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  1. In response to the request for strategy and lessons learned. Before I get started, kudos to all the US Captains who showed up. We would have been able to field a full 25 1st rate fleet had that been the battle strategy. I believe this is the first time in a while the US could say that. Tiphat to all! I was the battle commander for the US side and although not my first time, it was my first time in a long, long time. Bottom line is I did not do a very good job. As is obvious now, we took three mortar brigs into the fight. The decision had been discussed during the day and the
  2. At this point, I have decided to no longer respond to comments on this forum or in global / pm chat. There is too much in the way of personal attacks going on and I personally do not feel it to be warranted. I understand some folks may disagree with the direction that MARS and the other US Clans have gone but what has happened has happened and can't be taken back. To say I have learned from this is an understatement. My trying to explain the reasoning and our thoughts has only made things worse. Hence, it is clearly time for me to listen to a wise old man and "shut up, bob" To Sir Te
  3. Not to beat a dead horse and what is done is done but I feel obligated to respond to some of the criticism above with regards to the actions the US took against the Spanish last night. First of all, this is not the same Spanish nation as pre-patch. We estimate they have at least 20 active players and are growing daily. Many of their players have recently joined Spain from the Pirates. They are also very well organized. To put this into perspective, I believe I have read in the forums, that Black had about 25 active players when they were able to capture Savannah and prevent us from r
  4. A couple of quick points: The US has gone at it with CKA a couple of times over the past few days so there is no surprise that they have decided to declare war on us. We consider Florida to be a part of the US and they took Guacata which led to the conflicts. We also engaged VCO at Las Tortugas tonight (before the PB) at which time they declared War. Their declaration of war has nothing to do with us attacking Key West and in fact, they were there to screen for the Spanish which in of itself was a declaration of war. With regards to the Spanish, there was much debate over taki
  5. Suggestion for Port Battles. A year or so ago, before the county changes and major PB system changes, we had flags which although exploited were a fun system that provided a lot of pvp and screening opportunities making the battle enjoyable for many. The abuses of the system were numerous and well documented driving the changes. As we enter this new system I propose a combination of flags and conquest. Here goes; Use the current conquest system to grind contention to 100%. At that point, in 22 hours (as it is today) for a window of two hours a flag can be pulled from
  6. I commend the Devs for their thinking outside the box when it comes to this latest suggestion. As with most things the devil will be in the details upon rollout. A couple of comments: 1) I do not think this solution addresses the new player experience. I don't see how it solves the initial grind and initial easy prey for PVP. 2) I do not think this solution addresses the ALT situation. It may change the way alts are used but ways to exploit ALTs will be found. People may now try and use ALTs within nation in different war clans etc. 3) Minimizing the "national identity"
  7. My suggestions: Eliminate Conquest Marks. Smaller nations will get steamrolled under current system. Building should provide mats much cheaper than shop. You can find most mats cheaper than making them and can use labor for other things. Return flags. The Flag system promoted screening and PVP. probably not possible but allow Port Battles at city level not County. Port battles are fun and should be increased.
  8. The new Conquest Mark system will destroy the game. Without the Marks there is no way to compete against a nation with Marks. Connies against lineships will not cut it.
  9. The six month roadmap is very discouraging in several ways to include the potential for play-to-win and the developers becoming frustrated over the feedback from testers. I remember many times in reading the forums how we are ONLY testers and the game is still in beta. For the developers to walk away from our feedback at this point in time is dangerous to say the least. I am also deeply concerned over the lack on new content in the game and the appearance that the game is no closer to going "live" than it was months ago. Specific comments on features: 1.Admiralty - looks like anot
  10. I realize there are no Islands in the Gulf. It would not be realistic. Oh well. Pirates camping the area is the idea. Get everyone in one place to PVP. Better than sailing for two hours and not running into a single player. No face palm there.
  11. First of all, let me state I really like this game despite the direction it has been heading over the past few months. The server population is at a critical point and something is needed to bring people back playing. Hence, I propose the following: 1) Create an island in the Gulf 2) Make it a Free/Neutral port and give every player a Free (additional) Outpost automatically at that port 3) Allow ship transport to the port 4) Seed the area around the port with random ship wrecks etc 5) Double xp and gold within a reasonable area around the port None of these add
  12. With regards to the Ammo discussion...I played PotBS from the very beginning and honestly who cared about ammo? It was just another crafted item that you bought and put on your ship. If you were silly enough to get into a long fight and ran out that was your mistake. Actually it was more of a pain in the butt because you had to manage how much chain, ball, and grape you had on your ship. Dont see ammo being a big deal and dont see a lot of people complaining about it either. Personally I wish the Devs would fix the really broken things than working on stuff that does not need fixing
  13. First of all, I really like this game as indicated by the number of hours I spend playing. Second, although still needing tweaks I think the last patch was a very good step in the right direction. However, I really am not sure why you have decided to take these steps before allowing the changes in the last patch to be fully implemented and what problems you are trying to fix. A few points: 1) You already have implemented some of what you say you are changing by having the different wood types. Clearly if you want speed and use Fir Wood there is a trade off in armor. If you want
  14. After the patch, I created a 4 note Rattlesnake (Bermuda Cedar). It came out as a Purple 2/4. Will it be upgraded to 3/5 along with the ships that were downgraded during the patch?
  15. After playing for a while after the patch release I want to just post a few comments. 1) I did not think I would, but I like the patch. Although a Shipbuilder, I really enjoy the new wood types and the rarity of the woods. Special ships will now be special again. I know there is a posting elsewhere looking for suggestions to improve the situation, but I will post here. Just increase the amount of fine wood drops a tad. Keep it special. 2) The PB and Conquest seems to be working. I have only been in one port battle since I play US but it seems like the hostility levels are working
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