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  1. yeh, a mastercrafter would have more labours then a novice crafter, hence more hours =)
  2. Live oak just gives more HP then fir? How does Armor work then? My live oak cerberus feels stronger then my fir surprise. Help channel told me that Live oak is only more HP... What about mastercrafted ships etc, only moduls and some internal bonuses, no extra hp/armor? I am lost.
  3. If its all about penetation that would make the long cannons do more damage then the mediums?
  4. I saw on wiki that the cannons have damage numbers (http://naval-action-unofficial.wikia.com/wiki/Weapons) This indicates that the 4 pd cannon have the most dps - 45 dpm and the 42 pd cannon have the least 38,77 dpm Are there any other factors? like ball weight or velocity? I have a hard time beliving the 4 pd cannon is the best.
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