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  1. If u put on a repair kit lets say then put on Copper Sheathing on the next slot it makes the repair kit in the slot before weight nothing.
  2. No kidding i would buy paint from a in-game shop too. Why are they not doing this?
  3. Where can we get different ship skins on the PvE server?
  4. We need more PvE content, mostly to keep the new player base like others have said. Epic events would be great!
  5. I would love this! I notice during some battles when turning my max speed is .1 higher/lower at times so there must be some wind mechanic in place already. Though going to slow would be a problem and might be to time consuming. I wanna see more/stronger storms. Maybe make stiffness a more sought after rather than speed.
  6. Cpt_Shade Rear Admiral PVE I have a lot of knowledge of in game mechanics and just hit Rear Admiral. Looking forward to the development of this game and will help anyway i can. Willing to help new players and keep chat clean. Leader of the largest clan on PVE USA called American continental navy (ACN). I play about 8 hours a day. Now that I'm max rank this will also give me something to do while new content is released. Thank you for your consideration.
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