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  1. You just argue on every thread you go to it's insane to call me xenophobic because i'm receiving intelligence reports of what is happening around us and attempting to release that information to the public so that other nations can make their own decisions, I am only passing forward what I understand to be true. On a personal level outside the game i freakin love Russians, in eve we fought with the Russians and they were awesome always had our backs and fight to the end, in this game however they are on the other side of every war we have been in this is not a personal belief this the reports
  2. I'm a british officer and have dealt in the politics of every war britain has had for the last 3 months. Between defectors and spy's I have heard that the Danes were overrun with Russians players so much so that we get danish players joining us on a regular basis because they are sick of nation chat being full of Russian text. We are also aware of an alliance between the southern pirates and the Danes united by russian players in those nations and have organised the Alliance and that has been our defeat in the battle for Haiti. France is a subject nation of the Danes therefore you are under th
  3. Several weeks ago the French led by their Danish Lords set off to attack the British in an unprovoked declaration of War. The war began with the Dutch allowing the French Military Access to cross through their territory over 2 days with the first strike coming out of the Dutch neutral zone into the British Canalete area. There British forces were met with forces of the Russian Coalition led by Pirate, Spanish and French forces some 150-200 enemy forces were reported in the area. Over a period of 4 or 5 days the vast numbers overwhelmed exhausted British forces which eventually led to a blitz
  4. So when we field 80 ships at 10-12 and we can attack any ports we find unguarded you think people will whine less?
  5. don't need to argue with him lol my statement stands true he can make what he likes of it.
  6. When this war began not many of us expected a real fight after seeing the track record of France vs the Danes, you've certainly given us that fight these last 2 weeks and a great opportunity for some of our untested clans to get some battle experience. If you guys had fought half as hard against the Danes as you did vs us, that would have given britain time to end the War with USA and attack the overextended Danes crushing them and if that still wasn't enough we would have been more then happy to give you some territory to have such gallant warriors move over to live with us in a more fortifie
  7. That's the exact thing that broke the peace with britain and spain. A bunch of council clan members entered a fight on the side of RAE and we just got fed up and called it an act of war. As long as one clan refuses to take part in a pact it's almost impossible to maintain peace but when peaced council clan members enter the battle beside them and against you, that is a breach of peace.
  8. Good to see like the Spanish the French complaining about the Australians who are just setting timers in their own timezone. Sure we may have been overzealous expanding to 40+ clan ports at one point in our lust for Exceptional upgrades, but we have fought in every single British war and there is usually at least several of our members in every conflict staying up to 3am if need be and teleporting to the 4 corners of the British empire to participate with other clans. Britain is under siege from all sides, but we are organised and we work damn hard to leave our mark on this world. I'm proud of
  9. We have pve fleets running on teamspeak 24hrs a day, we started as an Australian clan but the need to maintain players at all hours of the day has seen us recruit members from all over the world. We can certainly cater to your needs and help you get up to speed.
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