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  1. I am grateful for all the great feedback you all have provided regarding this topic. I guess where im coming from is more of an EVE style "You lose your ship its gone" type of game. I dont want this to turn into EVE by any means considering there are a lot of things i disliked about the game, but that was one of the things i did like. However; im still pretty convinced that only having one "life" to the ship would add so much more value to it for you, making every battle more of a challenge and exciting.
  2. I understand why a limit is needed, and I'm not asking for much. Just asking if in the future there would be a leveling system or something that would increase the amount of contracts you can have open at a time. Honestly, a maximum of 10 contacts at top level would be fine by me.
  3. I'm just wondering what the Naval Action community thinks about the ship durability feature. Me personally, would like to see the game go more towards a hard-core system of you "lose your ship it's gone." With the current system, going into battle and losing your ship isn't that big of a deal because you have 4 more copies of the ship. Making it more realistic by giving ships only one life makes the game more exciting and will have the added benefit of expanding the in game economy. Let me know what your thoughts are below and/or in the poll.
  4. As a trader I'm finding myself being hindered by the fact that I can only have 5 contracts open at a time. Will there be anything in the future that will allow us to have more then 5? Maybe like a skill system that you level up in order to place more contracts?
  5. Baja off the northern coast of Cuba is also an pain to get into as well. Deep water port and I had some difficulty getting into it in my Cerb. I will admit me and some buddies laughed about it as we struggled to get past all the shallows. Entertaining at least.
  6. Nice, I've made a similar spreadsheet of my own and got the same numbers, I've also been adding up the profit margin for each ship when selling to the npc market since the player market will fluctuate to much. Whenever I finish I'll post my findings as well.
  7. Thank you for the update! Best responsive Dev team ever!
  8. I was actually able to fix the issue by deleting the game then reinstalling. It may have been a server issue that was fixed though since this was happening at about the time the US pvp server was having issues.
  9. So when i left Charleston the game just put me in the water with no ship, i couldn't move and the UI would only appear if I selected F11 to send a bug report, then it would freeze for a second and the UI would disappear again. I deleted my character and created a new one since even if i reloaded the game it would just put me in the same spot. However, when i created my new character and tried to enter the open world it did it to me again. So im not sure what to do here? I cant seem to do anything.
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