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  1. Please increase the font size. Some of us old folks cannot see as well as we used too....
  2. "Your position is XX.XX.XX.XX" Could you please increase the font size Please.... I have to get the magnify glass out so see it... Please help and old guys with weak eyes...
  3. How will we be able to test the officer perks, to see the actual effect of each perk with only one officer? Is there a way to reset the officer perks of the officer perks for testing each one?
  4. Nicely done patch...big salute for all the work..
  5. More crafting demands and no adjustment to crafting hour regeneration... The bottleneck is now smaller....why why?
  6. When using the repair kit, how long of time does the repair last? Does the number of crew affect the time of the repair? I am trying to find the time in seconds or minutes?
  7. Crafting hours will now be a smaller bottleneck????
  8. What is the possibly of increasing the regeneration of crafting hours from 42 to 60 per hour for planing purposes?
  9. A possible crafting & consumable & contraband cargo?
  10. The present TP system allows me to maintain my spread out factories in my spread out outposts.. ++
  11. Can we lose the opaque panels.. It makes it hard to read with the small white fonts.. Solid panel back ground makes much better. An increase of font size would be nice also.
  12. Remember that the game is being developed for a larger population than what we have now. We are in alpha. Let's see how the patch works over a few weeks. This is the developers way of testing and crafting the game in the direction they want to go with it.. Give it some time...
  13. Thanks for the work done on the last patch... Most of the comments have some merit.. That being said, this is alpha and is a work in progress. Its great caring so much for the game. But give it time people and the kinks will be taken care of in time. Again thanks for the hard work...07
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