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  1. Louis Marie Dragases

    Happy Greek Independence Day

    Happy Independance Day to our fellow Greeks!
  2. Louis Marie Dragases

    Name your boat ehm ship!

    I'd name my ship "Constantinople", since the name "Dragasès" is a reference to the last Emperor of Byzantium Constantine XI. There are stories that during the Siege of Constantinople by the Ottomans in 1453, when the last wall was breached he said "The city has fallen, and I'm still alive", tore off his imperial ornaments and led his guards in a last charge, where he was killed. I think it's a good name for a ship since I don't plan on surrendering, just like the inhabitants of Constantinople.
  3. Louis Marie Dragases

    What ive learned about Master & Commander movie

    The French captain sucks at fire deck gun/attack/defend. You need sailors to raise/lower sails. The French corsairs had already used all their repair kits, they couldn't repair the mast in the midst of battle.
  4. Louis Marie Dragases

    [PvP1] France declares war to Britain

    I took pictures of you wrestling with the Santissima. It's in low quality graphics though, nobody will ever look at them long enough to bask in the glory of your actions!
  5. PECorsaires has been doing privateering cruises for weeks in English territory, we have sunk, captured, and blown up dozens of British ships. But never once did we use free Basic cutter ships. Makes the hunt/escape that more intense. You should try it guys.
  6. Louis Marie Dragases

    Worst, most FAILED, Historic Battle in this era

    One of my favourite fails of the early Napoleonic era, is the capture of the Dutch fleet at Den Helder. The Dutch fleet was anchored between the island of Texel and Den Helder, and was trapped by a thick sheet of ice. Unfortunately for them the french army was moving towards them, which led to the capture of the ships by the 8th Hussar regiment and the 15th Line infantry regiment. The Hussars each charged with an infantrymen on the croup of the horses, towards the Dutch fleet. As far as I know, the only time that SoL were captured by a cavalry charge! 5 Ships of the line, 3 frigates, 6 corvettes, and 4 cutters.
  7. Louis Marie Dragases

    [PvP1] France declares war to Britain

    Except no one was mad on teamspeak. Those who didn't agree to lose their ships escaped, those who didn't care attacked you near the forts. Or can you read minds telepathically? Un petit godet pour moi :3
  8. Louis Marie Dragases

    [PvP1] France declares war to Britain

    Fighting at Playon was very fun yesterday, broadsides were exchanged, ships were sunk, great manoeuvering was deployed by both sides. Though I must say I cracked a smile when a certain British captain was joking about our sails going faster in reverse, while they were cowering back towards their forts... At that moment the battle was lost for us, but we decided to keep on going anyway, for Honour and Duty (Gold and Xp). I must say there is no greater feeling than the one I feel when I shoot canon balls at British ships, whether in victory or defeat. On a side note, I've read about the Brits complaining that they are not so numerous as we think they are, well then, I'm sure you won't be bothered good sirs, if we organise a redistribution of land according to population size.
  9. Louis Marie Dragases

    [PvP1] France declares war to Britain

    Sort of like the status of Maréchal d'Empire, they didn't have power over a Général de Division, (though many acted as if they had) it is a special "social" status (to impress the ladies). I don't think a Capitaine de Pavillon had power over a Capitaine de Vaisseau.
  10. Louis Marie Dragases

    Merci camarades!

    It's been our pleasure to join Spain in battle. We were not numerous, yet a lot of Spanish officers thanked us for the support we gave you. I can only look forward to further cooperation between our 2 countries. And we will bring more people next time, hopefully. Nuestro placer Capitan Tallaferro, en victoria o derrato! Buena suerte! Santiago y cierra, Espana!
  11. Louis Marie Dragases

    Global Diplomacy

    The less clans will be involved in Diplomacy the better the game will be. I also think a democratic system would be silly, one only needs to open the page of an history book after the naval battle of Salamis, when the lower class Athenians were given rights to vote, to see Athens become ruthless and quite imperialistic. The last thing I wish to see is alliances changing from one day to the next for no reason, or players/clans being ostracized from their nations because their opinions don't coincide with the "ruling" clan(s). A system where Diplomacy is handled by the Devs or a "storyline" would be more enjoyable, and would create unity in each nation. Orders come from the top, you respect them, or you become a pirate. Simple. That is how a nation works.
  12. Louis Marie Dragases

    Patch 9.65 - Crew and resource production

    All round excellent new content, really love the new crew system. If it weren't for that dreaded 2min PvP Timer, that could potentially ruin a lot of chases....
  13. Louis Marie Dragases

    France against Holland battle

    Seeing night time battles always makes me wish for the night to be darker. We would have nice flashing canon shots, impeccable contrasts, straight out of a Dutch clair-obscur painting! For the moment, it seems the moon is always full in the caribbean sea.
  14. Louis Marie Dragases

    Good Battles thread

    All French players are cowards, and PFK are glorious honorable fairfighters of heaven! Next time you come in French territory, take your Bellona then, instead of a cheap Snow! You'll wipe more of us. This angst! Haha! EDIT: Corrected mistakes.
  15. To Captain Swieb, It seems you have not been reached with current news, but do not worry. I hear talks that the good brother of our Emperor, Louis Napoléon Bonaparte, is to be appointed as King of Holland to restore order, as his most august Brother did our country. I'm sure you will find his reign to be a good one. Surely, you do not want Prince of Orange, who abandonned his country, and fled to the perfidious Albion, to rule the great nation of Holland? Best regards, Capitaine de Vaisseau de sa Majesté Impériale, Louis-Marie Dragasès