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  1. For the past 1-2 Weeks I have been completely unable to play due to Connection, I log in and usually within a minute, I get logged out. It doesn't crash, It simply goes back to Login screen. Happens as fast as 5-10 seconds after i log in or as long as 2-3 minutes. Haven't been able to stay logged in for longer than 5 minutes in probably 2 weeks. Lucky for me I have only been getting on to craft but it is still incredibly frustrating. This is not a problem with my network. My Internet is perfect for all other games and regular online. usually chat disappears and then a couple seconds later
  2. so you're saying most of the British port captures aren't worth boasting about right?
  3. I mean... you won 1 battle but what does it matter when you lost 10 ports in a matter of 2-3 hours?
  4. So, as far as Combat goes on the last update I was pretty happy about everything. There is 1 thing that I have seen several people dislike, as do I. With the new update we had the ability to use our crew at different task at the same time, this is great. as far as survival it helps while fighting if you actually wanted to survive. the problem is when you are boarded and you purposely try to sink your ship so you cannot be captured, Survival is Forced on and cannot be turned off. This isn't good I can disable it throughout the battle I should be able to disable it while I am being boarded.
  5. This is hilarious, You keep being proud of taking 25 Minutes to demast a traders brig. and one that was not even running away but running TOWARDS you. This is how you Demast a Trader brig. 3 Minutes 30 seconds. You took almost half an hour while doing it on a Renomee. Please don't tell me how to sail. You need to learn yourself first. And Stop talking shit about Teammates hitting you. YOU rammed into your own teammate because you could not control your ship. You got rammed by AI and then rammed into your own teammate.
  6. At about 10PM EST Pirates pulled the flag for Hog Cay, after already having already taken 2 other ports within 2 hours. Americans where ready this time. They had successful interceptions of the flag and tied up some guys in battles Before the Port battle finally Started. From the very start Pirates where outnumbered, We Managed to take the towers first while still being outnumbered and Americans still receiving more reinforcements. at the end of the towers, we still had alot of BR to recover and Americans started to sink. at they end they had 15 Loses vs the Pirate's 8 and we Captured the
  7. You speak as if I had not sunk you as you ran away the whole time...
  8. Actually not really they sank my empty trader and then i sunk his ship but thats not why, They're just really annoying and overall Unpleasant people.
  9. I [David Batista] In-game name am Placing a 150k Bounty on [Charles Vayne]<-Name is Exactly like this there are other Charles Vanes in pirates. and [Cpt Flint Rogers] They are Both Pirates in PvP 2, They roam around Pirate waters but seem to be based out of Cayman Brac. Rules to Claim bounty: Must CAPTURE ship. Ship must be a Renomee/Surpise or up, Must not be in his clan or be associated in any way with them. Must Provide Image of the Capture of the ship. You get to keep the captured ship. Reward of 150k Each will be given at Free port La Tortue. All nations are welcome.
  10. This is how you kill a game. All the hardcore people want a hardcore game. Problem is hardcore players are a Minority. The game needs balance or it will die. It cannot survive on a couple hundred players.
  11. Considering it cost about 1.1 Million for a shipyard to build high end ships. You are basically limited to 1 port where you craft all your ships. Before you could go to any port and craft if you were crafting for a friend or clan mate. Unless you want to spend 1.1 Million to build 1 ship and never use it again. It does indeed limit you to your home port.
  12. Im interested, do you actually craft? because I haven't met a crafter that was excited by the lvl 35 requirements. The idea of atleast doubling the crafting time for a ship is pretty ridiculous to me. Even if you expect to sell it for alot more, who the hell is going to afford it?
  13. Now, It is quite noticeable that the crafting changes in the last update were not received very well. It is clear that this update greatly slowed down an already very slow system. The Shipyard system brought on a very large expense with absolutely no benefit to crafters. it also greatly limited the location where ships could be crafted. this by itself is a big blow to the crafting community in Naval Action which is already a low percentage of players to begin with. The Building system also hurts crafters in the long wrong, by requiring labor hours to collect the produced resources it b
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