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  1. No, CONTENT is what this game lacks. You can bring in 1000 people, but chances are, only 100 of those people will stay due to an extreme lack of content, coupled with an extremely repetitive grind. You can advertise all you want, but if those players dont stay, its all for naught. Releasing the game and advertising it isn't going to magically make everything better. Age of Sail games aren't as niche as a flight sim, but they still dont have a large following over all. You burn those few people who are willing to give the game a try, and you'll most likely never get them back.
  2. One of the main issues with NA, is that it caters WAY too much to hardcore players. There is almost no room for more casual players like myself, so we go to games that are more cartoony or arcady, because most of the time, thats the only other option. (and this is coming from someone who also enjoys games like IL-2 Great Battles, X-Plane 11, and DCS) Also, Skull & Bones is apparently going to be pvpve, much like the war server we have here. Except with about 15 times more content. (And sea shanties! Dont forget the sea shanties!) This type of game NEEDS a lot of players in order
  3. So we're looking at maybe no more than 4 to 5 months before "release" then possibly? This is a major mistake. Releasing the game in its current state is going to do way more harm than good. There might be a slight uptick in players for a little bit, but with PotBS getting a major revamp soon, and Skull and Bones coming out this year, it will not last long at all. Especially when players realize just how shallow this game actually is, they're going to end up leaving in droves. Just like before.
  4. I love how so many people think that simply "releasing" the game is going to magically fix all the issues that plague it currently. If anything, its going to kill this game if it releases in its current state. NA needs at LEAST 2 to 3 more years of active, heavy development in EA before it can release. I urge the devs to take inspiration from other naval themed games, and use that to add more content and to develop this game into a truly amazing age of sail experience. Take PotBS, Tempest, AC: Black Flag, Sid Mier's Pirates, ect ect. All of those games were very popular
  5. I dont mind a full wipe, but this game is NOT ready for release. Not by a long shot. There is a ton of missing content, and a ton of things that a lot of people want to see changed/added. Personally, I feel this game needs at minimum another 2 or even 3 years of EA development before it should be considered for release. - Sextent needs to be reworked completely. No more GPS dot tied to a skill perk. Make it a minigame done on the OW that EVERYONE has access to, regardless of skills. - PVE Raids/PVE Port Battles. Some kind of system for the pve server that allows port battles,
  6. Boom! Right here! There should be ZERO debate on this topic. Having a way to deduce your location IN GAME WITHOUT USING THE BLOODY TRADERS TOOL is a realistic and period correct game mechanic. Eye balling your location using fish meat via the trader tool is a stupid, metagamey "wallhack" for lack of a better term. In fact, I vote for the complete removal of the trader tool outside of ports, and the removal of distances to ports completely, as its extremely unrealistic.
  7. You are the type of person that is hurting this game. You want everything super complicated with a very steep learning curve (more like a giant wall tbh), that serves no purpose than to scare away new potential players. And for what exactly? What possible reason could you have to NOT want something as basic as a god damned bloody location mark on a map? ffs people, this topic should not even be a point of such heated discussion! Map markers are BASIC GAME FUNCTIONALITY. We have a massive bloody game world. Making it needlessly difficult to get around is completely counter productiv
  8. Here, I've made an example of the type of mark we could have in the game for navigation. Map is at max zoom in this picture. Have the mark update its position every 30 seconds to 45 seconds or so. Just a simple circle with a rough location. Thats it. No coordinates, no lat/long, no metagamey trader tool trickery, no super complicated mess of different tools to mess with. Just a simple, clean, hand drawn looking circle of a rough location for players to use as a reference point when traveling. Thats ALL that is needed.
  9. And not all new players are going to bother asking for help. Again, using the trader tool as an excuse to not have proper navigation in the game is getting very old. I do so very wish people would stop using it like this...
  10. Yeah, and some people dont have the patience to sail around for weeks or months to learn where they are, and therefor leave the game entirely to play something else. Which ya know, is the exact opposite of what this game needs right now.
  11. Its very VERY metagamey. If I were a new player or a casual, I most likely wouldn't even know that was possible (or even know that tool exists for that matter). Which was the point I was trying to make. Stop using this reason as an excuse. Its growing old.
  12. I'm going to use an example of my current situation to make a point. As of typing this, I'm sailing in a LGV just north of the Bahamas. I'm trying to get to Ays, but I cant go through the Bahamas because obviously the LGV cant go through the shallow water there. My issue atm, is that I can see islands... but I have no clue WHAT islands they are. I know I should be passing a port very soon, but A: I dont know how long it'll take to get there, and B: theres a chance I may not even be able to SEE said port from my current position, which would make it very hard to actually figure out
  13. Holy crap, why is this topic still so heavily debated? Just take away lat/long coordinates all together, give us a small circle on the map that is 1 square km in size that represents the rough location of our ship, and call it a bloody day. This game needs players. Not having something like basic navigation mechanics does way more harm to the player base than good. It scares away new players because they see the map is huge but have no idea where they are. It puts them off wanting to sail long distances, which means they dont take risks. They dont go and explore. Which means t
  14. This suggestion is honestly something that should have been day one. It makes so much sense and is so damned logical, and that is exactly why the devs will never do it.
  15. Still getting lots of lag and rubber banding on the PvE server, something I've never had before until this last few weeks. Last night was the worst of it I believe, rubber banding, high pings, a disconnect, and I wasn't the only one having the same exact issues. At least 2 maybe 3 or more players all said they were having issues as well. Getting really frustrating. You gonna fix this any time soon? If not, I'll just go play something else instead.
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