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  1. Aye, but only by getting our cuban ports back. Right now we basically only have our capital...
  2. Its not so the spanish or whatever nation stays top, this isn't about historical accuracy this is about gameplay. As I said in my post it is not about winning or loosing is about being able to actually play. We aren't asking about something unique for spain or a boost, we are asking about changing some broken mechanics of the game, it shoudnt be possible to exterminate a faction down to 1 city (specially in just 1 week) that not fun and nobody would like to play a game which works like that. We are proposing alternatives, for instance instead of having a single capital having several for each nation or having at least an area of several cities which cannot be conquered like a homebase where new players can learn the basics. Imagine this: You start playing the game you choose your favorite faction in which people speak your same language and after joining in you find out you cant do anything at all in the game because another faction has already killed off your faction and surrounding your only city and your cutter player third rates are just waiting for you to come out of the port to kill you.... Thats not balanced, that isnt a game that will succeed.
  3. I haven't seen a single spanish port being taken at spanish primetime. Remember port ownership doesn't change inmediately but when the conquering timeframe has already finished, So if you see a port changing sides, that port was conquered hours ago. Apart from that, we are loosing battles against france dutch and british? We haven't fought the french... the british we are in some kind of a stalemate and the dutch the same. If you are speakign about all the territory loss from the beginning of the map that was empty territory. There wasnt any clans or exp among the players with organization to ba able to defend literally from one corner of the map to the other. Spain was oaverextended. The problem comes when a country cant even defend the ports that surround their capital because of the conquest timeframe and their players are abused when they just started playing by fleets of third rates surrounding and blockading the port. That makes the game unplayable for a whole nation, at least for the new players. By the way regarding people saying usa players should be banned from the server I never said that, i said that conquering times are broken at this moment and that they dont make sense for a server geographically based on europe.
  4. If a nation get completely defeated in game what will happen? will their players have only control over their home port while other nations are completely destroying any ships who try to get away?. My point is, right now on the EU1 server spain basically is being completely destroyed. Seriously, right now USA has conquered all the ports surrounding its capital (habana) and tomorrow those ports will be on usa hands... This will effectively destroy the nation, how can spanish players commerce or new players do missions? Not only that, but the problem is that even being the "european server" the times in which nations are able to conquer are american. Basically each day when we go to sleep everything is untouched and when we wake up we have lost another 3 ports. I just witnessed a +30 usa fleet of frigates, 3rd's and constitutions conquer the surrounding ports while on the spanish the player at that hour was most likely less than even 20. For balance sake what can be done about this? right now the solutions that i can think of are a map reset or a conquer timeframe according to the server location. This is not about being in the winning side or the loosing side of a war, is a situation to actually being able to continue playing the game.
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