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  1. Psst, you can break up 1 dura ingermanlands for the BP and have the same chance as crafting frigates. We had someone make 8 or 9 Frigates with no BPs, got the BP in 8 1 dura ingermanlands....
  2. Just shoot the dirt at the bottom of the tower, haven't had an issue with penetrations or bounces...
  3. It's a 1% chance if you build a basic Frigate, somewhere between 5-10% if you build exceptional ones. Frigate is the only ship that links to the Ingermanland. Crafting level seems to have no direct influence on BPs dropping (got Inger at craft 31 or 32ish, but can't get Vic BP at craft 50...).
  4. There is a warning if you have no available slots in your warehouse. You were incredibly lucky that 3 BPs dropped in one build, it's just incredibly uncommon for it to occur and could potentially give away new BPs that the devs introduce without including them in patch notes (they did this with the essex) if they were to say you need X number of slots available. Sure, we can check the API now and see what's new, but for those that don't know how, it removes any excitement of discovering a new ship BP that wasn't announced. In what way am I wrong? If the devs wanted there to be no risk of losing BPs, they wouldn't drop the way they do, and there'd be no RNG involved in getting them. Therefore the current system isn't flawed.
  5. That is, most certainly your fault. Certain ships can drop 3 or 4 blueprints (potentially) so you should always leave enough room for all possible drops. It's not a flaw in the system.
  6. 12m/s is a touch over 23kn... I know it's rare to get something the size of a Vic to 0m behind the stern of an enemy boat, but when you do you're punished by around half the broadside missing. Any plans to add a raking fire mode, either firing faster with the "full bloom" (so it can't be abused beyond point blank) or by some other method?
  7. The impact would bend the hull, fracturing the planking and creating leaks underwater. I think rams are fine the way they are, if you're not careful you can sink from them, but they're not so pointless that it turns into bumper cars action.
  8. Or, instead added AI RNG into gunnery, just add another toggle like we have for convergence and fire mode, that changes firing speed. Set it to arbitrary numbers that would give 1st rates an option for a 3s broadside, a 5s, and a 7s. So you line up for a rake, set your convergence, fire mode, and then firing speed. Smaller ships would obviously have even faster firing speeds, given the number of guns. Perhaps even decrease accuracy based on the speed you're trying to fire the guns at, the faster you fire, the less time you're spending waiting for maximum accuracy / the gun to be dead on target, therefore you lose accuracy at the expense of RoF.
  9. Ingermanland details are wrong. 6300HP and 70 thickness.
  10. Mast thickness is 100cm for the lowest section on the 3rd rates and above. At 250m the 12 pd cannons are useless, 24s only have 8cm extra penetration (will probably still bounce off) and the 42s have the only chance of doing full damage. Even point blank, the 12s only have 100cm penetration, so they'll probably still fail to penetrate.
  11. I've used the Mortar Brig in a deep water port battle since the introduction of the Mortar Handbooks. A combination of Fine Mortar Handbook and Exceptional Pellews Sights gave me a surprising level of accuracy, but even better was the crew damage. With Ingermanlands and Connies running towards towers at full speed, I was able to reduce one to 29 crew in 2 or 3 hits, before they had even reached it. In total I only managed 5 hits that counted as hull hits, but I achieved a ridiculous 336 crew kills with those 5 hits.
  12. Reinforced Masts no longer gives a sail HP boost, and only gives a 50% mast hp buff with a 2% speed penalty for exceptional quality.
  13. I'd guess that's intentional, otherwise you could just hide in a dead / low pop nations area forever.
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