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  1. Remember....after every post wipe there are a few Dingle-berries
  2. Against the 1.5 BR limit. I find it another min/max calculation that detracts from the enjoyment of the game. There are a lot of suggestions offered here like slamz's etc.
  3. You could use a status point system for voting. Land owners/ Lord protectors earn status points. Status points are awarded for port battles by diving the BR sunk/ captured by the number of participants ( 10000 Br sunk / 25 =400 Status points ) calculated for both sides. In open world Br sunk ( +/ - Br difference )( 100 sinks 50 = zero ) ( 200 sinks 500 = 500 + 300= 800 ) Etx.
  4. Now a days the attacker rolls up with under crewed ships and stacks the BR till he's 2.5+ and then kills the weakened towers. Defenders never get more than 10-15 minutes to try and sink one or two 3rd-2nd rates. Towers down..battle over. I suggest that you remove the ability to see exactly what the BR is so that this min-maxing goes away.
  5. Just to let you know the {Battle Surrender Only] ships outweighted us in BR by a lot since we were all in snows and 1 Reno. They had Snows, Constrituon Mercs and a Cerb or two.
  6. Yesterday was a highlight for us and a low for [bSO] , which must stand for Battle Surrender Only. Last night 1 Frigate, 2 Cerbs and a BP all surrendered with only 1 French snow lost in 3 different battles. The sad thing is that they initiated the last fight and were drubbed severely. The trash talking has stopped as well. GG Pirates.
  7. Fight! We ( France ) have proven that we can fight and where and when not outgunned we are winning ( even if its escaping a particularly nasty pirate ambush with under-garments a tad bit soiled ) a lot of open sea battles and ad hoc pvp. Despite the usual trash talk ( and the inevitable drubbing the trash talker receives at our hands ) this is REALLY FUN! Port battles are boring until they put in the rest of the terrain to make it something other than a bathtub fight. I'd rather have a relentless enemy that I know is going to give me a challenging fight each and every time than an ally. Let's keep on doing whatever until the "whipe" Yours in Combat Dophuz De Lederp
  8. Perhaps you are confused about shooting at a prize to reduce crew ( with grapeshot ) or to lower the armor on one side to facilitate that. You will also notice that we came up along side the ship to attempt to grapple and YOUR Clan rammed us and capsized us. Also note that we cannot join the pirates if you are attack French...we can only join you if you are attacking an enemy state ( other than France ). Enemy of my enemy and all that jazz. As for the prize...rule of might prevails. Happy Sailing...
  9. Your facts are completely wrong. We join Missions AS the defender and help defend the neutral ships. When you are in OS combat against a trader we join as pirates and attempt to take the prize. WE DO not shot at you nor do we ram/sink or interrupt your underway boarding. YOUR clan rams us, Fires on us ( friendly ), capsizes the prize and our ships. Check your logs for those fights...you will see the guilty pirates have a negative xp ( which means that THEY fired on friendly ships ) We reported a few of you using the f11 function so that the devs could see the logs. The Frigate we captured yesterday was from [bSO] we joined in defending a Cerb..and when the pirate sunk the cerb we swarmed him with 5 cutters, blew off his stern armor, graped the crew down and boarded him ( all the while he was shooting at us as we were on the other team but to no avail) Nothing we are doing is against the 'rules' and we are careful to make sure we don't have any : "green on green" firing or boarding interruption. You might want to talk to YOUR Clan members first before you come here and whine.
  10. Found 100 crafting notes for sale pop up in a port...are these dupes?
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