Do an asset wipe. With the changes you've made to crafting, people will be sailing in basic ships for a while and it is much harder to keep up a fleet of exceptionals. This is yet another example of you admins over reacting and making a massive unnecessary change rather than making small adjustments. Back before Exceptionals became commonplace, I sailed basi
  11. If theyre changing the economy its pointless to do it now. Other alphas have survived after asset losses, its no big deal. And i beg to differ. The people who make 10s of millions are not ones to sit on their stocks. When I was an active trader when I was farming blueprints, stocks ran through my warehouse like water when the price was right. If i wasnt making 0 profit off of crafting, or if I wasnt crafting at all, I would have been able to put my hands in almosy every market within a month after starting from nothing when I first switched to PvP1. If I continued playing that way (only did
  12. Dude. Expense means nothing when you have 100 mil to toss around. With that amount of assets, you treat the economy more like a stock market than anything else. Identify cheap resources. Buy them all up. Wait until prices skyrocket. Sell at high price until it doesnt sell any more. Rince and repeat. Double your assets every week. any new economic system that gets released will never be able to be tested properly unless we start fresh. The entire point you're missing is, if the new system is broken, it may be impossible for new players to make it rich. This could be due to either the
  13. Thats a stupid argument when talking about testing the economy (which I have serious doubts over), you simply cannot do that by creating a new character. The economic system can only be adequately tested if all players start out with nothing. The current situation where there are folks with tens of millions, or as they claim, hundreds of millions, acquired through broken game mechanics half the time, does not provide a conducive testing environment if we wanna seriously test final game design elements.
  14. An asset wipe needs to happen taranis. One is coming at release anyways. Once the devs are satisfied with everything and they plan on making no additional changes, they should do a complete asset wipe, announce a beta, andvertise the beta, and bring in a whole new influx of players that are starting in relatively the same place as the alpha testers. Beta should be at least 3 months before release with another asset wipe afterwards. After release, special redeemables can be given as a reward to alpha players if the devs so choose, but I feel that it shouldnt be anything that gives a signifi
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