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  1. Ok, I am not one to complain a lot, but this is getting silly. Currently on EU PvP1, Sweden has nothing, we have no players, we have no ports and we simply can not do anything. We are getting stomped by massive Russian fleets (Why don't they get their own server?) The problem isn't just the fact that it's suppose to be hard, I get that, I have no issues with being the underdog, but there's a difference between being the underdog and getting wrecked and being unable to undock, we already lost players because we can't do anything, and now we are going to lose even more to the point where we simply can get enough men for a defence fleet. On the topic of a Russian server, why isn't there one? At the moment all the Russians are stacking the Danish side on Pvp1 and that just means an entire IRL nation joining one side... So this needs a fix somehow otherwise you are going to end up sweden being unplayable, we can't trade, we can't do missions, trading was hard enough before we lost all the ports.
  2. This is something that's really rather gamebreaking, if someone had bigger ships prior to patch 9.6 they still have those ships, which means you will end up seeing people in a constitution, that has 3 extra constitutions in their fleet, or a small trader with a constitution and a brig as support, how is anyone to engage those!? Unless you are a clan that's ready and waiting, nobody is going to attack you. Is what the patch note says, so why are they still allowed those AI fleets? They need to get removed, be it by refunding the person who bought em, or just have em smashed against the rocks so they are gone for good. They need to get removed since it's causing a massive problem due to imbalance. People who have them obviously don't want to lose them, but that's rather obviously considering the fact it's overpowered, they just have a small navy under their control, and there is nothing a solo player or even a small gang can do about it since taking on 3 constitutions is a bit bull when it's all from one player. It's less of a suggestion and more of a "Why is this even a thing since it's suppose to be impossible" kind of a topic, but a fix is needed eitherway.
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