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  1. Joernsson

    Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts enters testing phase

    I'm very interested to participate.
  2. I think these goals are set quite high for new players. Forcing them to join a clan from the leaderboard and joining a port battle just to get access to missions... not sure if this is a good idea. What if clan(s) refuse this new player to join them?
  3. Joernsson

    Pictures from a visit to Portsmouth, England

    Congratulations And great place for a honeymoon. Had been there myself many years ago. Not for a honeymoon but was still a nice trip
  4. I think the problem is if you are in a trader with a warship in your fleet you cannot enter an enemy port anymore. I guess it was different prior to this patch. Happend to me too. After a long break from the game I had to visit an outpost port (which now belongs to the enemy) in a tlynx to rescue a warship that was parked there. I put the warship in fleet and left the port... outside spotted some suspects and wanted to return to the safety of the port but couldn't ^^
  5. Talking about trade window... Why can we drag/drop warehouse items straight into the trade window but if we want to trade ships we have to right-click them for chosing 'send to trade' ? Would be simpler if we could drag/drop ships too. And if you split a stack of e.g. hull repairs... the original stack remains 'selected' and when you want to drag/drop the new stack into your hold or the trade window you often move both stacks by accident.
  6. That could be. And now I'm uncertain if I captured him before he entered Hat Island or after he left Hat Island. Maybe he was bringing White Oak from Hat Island TO the US coast...
  7. I think it was yesterday when I boarded an AI TBrig at Hat Island. It had White Oak Logs on board. As far as I can tell Hat Island isn't a White Oak port. So I'm wondering how the system actually works
  8. Joernsson

    Ship Insurance... How to?

    Great. Thanks a lot @Hethwill the Red Duke
  9. I think it does work. I have a pre-patch SOL with Cartagena and Floating still on. If you try to put these two on a new ship it doesn't work.
  10. Joernsson

    Ship Insurance... How to?

    Will the Captain who actually sailed (and sunk) the ship receive the compensation or the Crafter of the ship? In case that both are not the same Player.
  11. Joernsson

    Ship Insurance... How to?

    So how does Ship Insurance actually work? I haven't figured it out yet Is each ship insured automatically or do I have to insure just ships of my choice individually and pay the insurance premium? Do I get compensation payment by insurance only if ships sinks? Does it matter if it sinks in PvP or PvE? Will insurance also compensate if ship gets borded instead of sunk?
  12. Joernsson

    I will never forget you Lord Capstan.

    R.I.P. o7
  13. Then we surely need different icons for each single item.
  14. Indeed. Or make it like in e.g. Ark Survival where you have a button in your inventory to toggle on/off tooltip.