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  1. Dangerous word choice... http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/hypocrisy
  2. Alright, thank you anyway.
  3. I have my teammates on TS as witnesses. I don't know what the game logs but I think the game logs some data anyway, so that might have the information. Otherwise I am not aware how I should prove the freezing of the game. It's a difficult one to prove I guess but there must be a way. If there are input logs or so then maybe they show that for a certain time period around the mentioned time there was no input. During the heat of the moment I obviously didn't pull out a camera and start recording video of what was going on.
  4. I have the following issue: I was in a battle against a constitution with clan members, my game freezes, and I can't do anything except restart the PC, thus loosing the ship in the meanwhile. I still heard my clan members on TS3 nearly screaming for me to do something about my sinking ship ("press 8"..."survival mode!!!") but by the time I had restarted my PC and the game my ship was far gone. The game is in Alpha stage, bugs are to be expected, I understand. However considering that I am not at fault for the game freezing, as this never happens to my PC otherwise, I feel the punishment is a b
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