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    History (1600 AD+), World War 2 weapon and vehicles, Ships and trains of course ;)
  1. Think its because people are too afraid of losing their ships, especially the more expensive ones. Would only hurt pvp since you would lose all upgrades if you get sunk. And it would punish casuals and new players even more since it takes longer for them to afford to buy a new ship. I agree that 5 "lives" per ship is a bit much but removing the durability system completely would be even worse.
  2. yeah make ganking even easier. as if it hasnt made enough players leave the game already
  3. its alpha, of course there will be extra maintenance. ffs people think before you post
  4. Why can i only craft 32 iron ingots at a time? its just annoying and since you need hundreds of them for one ship it takes forever too. Just let me craft for example 240 ingots at once. Would save me alot of time. Why not remove all crafting limits and let me craft as much of a material i want at once. Don't see any reasons for these limits to exists. Sry about bad english and the clickbaity title.
  5. adding more nations would just split the community even further. sweden and denmark would lose most of their players and those countries acutally had colonies there
  6. Since Sweden kind of is in a civil war right now the national chat is flooded with clans fighting each other (mostly drunk vs KF). but for the majority that don't care about that the chat is practically unusable right now. this makes it really hard to communicate between the players since the chat is, for the most part, the only way to communicate between random players. its hard to start, for example, a fleethunting group when you cant use the main chat. Therefor i propose a second national chat. in this chat no diplomacy or clan talk is allowed, so its easier to find traders, shipbuilder
  7. why start a war that you cant win? Thx to the guys attacking baai yesterday we're now 1 port less, didn't even take Baai. But maybe this is all a part of a bigger plan to wipe the Danes off the map but i doubt it.
  8. all for a clan treasury and a clan flag would be cool. and renaming clans to fleets would be nice too
  9. you can take that medal and shove it up somewhere
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