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  1. I boarded an LGV while sailing a Connie. I have over 350 hours in this game, so I'm not exactly a noob either. I was able to win the boarding easy enough, but I still think there are too many issues. The AI reacts too well to your choices. It knows exactly what you choose, which makes it very hard, especially for new players, to understand whats going on. The goal for pve is to make things a little bit easier than pvp, not stupidly hard. Casual players are going to be chased away from this system and game with mechanics like this. And I still think this button smasher boarding mechanic is terrible. It needs to be completely scraped and made into something different, like an RTS or something. It needs to be fun, compelling, and moderately challenging, but still more than doable.
  2. AI seems to know exactly what you choose during boarding. Makes it very hard to get the upper hand. You basically end up just randomly choosing your options and hoping to win. Theres really no skill involved, its all luck. Basically, not a fan at ALL regarding the boarding, at least against the bots. I really think the entire boarding mechanic needs to be completely scrapped and redone as a turn based RTS, maybe with ideas and inspiration taken from the Ultimate General series of games. This clicker based button smasher, rock-paper-scissors thing needs to go away. And the sooner its changed, the better.
  3. No, CONTENT is what this game lacks. You can bring in 1000 people, but chances are, only 100 of those people will stay due to an extreme lack of content, coupled with an extremely repetitive grind. You can advertise all you want, but if those players dont stay, its all for naught. Releasing the game and advertising it isn't going to magically make everything better. Age of Sail games aren't as niche as a flight sim, but they still dont have a large following over all. You burn those few people who are willing to give the game a try, and you'll most likely never get them back.
  4. One of the main issues with NA, is that it caters WAY too much to hardcore players. There is almost no room for more casual players like myself, so we go to games that are more cartoony or arcady, because most of the time, thats the only other option. (and this is coming from someone who also enjoys games like IL-2 Great Battles, X-Plane 11, and DCS) Also, Skull & Bones is apparently going to be pvpve, much like the war server we have here. Except with about 15 times more content. (And sea shanties! Dont forget the sea shanties!) This type of game NEEDS a lot of players in order to do well. And most players are going to be more casual. Thats why a lot of flight sims for example, are very very niche. But most flight sims also are not MMOs or RPGs. Naval Action is basically an MMO, and MMOs NEED players to be able to live. And the way you GET more players, is to make it a little more casual and friendly, and ALSO adding in much more content. Also, PotBS is a very old game, so the graphics are very dated, but it STILL has a rather large following due to the sheer amount of content and things you can do in the game. And no, I'm not saying make NA like those games, I'm saying that NA needs a huge influx of content if it ever hopes to survive. This game will not survive post release with sub 500 average players. Like it or not, this game, as it currently stands, is a quarter of a mile wide, but half an inch deep when it comes to available content.
  5. I personally enjoyed Legends as well, aside from the horrible Wargaming/Warthunder esc grind wall. But I also feel it was a massive waste of time and resources for gamelabs to try and develop yet ANOTHER game on top of the what, four games that they're currently making? And yes, from what I've been able to figure out, they're currently "developing" 4 different games. Two in the ultimate generals RTS style, and that "This Land is My Land" game or whatever its called. They keep saying they're a small company, and thats why Naval Action is taking too long, but then you realize just HOW MANY GAMES they're working on...
  6. So we're looking at maybe no more than 4 to 5 months before "release" then possibly? This is a major mistake. Releasing the game in its current state is going to do way more harm than good. There might be a slight uptick in players for a little bit, but with PotBS getting a major revamp soon, and Skull and Bones coming out this year, it will not last long at all. Especially when players realize just how shallow this game actually is, they're going to end up leaving in droves. Just like before.
  7. I love how so many people think that simply "releasing" the game is going to magically fix all the issues that plague it currently. If anything, its going to kill this game if it releases in its current state. NA needs at LEAST 2 to 3 more years of active, heavy development in EA before it can release. I urge the devs to take inspiration from other naval themed games, and use that to add more content and to develop this game into a truly amazing age of sail experience. Take PotBS, Tempest, AC: Black Flag, Sid Mier's Pirates, ect ect. All of those games were very popular for a REASON. You can still keep the game realistic, you dont have to add fantasy stuff, or super natural stuff, but there are a LOT of things in all those games that NA could benefit from.
  8. I dont mind a full wipe, but this game is NOT ready for release. Not by a long shot. There is a ton of missing content, and a ton of things that a lot of people want to see changed/added. Personally, I feel this game needs at minimum another 2 or even 3 years of EA development before it should be considered for release. - Sextent needs to be reworked completely. No more GPS dot tied to a skill perk. Make it a minigame done on the OW that EVERYONE has access to, regardless of skills. - PVE Raids/PVE Port Battles. Some kind of system for the pve server that allows port battles, or some way to flip a port without hurting the original people in said port. - Allow people of different nations to add each other to their friends list. Especially on the pve server. Some kind of nation alliance system maybe? - Better, more entertaining boarding system. No more rock, paper, scissors clickfest. Do some kind of an RTS type of deal. Turn based maybe? You guys made the Ultimate general series of games, maybe take some inspiration from those and use it for boarding? - More minigames for long trips. Card games, dice, poker, checkers/chess, an interactive fishing minigame maybe? Just SOMETHING to do on long trips. If you could add HALF that stuff, I would be ok with this game releasing fully. As it stands, if this game releases as is, it will only be met with failure. You are already losing potential customers from the current state of the game. How do you think new players will feel when they buy a fully priced released game, and its in the state its currently in? They'll be rightfully ticked off, and leave the game forever. [edit] Oh, and lets not forget one of the most important details about games. MUSIC SOUND TRACK. For the LOVE OF FUDGE AND COOKIES, PLEASE HIRE SOMEONE TO MAKE MUSIC FOR THIS GAME! Seriously, this is one of those games that would benefit MASSIVELY from a really well put together sound track! The fact there is still nothing like that in this game, after all these years, is extremely disappointing. Heck, I'm sure you could even find some musicians right here in this forum that would LOVE to contribute to this game, or at least might know someone who can! Just anything! Please!
  9. Also, I would like to point out, that the game "Tempest" literally has way more content than NA has atm. Sure, its a mobile port with some pretty fugly graphics, but the fact I have more fun in a mobile age of sail game than NA should speak a TON about the current state of the game...
  10. Hes literally a staff member, which creates a bias in favor of the game and devs. He might have plenty of concerns about the game, but if he says any of them, or says anything negative about the game, he'll most likely lose his position. I would know, because I've been in his position in a different game before. I said something negative about how the game was being handled, and I was promptly shown the door. If the devs are purposely deleting comments from plain users, how do you think they'd handle one of their own mods having something negative to say about them game? Because lets face it... noone in their right mind would have THAT many positive things to say about the game at this stage of development...
  11. Seems my comment was outright deleted. Nice censorship there! Great way to keep players liking your game, or continue to get feedback! If the devs are THAT sensitive about feedback, then they shouldn't be on the internet at all.
  12. Problem is, all these people saying "oh well the devs are doing better now, I'm sure we'll get lots new people on release!" dont realize that a LOT of people have already been burned, and have been permanently turned away from this game, never to touch it. Essentially, the grave has already been dug. The devs messed up big time. They lacked a sense of direction for a very long time, they tried making a whole new game while this one was floundering, then they canceled that new game which made it a massive waste of time and resources, and then decided to try and sell bloody DLC pay to win ships, in an early access game that has major player number issues. If you ask me, the devs messed up big time, and sadly, there is no recovering from that. Word of mouth can be a very powerful thing, people talk to their friends, they say things, they tell people things... So really, the damage has been done.
  13. I'm with the crowd that this gps dot isn't what we were askign for. I'd much rather have a system, that doesn't require a perk (so all players can use it) where you have to work out where you are manually using in game systems. We want content that gives us something to do on long journeys. Allowing us to find our rough position on the map using in game systems, like a mini game, would go a super long way to making this game fun again. truly fun, for all types of players, not just the hardcore fanboys. We've been asking for this stuff for bloody years. Please dont cheap out on us here.
  14. I cant even load into the bloody game. Been sitting here looking at a loading screen for at least 5 minutes now
  15. If a little animation of guns being pushed out at the start of a battle causes the game to chug to 20fps or lower, then three things are happening. A: You're computer is actually a potato. B: the coding for such an animation is extremely bloated and very poorly done as to destroy the game's optimization, or C : all of the above. Seriously, its 2018 people. Nearly 2019. A little animation like that, if properly done, should NOT be causing such massive slow downs. If it does, then there is something VERY wrong, and someone messed up somewhere very badly.
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