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  1. @MassimoSud Never. Never say anything against streamers. For them the game is constructed.
  2. When Devs said about DLC ships: "We have said multiple times that..." Me: We all know what happened when they have said multiple times that XP are safe
  3. "will be deployed to live servers next big patch" For me this sounds before release.
  4. This is how the system currently works even without DLC. So I'm still hoping the DLC gives us ALL paints
  5. Hope forts in future port battles can be controlled/manned by players
  6. After the next DLC at Game Labs Studio:
  7. Vielleicht ist dann, bis es soweit ist, schon der Berliner Flughafen eröffnet
  8. Take a chill pill and wait the next few days.
  9. Or give us golden masts so every1 knows there comes an Early Access Captain
  10. Joernsson

    Grapic Bug

    Could probably be an issue with your current driver of the RTX 2080
  11. Try that again after carronades were nerved
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