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  1. kitsunelegend

    What made you quit the game?

    What made me quit. - Stagnation of player base. Decreasing player numbers. - Stagnation in development. Devs dont seem to know what they want to do with this game, much less what the players want, even when we clearly ask for it. - Very long travel times with nothing to do but afk and watch youtube or movies, or use the crapper. - Lack of actual content being added, especially on pve server. - Time to grind is very VER new player unfriendly. I cant get any of my friends to play this game, and some of them are EVE Online vets! - Poor business choices by the developers. They NEVER should have attempted to make a completely new game while this one was basically floundering. (Naval Action: Legends for those who dont know what I'm referring to) - Just a general sense of poor decisions made by the devs overall. Lots of poor decisions, things that should have been done differently, and tons of excuses, and seemingly overall laziness. - Seemingly pay to win DLCs in an early access game that is experiencing player retention issues. Aka, probably one of the *worst* decisions the devs have made... - And just a whole host of other issues that just melded together. I have a couple hundred hours put into this game, yet I haven't touched it in a very long time, aside from occasionally checking out major patches. Usually however, I leave again after about 45 minutes or so, due to disappointment in the patch itself, like the most recent one for example. The sextent they added was a major disappointment to me in the way it was implemented. Locked behind a perk system on your captain, and when you take said perk, it basically gives an extremely accurate GPS dot that moves in almost real time with your ship's movement. Very poor design decision by the devs. And thats just the tip of the iceberg...
  2. I'm with the crowd that this gps dot isn't what we were askign for. I'd much rather have a system, that doesn't require a perk (so all players can use it) where you have to work out where you are manually using in game systems. We want content that gives us something to do on long journeys. Allowing us to find our rough position on the map using in game systems, like a mini game, would go a super long way to making this game fun again. truly fun, for all types of players, not just the hardcore fanboys. We've been asking for this stuff for bloody years. Please dont cheap out on us here.
  3. So, will we be keeping the connie classic if we redeemed her? Since last I heard, she's not craftable, I assume thats a yes, we do get to keep her? Or what?
  4. I cant even load into the bloody game. Been sitting here looking at a loading screen for at least 5 minutes now
  5. If a little animation of guns being pushed out at the start of a battle causes the game to chug to 20fps or lower, then three things are happening. A: You're computer is actually a potato. B: the coding for such an animation is extremely bloated and very poorly done as to destroy the game's optimization, or C : all of the above. Seriously, its 2018 people. Nearly 2019. A little animation like that, if properly done, should NOT be causing such massive slow downs. If it does, then there is something VERY wrong, and someone messed up somewhere very badly.
  6. kitsunelegend

    OW Navigation

    Boom! Right here! There should be ZERO debate on this topic. Having a way to deduce your location IN GAME WITHOUT USING THE BLOODY TRADERS TOOL is a realistic and period correct game mechanic. Eye balling your location using fish meat via the trader tool is a stupid, metagamey "wallhack" for lack of a better term. In fact, I vote for the complete removal of the trader tool outside of ports, and the removal of distances to ports completely, as its extremely unrealistic.
  7. kitsunelegend

    OW Navigation

    You are the type of person that is hurting this game. You want everything super complicated with a very steep learning curve (more like a giant wall tbh), that serves no purpose than to scare away new potential players. And for what exactly? What possible reason could you have to NOT want something as basic as a god damned bloody location mark on a map? ffs people, this topic should not even be a point of such heated discussion! Map markers are BASIC GAME FUNCTIONALITY. We have a massive bloody game world. Making it needlessly difficult to get around is completely counter productive to what this type of game needs. NEW PLAYERS.
  8. kitsunelegend

    OW Navigation

    Here, I've made an example of the type of mark we could have in the game for navigation. Map is at max zoom in this picture. Have the mark update its position every 30 seconds to 45 seconds or so. Just a simple circle with a rough location. Thats it. No coordinates, no lat/long, no metagamey trader tool trickery, no super complicated mess of different tools to mess with. Just a simple, clean, hand drawn looking circle of a rough location for players to use as a reference point when traveling. Thats ALL that is needed.
  9. kitsunelegend

    OW Navigation

    And not all new players are going to bother asking for help. Again, using the trader tool as an excuse to not have proper navigation in the game is getting very old. I do so very wish people would stop using it like this...
  10. kitsunelegend

    OW Navigation

    Yeah, and some people dont have the patience to sail around for weeks or months to learn where they are, and therefor leave the game entirely to play something else. Which ya know, is the exact opposite of what this game needs right now.
  11. kitsunelegend

    OW Navigation

    Its very VERY metagamey. If I were a new player or a casual, I most likely wouldn't even know that was possible (or even know that tool exists for that matter). Which was the point I was trying to make. Stop using this reason as an excuse. Its growing old.
  12. kitsunelegend

    OW Navigation

    I'm going to use an example of my current situation to make a point. As of typing this, I'm sailing in a LGV just north of the Bahamas. I'm trying to get to Ays, but I cant go through the Bahamas because obviously the LGV cant go through the shallow water there. My issue atm, is that I can see islands... but I have no clue WHAT islands they are. I know I should be passing a port very soon, but A: I dont know how long it'll take to get there, and B: theres a chance I may not even be able to SEE said port from my current position, which would make it very hard to actually figure out where the heck I am. This is creating a situation where navigating around this area is becoming very frustrating, tiresome, and annoying. Hell, I cant even place custom waypoints or marks on my map to plan out a route to take! I were a new player or a casual, I'd most likely be extremely frustrated because I have no idea where I am or where I need to go. So much so, I'd most likely just alt-F4 and go play something else instead. Preferably a game that has a decent navigation system that isn't metagamey. This is a problem. One that is a super easy to fix by adding a simple mark on the map for players to see roughly where they are in the world. It doesn't have to be super complicated or pin-point accurate or even updated every other millisecond. Just give us a 1km sized circle on the map that updates every 30 seconds, to give us an idea of where we are. Then, allow players to write and draw on our maps and create waypoints to plan out custom routes. Its basic game design. It shouldn't be this bloody hard.
  13. kitsunelegend

    OW Navigation

    Holy crap, why is this topic still so heavily debated? Just take away lat/long coordinates all together, give us a small circle on the map that is 1 square km in size that represents the rough location of our ship, and call it a bloody day. This game needs players. Not having something like basic navigation mechanics does way more harm to the player base than good. It scares away new players because they see the map is huge but have no idea where they are. It puts them off wanting to sail long distances, which means they dont take risks. They dont go and explore. Which means the game becomes stagnant to them and they get bored and leave, most likely leaving a bad review on the store page. Seriously, something like navigation shouldn't even be a topic of discussion ffs. And to the people who are saying they dont want any type of navigation, you're doing FAR more harm to the game than good. Just because you understand how to metagame the trader tool/3rd party maps and F11 key, does not mean they're all thats needed.
  14. kitsunelegend

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    New UI is interesting. A bit buggy, but an ok change from the old style. How long until you add more OW game mechanics besides fishing and AFK sailing? I'm talking about things like, board games with the crew (or yourself) listening to period music, sea shanties by the crew? Basically, more interaction with the game during long sails? The new patch is great and all, but at this point, the game is greatly lacking in playable depth. The OW is extremely basic and boring. Something really needs to be done... Anyway, I'll see you all in another 8 months. Maybe then, we'll see something really new...
  15. kitsunelegend

    General gameplay feedback

    Over all I'm somewhat impressed. Though one thing I'd love to see, is instead of your ship in the open ocean while in the docks, maybe make it an actual dock? Make it a bit more interesting, ala World of Warships? I do also feel there needs to be a bit more info readily available on screen, and in such a way that is easily understandable. Things like progression levels, amount of total xp on current ships, rate of current ship, ect. I'd also like to see more xp and credit info on the upgrade screen as well, without having to click on the slots themselves. Maybe something like a small number inside the slot area that says how much xp it'll cost to unlock? Ship progression also needs a bit more info, like which ship you'll unlock next ect. Maybe a small arrow pointing to the next ship? Just a small little hint at what to look forward to.